periya thirumadal – 70 – pon mudigal paththum

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pon mudigaL paththum puraLach charam thurandhu                                    98
thennulagm ERRuviththa sEvaganai AyirakkaN
mannavan vAnamum vAnavar tham ponnulagum                                          99
thannudaiya thOL valiyAl kaikkoNda dhAnavanai

Word by word meaning

pon mudigaL paththum puraLa – making the ten beautiful heads to roll (on the ground)
saram thurandhu – raining arrows
then ulagam ERRuviththa  sEvaganai – as a great warrior who made (that rAvaNa) to reach yamalOka (hell)
Ayiram kaN mannavan vAnamum – the swargalOka (heaven) belonging to the thousand eyed indhra
vAnavar tham ponnulagum – the divine words of (other) dhEvathAs (celestial deities)
thannudaiya thOL valiyAL kaikkoNda dhAnavanai – hiraNyAsura who made them his, through the strength of his shoulders


pon mudigaL – not respecting his opponent, SrI rAmapirAn, thinking “He is, after all, only a human being” and came to the battlefield with crowns on his heads.

paththum puraLa – [SrI rAma] separated the ten heads as well as his life [from rAvaNa’s body]. The syllable um (in paththum) refers to ‘life’ which has not been stated directly. This implies the speed with which the arrow pierced rAvaNa’s body such that life also could not escape. Another interpretation is that [SrI rAma] did not spare even one head and made them all bite dust.

saram thurandhu – due to the boon that rAvaNa had been given, once his head is severed, it will grow back again. This term saram thurandhu denotes the speed with which SrI rAma rained the arrows on rAvaNa so that even as each head reappreaed, it was severed once again.

thennulagam ERRuviththa sEvaganai – when rAvaNa was the all-powerful demon, all the people in yamalOka (hell) left it, so that it was in ruins, and carried out menial tasks for rAvaNa. Now, rAvaNa and his army, having been annihilated, went to hell and carried out menial tasks there, making it full and active again. SrI rAma is celebrated for his valour, by this verse. Due to SrI rAma, that world which was in ruins, became thennulagam (beautiful world).

sEvaganai – the opinion here is  “You are all going to see how such a valorlous person is going to suffer at my hands” [since parakAla nAyaki is going to engage in madal on emperumAn, by spoiling his reputation].

(AyirakkaN . . . . vIranai) Starting with the world AyirakkaN and ending with vIranai, parakAla nAyaki says that she is going to destroy the fame of emperumAn who killed the demon hiraNya [hiraNya kashyap, the father of prahlAdha].

AyirakkaN – he is provided with a thousand eyes since he has to rule over the long swargalOka (heaven).

AyirakkaN mannavan vAnamum – the three worlds over which indhra, who has been given a thousand eyes, has to be aware of and rule over. vAnam – swargam. The um in vAnamum refers to the other two worlds, earth and anthariksha, the intermediate world, which have not been explicitly mentioned.

vAnavar tham ponnulagum – the beautiful worlds of other deities such as yama, sUrya et al.

thannudaiya thOL valiyAl – these [worlds] were not granted [to hiraNya] as a gift by anyone or received as a boon from any deity or obtained through penance. These were obtained through his valour. If he marks the boundaries of his kingdom (in the celestial worlds) those deities [who were the original owners of such worlds] would leave their lands on their own.

kaikkoNda dhAnavanai – the demon whose nature is such that he will usurp

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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