periya thirumadal – 71 – pinnOr ariyuruvamAgi

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pinnOr ariyuruvamAgi eri vizhiththuk                                                     100
konnavilum venjamaththuk kollAdhE vallALan
mannu maNikkunji paRRi varavIrththuth                                               101

Word by word meaning

pin – after passage of some time
Or ari uruvam Agi – incarnating as an incomparable narasinga mUrththy (lion face and human body)
eri vizhiththu – looking with fiery eyes
kol navilum vem samaththuk kollAdhE – not killing in battlefield where people are killed
vallALan – that hugely strong demon’s
mannu maNi kunji paRRi vara Irththu – pulling closely, the hair which is decorated with crown made of gems 


pin – after some time had passed. Since emperumAn is an ocean of mercy, he waited patiently with the hope that the demon would mend his ways.

Or ari uruvam Agi – He became an incomparable lion after the demon crossed the limit of insulting emperumAn’s devotee. He became part lion, part human, a form unseen before in the world.

Or ari – lion, without any parallel. Even if emperumAn, who is a sathya sankalpan (whatever he wills, would happen without fail) desires, he cannot take a form like this again.

Agi – he combined human and lion entities which are incongruous in nature in order to destroy hinraNya who was vain since he had taken boons [from other deities] that his death will not come about either at the hands of humans or animals etc.

eri vizhiththu – his eyes are always cool like lotus, since he is the mother for all the entities, by his nature. However, when he sees any disrespect shown to his devotees, his eyes would turn fiery due to anger.

kol navilum vem samaththuk kollAdhE – If hiraNya were to be killed in a battlefield by shooting an arrow at him and making his head roll on the earth, that would be like a crown on his head. Instead of that, he had to be tortured.

vallALan – he had strength in his heart which could not bear the fame that his child acquired and a strength in his body which made even narasimha to take a step back.

mannu maNikkunji paRRi vara Irththu – [emperumAn] first pulled the crown [of hiraNya] which had made him to order his subjects to chant his name in their prayer by saying “hiaNyAya nama:”

manikkunji paRRi vara iRththu – Since hiraNya had not been insulted by anyone until then, his life almost left him out of shame, when emperumAn pulled him by his crown. Then, emperumAn dragged him as if he were a corpse.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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