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then thillaich chiththira kUdaththu en selvanai
minni mazhai thavazhum vEngadaththem viththaganai                                   124
mannai mAlirunjOlai maNALanai
konnavilum Azhip padiyAnaik kOttiyUr                                                                 125

Word by word meaning

then thillaich chiththirakUdaththu en selvanai – the wealthy entity (who has taken residence) at thillai chiththira kUtam, which is in the southern direction
mazhai – clouds
minni – shining brightly
thavazhum – coming to, gently
thiruvEngadam – at thiruvEngadamalai (one who has taken residence)
em viththaganai – one who has amazing qualities and activities, for us
mannanai – as the supreme lord
mAlirunjOlai maNALanai – as the bridegroom who has taken residence at thirumAlirunjOlai
kol navilum Azhi padaiyAnai – one who has as his weapon, the divine disc which is capable of annihilating enemies
kOttiyUr – at thirukkOttiyUr


then thillai chiththirakUdaththu en selvanai – one who is reclining at the beautiful thillai thiruchiththirakUdam as a very wealthy entity. Alternatively, one who has the wealth of beauty.

minni mazhai thavazhum vEngadaththu em viththaganai – the cloud, which is an achEthana (one without knowledge), crawls through the key hole at thirumalai after the temple has been closed, to carry out thiruvArAdhanam (worshipping emperumAn as per the procedure laid down in SAsthras), carrying lightning with it to provide light. He is such an amazing entity that the cloud does all these. Alternatively, just as it is mentioned in various pAsurams (from the collection of 4000 dhivya prabandham), such as nAchchiyAr thirumozhi 8-4 “vEngadaththuth thannAgath thirumangai thangiya sIr mArvaRku” (to emperumAn in whose divine chest, SrI mahAlakshmi has taken residence); thiruvAimozhi 6-10-10alarmElmangai uRai mArvA – thiruvEngadaththAnE” (Oh one who is dwelling at thiruvEngadam and in whose divine chest pirAtti is dwelling); periya thirumozhi 6-10-6 “minnoththa nuNmarungul melliyalaith thirumArvil mannaththAn vaiththugandhAn” (emperumAn who is very joyous after fittingly carrying SrI mahAlakshmi who has a waist similar to lightning and who has a very soft nature, on his divine chest), it could be considered that AzhwAr is referring to emperumAn’s dark, divine form in which he is carrying the golden hued pirAtti as minni mazhai thavazhum. Did not the ancient vEdhas refer to him as in nArAyaNa sUktham “neelathOyatha madhyasthA vidhyullEka . . ” (emperumAn has a dark form across which mahAlakshmi resides as a ray of lightning) and in thamizh vEdham (thiruvAimozhi) as “neelamuNda minnanna mEni ” (divine form of emperumAn with a streak of lightning)!

mannanai mAlirunjOlai maNALanai – the person who held my hand [as in marriage] is the king for the whole land! The implied meaning here is that he has given up on me just because he is the king of the land.

konnavalum AzhippadaiyAnai – one who has the deadly weapon of divine disc which is feared much because of its restiveness in killing enemies such as namuchi (son of mahAbali) et al.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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