periya thirumadal – 98 – ponnirAngoNdu

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ponniRangoNdu pulandhezhundha kAmaththAl                                               145
thannai nayandhALaith thAn munindhu mUkkarindhu
manniya thiNNenavum vAyththa malai pOlum                                                 146
thannigar onRillAdha thAtakayai mAmunikkA

Word by word meaning

pularndhu – her body withered [lifeless]
ezhundha kAmaththAl – due to the disease of lust which swelled
pon niram koNdu – her complexion became pale [lost its colour]
sOrvu eydhi – going into a trance
thannai nayandhALai – that demonic woman who desired him
thAn munindhu – becoming fiery
mUkku arindhu – cutting off her nose
manniya thiNNenavum – how firm he became!
vAyththa malai pOlum – one who had the form similar to a mountain
than nigar onRu illAdha – being incomparable
thAtakaiyai – a woman called as thAtakA
mAmunikkA – for the sake of sage viSvAmithra


sOrvu eydhi – did she not become tired since she fell in love, just like I did?

pon niRam koNdu – since her love did not fructify, did she too not lose her complexion, like I?

pularndhu – did she also not wither, just like I

ezhundha kAmaththAl – with the love which blossomed, larger than an ocean. What a great prize she got for the love that she had for him!

thannai nayandhALai – the mistake she committed was in being desirous of him!

th9n munindhu – one should reciprocate love. Even if that is not done, is it proper for one to get angry?

mUkku arindhu – even if one became angry, we can forget it. But didn’t he cut off her nose?

manniya thiNNenavum – did he, at the least, feel remorseful for such a cruel act? No; did he not stand firm as if he had carried out a valorous act? Is this an act of valour? thiNNenavu – robustness.

Finally, I will narrate another incident, which is the peak of all cruel acts. Listen:

 vAyththa malai pOlum – what a great physique did she have!

thannigar onRu illAdha thAtakaiyai – Is there anyone to match her so that one could console oneself even if she went.

mAmunikkA – did he not carry out this act in such a crafty way that if one asked him forcefully “You killed a woman” he would shift the blame by responding “A brAhmaNa asked me to do it and hence I did ”? The commentator azhagiya maNavALapperumAL nAyanAr has said “I have heard from nampiLLai that he has heard this explanation from [parAsara] bhattar”.

mAmunikkA – Was it not for the great thapasvi (one who carries out penance) viSvAmithra that he brought such a disgrace?

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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