periya thirumadal – 97 – konnavilum kUththanAy

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konnavilum kUththanAyp pErththum kudamAdi
ennivan ennappaduginRa vIdaRavum                                                                   143
thennilangaiyAtti arakkar kulappAvai
mannan irAvaNan than nal thangai vALeyiRRuth                                                  144
thunnu sudusinaththuch chUrppaNakAch chOrveydhi 

Word by word meaning

kol navilum kUththanAy – carrying out the dance which kills (women)
pErththum – further
kudam Adi – dancing with pots
en ivan ennappaduginRa IdaRavum – getting ruined of character with people wondering “Will anyone dance like this?”
then ilangaiyAtti – the queen of lankA in the south
arakkar kulapopAvai – one who looked like an idol, born in the clan of demons
mannan irAvaNan than nal thangai – the affectionate sister of King rAvaNa
vAL eyiRu – having teeth like a sword (being resplendent)
thunnu sudu sinaththu – having an anger which will singe
sUrppaNakA – called as sUrppaNakA


konnavilum kUththanAy – while dancing, he had a beauty which was capable of killing women

pErththum kudamAdi – more than that, taking up pots and dancing with them

ennivan ennappaduginRa IdaRavum – he also had the simplicity which would make the women to think “What is this? Would he not stop dancing and killing us in the bargain, and leave this place?”

Leave aside what had been said till now. Hear this terrible incident:

thennilangaiyAtti – Is there anyone born like this person? Having the name “rAvaNa is the king of lankA”, did he not truly control lankA? Was he not born to enjoy the wealth of lankA?

arakkar kulappAvai – Was she not born as the ‘apple of the eye’ as far as the clan of demons was concerned?

mannan irAvaNan – How remarkable! Was there anyone who lived as the King among kings just as rAvaNa lived?

than nalthangai – was she not born as his sister, being very dear to him?

vAL eyiRRu – How resplendent were her teeth! If there ever were a beautiful girl, the beauty of her teeth should be like what she had.

thunnu sudu sinaththu – forget her external beauty. How great was her inner beauty! Did not the anger which she had towards him [SrI rAma], who could not understand the love of a forlorn woman, not reflect the beauty of her mind!

sUrppaNakA – she had nails resembling a winnow!

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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