periya thirumadal – 86 – anna uruvil ariyai

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

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anna uruvil ariyaith thirumeyyaththu
innamudha veLLaththai indhaLUr andhaNanai                                 126
mannu madhiL kachchi vELukkai ALariyai
manniya pAdagaththu em maindhanai – vehkAvil                             127

Word by word meaning

anna uruvil ariyai – as narasimhamUrththy (emperumAn’s divine form with lion face and human body) who has such (distinguished) divine form
thiru meyyaththu – in thirumeyyam
in amudham veLLaththai – being greatly enjoyable as a sweet ocean of nectar
indhaLUr – at thiruvindhaLUr
andhaNanai – being supremely merciful
kachchi – in the town of kAnchIpuram
vELukkai ALariyai – as narasimha in the divine abode of thiruvELukkai
pAdagaththu manniya em maindhanai – as our youthful entity at thiruppAdagam where he has taken permanent residence
vehkAvil – at thiruvehkA


kOttiyUr anna uruvil ariyai – one who has taken residence at thirukkOttiyUr with the beautiful form of narasimha which cannot be described by words, other than saying “He is like that”.

kOttiyUr ariyai – the place got the name of kOttiyUr since the gOshti (group of people) gathered at that place to discuss the means to eliminate the demon iraNiyan (hiraNya kashyap). periyAzhwAr too celebrated emperumAn there in his periyAzhwAr thirumozhi 4-4-6 “thirukkOttiyUr nAdhanai narasinganai” (narasimha, the lord of thirukkOttiyUr).

ariyai – this refers to the wondrous narasimha form with which emperumAn has taken residence here, going by the divine names of theRkAzhwAr and kOLariyAzhwAr.

anna uruvil ariyai – even this AzhwAr (thirumangai AzhwAr) who sang the wondrous verse while composing a hymn in order to praise SrI rAmapirAn, as in periya thirumozhi 8-5-6 “muriyum veNdhirai mudhugayam thIppada muzhangazhal eriyambin varikoL venjilai vaLaiviththa maindhanum” (the great warrior SrI rAma who drew his beautiful bow which appeared cruel [at that time] such that the fiery arrows which were making dreadful sounds from it, would burn down the ocean which was in a state of agitation with its whitish waves ) could not compose a verse on thirukkOttiyUr emperumAn and merely said “appadippatta uru” (a form similar to that).

thirumeyyaththu innamudha veLLaththai – one who is like a sweet nectarean ocean who removes the craving of those who are going on their way to thirukkOttiyUr.

innamudham – if nectar [from ocean] were consumed, it will satiate one’s thirst. But this nectar, even when merely thought of, will sweeten one’s heart and satisfy the person’s craving.

indhaLUr andhaNanai – one who is merciful and has taken residence at thiruvindhaLUr. andhaNan – one who has a beautiful quality (of being merciful). thirukkuRaL (a thamizh literary work composed around 2000 years ago) says “andhaNar enbar aRavOr maRRevvuyirkkum sendhaNmai pUNdu ozugalAl” (the term andhaNar refers to one who lives by the path of righteousness and who is merciful towards all the other creations). The term andhaNan also refers to being sacred.

mannum madhiL kachchi vELukkai ALariyai – the term vELirukkai transformed to vELukkai. vEL – one who is so beautiful that he is like a cupid for all the cupids. ALariAL ari – narasingam (form with lion face and human body). narasimha is worshipped with the verse ugram vIram mahAvishnum (mahAvishNu who is valorous and who is very angry). But, hiding that valour, emperumAn manifests his beauty [at the divine abode thiruvELukkai] which makes his followers to be fearful as to what will happen to him and hence they built a high fort around the divine abode. emperumAn has taken residence in such a divine abode.

mannum madhi – the commentator nAyanAr says that the fort is such that it would not get destroyed even during deluge

manniya pAdagaththu em maindhanai – one who has taken permanent residence at thiruppAdagam, manifesting his form with which he carried out the activity of a messenger for pANdavas.

manniya maindhanai – also refers to one one who is permanently youthful

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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