periya thirumadal – 89 – mannum maNimAda

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mannu maNimAdak kOyil maNALanai
nannIrth thalaichanga nANmadhiyai nAn vaNangum                                    132
kaNNanaik kaNNapurththAnaith thennaRaiyUr
mannu maNi mAdak kOyil maNALanai                                                            133

Word by word meaning

maNimAdak kOyil mannu maNALanai – standing forever at maNimAdakkOyil (divine abode in thanjAvUr) as a bridegroom
nal nIr thalaichchanga nANmadhiyai – as the nANmadhiyapperumAL at thalaichchangAdu which is surrounded by good water
nAn vaNangum kaNNanai – as kaNNan (krishNa) who I worship
kaNNapuraththAnai – one who is dwelling at thirukkaNNapuram
then naRaiyUr maNi mAdak kOyil mannu maNALanai – one who has taken residence as a bridegroom in the famous thiruraRaiyUr maNi mAdak kOyil


nAngUril mannu maNimAdakkOyil maNALanai – the bridegroom who has taken residence permanently at thirunAngUr maNimAdakkOyil, making me as a servitor such that there is no need for any further support for me

nannIrth thalaichchanga nANmadhiyai – one who shines beautifully at thalaichchangAdu, which has abundant water bodies, just like the moon rising from the ocean on a full moon day,

nAn vaNangum kaNNanaik kaNNapuraththAnai – sowrirAja emperumAn, who is also referred to as kaNNan, who has taken residence at thirukkaNNapuram and who made me to exist exclusively for him just as it is said in periya thirumozhi 8-9-3 “kaNNapuram onRu udaiyAnukku adiyEn oruvarkku uriyEnO” (will I belong to anyone other than the emperumAn who has as his divine abode, the distinguished thirukkaNNapuram and for whom I am a servitor?)

thennaRaiyUr mannu maNi mAdak kOyil maNALanai – the bridegroom who made me to engage with madal at the temple which is like a mansion made of gemstones and which is shining in the beautiful thirunaRaiyUr.

maNALanai – this also implies that he is the bridegroom at the place which is also referred to as nAchchiyAr kOyil (temple of emperumAn’s consort) where it is the pirAtti’s writ that runs and not his.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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