periya thirumadal – 87 – unniya yOgaththu

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

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unniya yOgaththuRakkaththai UragaththuL
annavanai attabuyagaraththu emmAnERRai                                     128
ennai manam kavarndha Isanai vAnavar tham
munnavanai mUzhikkaLaththu viLakkinai                                          129

Word by word meaning

unniya yOgaththu uRakkaththai – one who is sleeping in yOga [body and mind joined together] while being fully aware
UragaththuL annavanai – being very distinguished in thiruvUragam [a divine abode in kAnchIpuram]
atta buya karaththu emmAn ERRai – being our lord at [the divine abode] attabuyakaram
ennai manam kavarndha Isanai – the entity complete [in all aspects] who stole my heart
vAnavar tham munnavanai – being the leader of celestial entities
mUzhikkaLaththu viLakkinai – one who is shining at thirumUzhikkaLam [a divine abode in kEraLa]


vehkAvil unniya yOgaththuRakkaththai – one who is asleep and awake at thiruvehkA – in other words when thirumazhisaippirAn told him “painnAgappAy suruttikkoL ”(roll your mattress of AdhiSEshan), he rolled up his mattress and when the same AzhwAr later told him “painnAgappAy viriththukkoL” (spread out your mattress of AdhiSEshan) he spread out his mattress. The implied meaning is that he behaves as desired by his devotees.

unniya yOgaththu uRakkaththai – Alternative interpretation is that he is one who is reclining  [being awake and asleep], thinking about the protection of his devotees.

UragaththuL annavanai – taking the form of one who is measuring the worlds, he has taken residence at thiruvUragam with a huge form which even AzhwAr, with his ability to envision events which would take place later, could not see (him) fully. He could not be seen completely and hence AzhwAr could only say “like him”.

attabuyakaraththu emmAn ERRai – one who came when his follower gajEndhra AzhwAn called out to him in distress, to protect him, transforming himself with his dress in disarray and hair dishevelled, manifesting the form with which he showered mercy on gajEndhran, and standing with his esteem in full display.

ennai manam kavarndha Isanai – one who stole every belonging of mine and who thinks that he has attained completeness because of that.

vAnavar tham munnavanai – one who cannot be enjoyed fully even by nithyasUris who do not have any shortcoming in their knowledge. When vEdham (sacred text) started expounding his qualilties at every stage, just as it is mentioned in thaiththirIya upanishath Anandhavalli “SrOthriyasya chAkA mahathasya” while describing his quality of bliss, it compared gradually with the bliss of nithyas and mukthas, taking it all the way to the bliss of supreme entity and roared very clearly “yathO vAchO nivarthanthE” (from which supreme being, the words return), saying that it cannot describe the bliss of supreme being. purusha sUktham too said “pUrvO yO dhEvEbhya:” (one who is earlier than nithyasUris).

mUzhikkaLaththu viLakkinai – one who is more resplendent than ever earlier, after incarnating at thirumUzhikkaLam. vEdham said “SrEyAn bhavathi jAyamAna:” (one who attains greatness after incarnating). thiruvAimozhi, the thamizh vEdham, said in 1-3-2palapiRappAy oLivarum muzhu nalam” (as he keeps taking incarnation after incarnation his radiance keeps increasing as do his auspicious qualities). If the text were mUzhikkaLaththu vaLaththinai, the meaning would be that he is the opulence of thirumUzhikkaLam.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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