periya thirumadal – 94 – thunnu padal

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thunnu padal thiRandhu pukkuth thayir veNNey
than vayiRAra vizhungak kozhungayaRkan                                                        138
mannu madavOrgaL paRRiyOr vAnkayiRRAl

Word by word meaning

thunnu padal thiRandhu – by opening the gate woven with densely packed palm leaves
pukku – entering
thayir veNNey – curd and butter
than vayiRu Ara thAn vizhunga – as he gobbled these in order to fill up his stomach
kozhu kayal kaN – eyes which are like carp (a fresh water fish)
mannu madavOraL – women of the hamlet
paRRi – catching him
Or vAn kayiRRAl – with a beautiful rope


thunnu padal thiRandhu – did he enter like I did by turning the dome on top of the turret in budhdha vihAra, and damaging it, and steal? The herdspeople would have woven a densely packed palm gate and would have supported it with the trunk of a tree. Was it not by damaging this dome that he indulged in stealing!

padal thiRandhu pukku – normally, he would not even know the mechanism by which the gate with a stick across it is opened; he only knows to slip in under the gate and steal. However, since it was his house and since he had been stealing for a long time, he was able to carry out the difficult task of opening the gate!

thunnu padal thiRandhu pukku – Since it was densely woven, he entered by opening it. Had it been kept open, he would have entered by closing it!

thayir veNNey – did he steal the golden image of bhudhdha like I did? Was it not the lowly curd and butter!

than vayiRu Ara vizhunga – He did not steal for the sake of others [for the sake of emperumAn]; he did for his own sake!

kozum kayal kaN – the happiness was seen in the eyes of the herdswomen on catching the person who stole.

mannu madavOrgaL paRRi – as soon as he is caught, a thousand girls will hold on to his one hand.

Or vAn kayiRRAl – unlike him who would not be easily accessible, it was a beautiful rope which was caught as soon as one thought of it. It was not a great rope just because it was praised as “kaNNinuN siRuththAmbinAl” (kaNNinuN chiRuth thAmbu 1), “kaNNikkuRungayiRu” (periya thirumozhi 11-5-4) “kaNNiyAr kuRungayiRu” (periya thirumozhi 5-9-7); it was a strong, nice rope to tie the mischievous person.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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