periya thirumadal – 79 – minnidaiyAL nAyaganai

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minnidaiyAL nAyaganai viNNagaruL ponmalaiyaip                         113
ponni maNikozhikkum pUngudandhaip pOrvidaiyaith
thennan kuRungudiyuL sembavaLak kunRinai                                   114
manniya thaNsERai vaLLalai mAmalrmEl

Word by word meaning

thAmarai mEl min idaiyAL nAyaganai – the consort of pirAtti who was born on a lotus and who has a waist similar to lightning.
viNNagaruL ponmalaiyai – one who is shining like a golden mountain at thiruviNNagar.
ponni maNi kozhikkum pUngudandhai pOrvidaiyai – one who is reclining like a bull which has got tired after waging a war, at thirukkudandhai, where the river kAviri brings precious gems
then nan kuRungudiyuL sembavaLam kunRinai – one who is shining like a reddish coral like mountain at thirukkuRungudi which is a distinguished divine abode in the southern direction
thaN sERai manniya vaLLalai – the supremely generous entity who has fittingly taken residence in the cool thiruchchERai.


thAmarai mEl minnidaiyAL nAyaganai – the reason for taking incarnations like these [seen in the previous verses] is due to pirAtti’s connection. The meaning implied is that AzhwAr says that even connection with her is not beneficial for him [since emperumAn is not coming to AzhwAr and she [AzhwAr in feminine mood] has to engage in madal]. Alternatively, this could mean that emperumAn has the greatness because of his connection with pirAtti.

viNNagaruL ponmalaiyai – [the golden mountain at thiruviNNagar] Since he is together with pirAtti at thiruviNNagar, the golden hue from her is falling over him as a shadow, converting his form from that of a blue mountain to a golden mountain. Did not vEdham say in thaiththirIya upanishath nArayaNavalli “neelathOyatha madhyasthA vidhyullEkA” (pirAtti is like a lightning amidst the bluish form of emperumAn)?

ponmaNi kozhikkum pUngadandhaip pOr vidaiyai – kudandhai is the town where river kAviri brings with her very expensive gems such as rubies, just as it is mentioned in thiruvAimozhi 5-8-9thisaivil vIsum sezhumAmaNigaL sErum thirukkudandhai” (thirukkudandhai where very expensive gems which are effulgent in all directions, reach). In that beautiful town, he is reclining to get over the ennui of having fought with enemies during his incarnations.

pOrvidaiyai – (AzhwAr, as parakAla nAyaki says) I will destroy the honour of one who is reclining with the fame of having annihilated his enemies.

then nan kuRungudi – one which is in the southern direction. thirukkuRungudi which has such a beauty about it that one cannot take his/her eyes off it. If the text is thennan kuRungudi, it would mean thirukkuRungudi which is in the pANdya kingdom.

sem pavaLak kunRinai – one who has a beautiful form which has to be attained by engaging in madal.

thaN chERai manniya vaLLalai – One who is most generous, offering himself to his followers who are living amidst the unfavourable samsAris, at thiruchchERai, which is cool because of its proximity to the one who has the complexion of cloud.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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