periya thirumadal – 74 – mannum vadamalaiyai

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mannum vadamalaiyai maththAga mAsuNaththAl
minnum irusudarum viNNum piRangoLiyum                                                       105
thanninudanE suzhala malaith thiriththAngu
innamudham vAnavarai Utti avarudaiya                                                              106
mannum thuyar kadindha vaLLalai – maRRanRiyum

Word by word meaning

mannum vada malaiyai – the manthara (a celestial) mountain which was ancholred firmly
maththu Aga – as a churning shaft
mAsuNaththAl – with a snake (vAsuki, encircling)
minnum iru sudarum piRangu oLiyum thanninudanE suzhala malai thiruththu – churning that manthara mountain (churning the ocean) such that the radiant moon, sun, sky and other lustrous entities spun around with him
vAnavarai in amudham Utti – offering sweet nectar to celestial entities
mannum thuyar kadindha – one who drove away their long standing fear of death
vaLLalai – the greatly generous entity


From mannum vadamalaiyai to vaLLalai, emperumAn had, more than protecting the samsAris who did not obstruct when he saved them from the dangers of deluge, carried out beneficial act, hurting his divine body, for the vain celestial entities who had the egotistical attitude of “I am the lord”. parakAla nAyaki says that she is going to destroy this fame too.

mannum vadamalaiyai – the mandhara mountain which holds earth firmly. This refers to emperumAn anchoring it firmly so that it sustains itself well and also to the fact that it did not disintegrate when it was used for churning the ocean.

maththAga mAsuNaththAl – emperumAn used the mountain as the churning staff and vAsuki, the snake, as rope for churning the mountain.

minnum irusudarum viNNum – shining moon and sun, the two sources  of light, and sky, which is their place of dwelling

piRangoLiyum – other stars etc which shine and emit light

thanninudanE suzhala – churning the ocean in such a way that these entities also spun around with him, due to the pace of churning

malai thiriththu Angu innamudham vAnavarai Utti avarudaiya mannum thuyar kadindha vaLLalai – when the celestial entities became enervated after churning for a short time, emperumAn, the supremely generous entity, churned the ocean with his thousand shoulders, killed the demons who were inimical to the celestials, offered nectar, a wondrous medicine,  to the celestials and removed their long standing sorrow.

mannum thuyar kadindha – death to the celestials is like poverty in this samsAram; the opinion here is that he removed this poverty of celestials by offering them nectar. Alternative explanation is that he removed the firmly established poverty [of celestials] which was caused by the curse of sage dhurvAsa.

vaLLalai – he is such a generous entity that he will offer himself to his followers. But, when people ask him for other benefits, just as asking for a loin-cloth from kaRpaka vruksham (wish-fulfilling tree) he will bestow those benefits on such people. After helping them, he will call them as “generous people” since they had helped him (in protecting them), just as he mentioned in bhagavath gIthA SlOkam 7-18udhArA:” (they are generous). thirumazhisaippirAn too said in thiruchchandha viruththam 88 “uLLa nOygaL thIrmarundhu vAnavarkkaLiththa em vaLLalAr” (emperumAn who is the generous entity who gave the medicine of nectar to celestials to cure their disease).

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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