periya thirumadal – 84 – munnivvulaguNda

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

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munnivvulaguNda mUrththiyaik kOvalUr
mannum idai kazhi em mAyanaip pEyalaRap                                     122
pinnum mulaiyuNda piLLaiyai aLLal vAy
annam irai thErazhundhUr ezhum sudarai                                          123

Word by word meaning

mun i ulagu uNda mUrththiyai – in an earlier time, as the lord, keeping all these worlds in his divine stomach and looking after them
kOvalUr – thirukkOvalUr
idai kazhi mannum em mAyavanai – as our thirumAl (emperumAn) who has taken permanent residence in the corridor [of mrigaNdu maharishi’s hermitage] at thirukkOvalUr
pEy alaRa mulai uNda piLLaiyai – as an infant who ate [from] the bosom of the demon pUthana such that she cried out in pain
aLLal vAy – in marshy places
irai thEr azhundhUr – at thiruvazhundhUr, to seek prey
ezhum sudarai – as an effulgent lamp


mun ivvulaguNda mUrththiyai – to ensure that the people of this world do not bring more harm their way, emperumAn annihilated them and protected them by keeping them in his divine stomach, due to which his divine form became splendorous.

mun – this implies that his quality of protecting the people is always available, from time immemorial.

mun – he protected them before they suffered during deluge.

ulagu – he protected all the entities which or who were existing at that point of time.

kOvalUr mannum idai kazhi em mAyavanai – since thirukkOvalUr is the place where emperumAn jostled with the first three AzhwArs and became extremely blissful, he took permanent residence there, reminiscing that incident. Such an amazing entity, he is.

pEy alaRap pinnum mulai uNda piLLaiyai – yaSOdhA would always praise him whenever she nurses him. When pUthanA, the demon who was commanded by kamsa to kill infant krishNa, smeared poison on her bosom and came to nurse krishNa, she screamed aloud in pain as he bit her bosom. Taking that (screaming noise made by pUthanA) as a song of praise on him, he drank her milk. He had such childishness in him.

aLLal vAy annam irai thEr azhundhUr – the swans would normally detest entering muddy places; but these swans entered such marshy places in thErazhundhUr, in search of prey.

azhundhUr ezhum sudarai – he is the supreme effulgence who does not let go of his followers, who showered affection on me who is very lowly and has nothing good in him. Alternative meaning: the sun which rises from thErazhundhUr.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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