periya thirumadal – 95 – pinnum uralOdu

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pinnum uralOdu kattuNda peRRimaiyum                                             139
annadhOr bUdhamAy Ayar vizhavinkaN
thunnu sagadaththAl pukka perunjORRai                                            140
munnirundhu muRRaththAn thuRRiya theRRanavum

Word by word meaning

uralOdu – (tied up) with the mortar
kattuNda peRRimaiyum – how great it was being tied down
Ayar vizhavin kaN – in the ArAdhanai (worship) carried out by the herdspeople to indhira, the chief of celestial entities
thunnu sagadaththAl pukka peru sORRai – the huge quantum of food carried by many carts
annadhu Or bUdhamAy – taking the form of a demon which cannot be spoken of in words
mun irundhu – right in fornt of them
muRRa – completely
thAn – he himself
thuRRiya – eaten
theRRanavum – what a shame! 


pinnum uralOdu kattuNda peRRimaiyum – it is not that the girls just caught hold of his hand [as seen in the previous part]; more than that, they tied him to a mortar, an achEthana (insentient) entity. I will recount the greatness of that act too, for the entire world to hear.

kattuNda peRRImaiyum – The opinion here is that ”the sinner that I am, I did not get to see this greatness at that time itself”.  peRRimai – greatness (or fame). Here, it refers to the lowliness of the act due to viparItha lakshaNam (ironical, conveying the opposite meaning).

On top of this, I want to speak about one more activity.

annadhOr – it was such a despicable act that emperumAn put on, which cannot be described by words.

annadhu – unable to look at that grotesque form, she (parakAla nAyaki) turns her face away.

bUdhamAy – will anyone take on the role of a very lowly demon?

Ayar vizhavin kaN – since he took on the role of a demon, he went to all places because of his extreme hunger. He had to gobble up the food meant for the herdspeople who were holding on to him.

thunnu sagadaththAl pukka perunjORRai – was the quantum of food such that a couple of people could carry it and he ate that? He swallowed the food which was heaped like a mountain, brought by a huge line of carts. Just as periyAzhwAr had mentioned in his periyAzhwAr thirumozhi 3-5-1 “attukkuvi sORRup paruppadhamum thayir vAviyum neyyaLaRum” it was a combination of a mountain of cooked rice, a tank of curd and a pond of ghee which he swallowed.

munnirundhu – what a shameless act! If he had a bit of sense, would he not have put a screen between himself and the herdspeople when he swallowed all that food? Since even that was not there, he swallowed all the food in the presence of all the herdspeople.

muRRaththAn thuRRiya – he did not offer even a handful of food to anyone! What a glutton he was!

thAn thuRRiya – he ate it all up, without even getting his relatives together.

theRRanavum – he did not have any sense of shame even after doing all this! theRRanavu – clarity. Here, it means shamelessness.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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