periya thirumadal – 96 – mannar perunjavaiyuL

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mannar perunjavaiyuL vAzhvEndhar thUdhanAy                                             141
thannai igazhndhuraippath thAn munanAL senRadhuvum
mannu paRai kaRanga mangaiyar tham kaN kaLippa                                    142

Word by word meaning

munam nAL – during an earlier time
vAzhvEndhar thUdhanAy – as pANdava’s messenger
thannai igazhndhu uraippa – to be  spoken of despicably
mannar peru savaiyuL senRadhum – the way he went to the court of great kings (such as dhuriyOdhanA et al)
mangaiyar tham kaN kaLippa – eyes of the (herd)ladies’ to rejoice
mannu paRai kaRanga – the drum tied (to the waist) to sound


I will narrate another incident, please listen.

mannar perunjavaiyuL – was it at a non-descript place where his simplicity was exposed? Was it not in the court where great kings had gathered that this happened?

vAzhvEndhar thUdhanAy – agreed that he had to go as a messenger. But did he go as the messenger of great emperors who rule over the world? Was it not for pANdavas who were struggling with their lives that he went as a messenger? Who will get such a fame!

thannai igazhndhuraippa – such that dhuriyOdhana would ask him derisively “Disregarding bhIshma, dhrONa and me, why did you eat the food of the lowly person (vidhura)?”

thAn – For someone who did such an act, where is the need for any respect to feel important? (thAn indicates self)

muna nAL senRadhuvum – Is he comforting himself that a long time has passed since this event took place? It appears to me that this happened yesterday!

More than this, hear this ludicrous incident as I narrate it:

mannu paRai kaRanga – since no one would come to support him in this shameless act, he tied a drum to his waist itself.

Did he not indulge in an act which any self-respecting elder would not even think of!

Did anyone dance like this?

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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