periya thirumadal – 73 – mannivvagalidaththai

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manniv vagalidaththai mAmudhunIr thAn vizhungap                                    103
pinnum Or EnamAyp pukku vaLai maruppin
konnavilum kUrnudhi mEl vaiththeduththa kUththanai                                 104

Word by word meaning

mannu i agal idaththai – this expansive earth where everyone is fitting well
mA mudhu nIr thAN vizhunga – when mAhapraLayam (deluge) swallowed
pinnum – after that
Or EnamAy pukku – entered (the ocean) as a divine boar
vaLai maruppin – of the curved tusks
kol navilum kUr nudhi mEl – on top of the sharp edges which are capable of killing enemies
vaiththu eduththa kUththanai – one who did a great activity, carrying (that earth)


mannu ivvagalidaththai . . . . . kUththanai – parakAla nAyaki says that the fame of one, who protected not only prahlAdha, who had knowledge and firmness of mind, but also those who were not even aware that they were suffering, by looking only at the relationship [between samsAris and himself] and protected them during the danger of deluge, is also going to get destroyed.

mannivvagalidaththai – this property of vAmana, which has been his for a very long time. mannu – standing for a long time. This would also mean the earth where everyone is fitting well.

mAmudhu nIr thAn vizhunga – just as it has been mentioned in thaiththirIya upanishath “adhbhya prithvI” (earth formed from water), water, which created earth, swallowed it. Just as a person who is posted to guard something steals it, ocean, which was the entity to protect earth, set out to swallow it.

pinnum – there is no end to protection.It will keep continuing.

Or Enam – Incomparable wild boar. If one were to look at the beauty of the divine body which he had created to destroy his greatness, it would make that person [who sees that divine body] to carry out something to ward off evil eyes.

Enam – form of wild boar which lives on both marshy land and in water.

konnavilum kUrnudhi mEl – the tusks of the boar were so sharp that one can escape if one were favourable to emperumAn. However if one were inimical to him, the tusks will destroy the person by killing him.

vaiththu eduththa – carrying (earth) on the sharp edge of the tusks.

kUththanaiit is implied that if one were to see this event, it wouldn’t matter if deluge comes everyday.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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