periya thirumadal – 59 – ennudaiya nenjum

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ennudaiya nenjum aRivum inavaLaiyum                                                                              80
ponniyalum mEgalaiyum Angozhiyap pOndhERku
mannu maRikadalum Arkkum madhiyuguththa                                                               81
innilA inkadhirumenRanakkE veydhAgum

Word by word meaning

ennudaiya nenjum – my heart
aRivum – my knowledge (which is within that heart)
inam vaLaiyum – distinguished bangles on the hand
pon iyalum mEgalaiyum – golden waist band
ozhiya pOndhERku – for me who has lost (everyone of the above)

(as if to suffer further)

mannu maRi kadalum Arkkum – even the immobile ocean will roar
madhi uguththa in nilA in kadhirum – the sweet light emitted by the rays of the moon
en thanakkE – only for me
veydhu Agum – emitted heat


ennudaiya nenjum – my heart, which will not get affected by anything, broke.

nenjum aRivum – heart is the casket for knowledge. I lost my wealth along with the casket.

inavaLaiyum – bangle, which is an ornament

ponniyalum mEgalaiyum – distinguished waist band.

Angu ozhiyap pOndhERku – I became worthless.

nenjum aRivum ozhiya – I became blind

ina vaLaiyum mEgalaiyum ozhiya – I lost my wealth.  Just as when someone goes to a place to make a living, loses whatever (s)he had, I lost everything. Just like straw is thrown here and there by the beautiful waves of an ocean, I ended up engaging in madal.

mannum maRikadalum Arkkum – even the ocean, which used to be calm earlier, makes an uproarious noise now.

Angu ozhiyap pOndhERku mannum maRi kadalum Arkkum – Ocean, which was created by emperumAn to guard the world, is expected to sympathise with those who suffer. Instead of doing that, the ocean roared as if it had seen a traitor to the land and welcomed me.

madhi uguththa innilA inkadhirum enRanakkE veydhAgum – The sweet light emitted by the cool rays of moon will be hot, only for me.

in nilA – in kadhir enRanakkE veydhAgum – what is comforting for all the people in the world became hot only for me. The term madhi refers to moon and the term nilA refers to its rays. What does the term kadhir refer to? Since the rays of moon are radiant, this term (kadhir) refers to the quality of light. If the text is innilA (as a single word instead of two words as in in nilA), it would mean “this moon” pointing out to the moon which is seen above in the sky.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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