Glossary/Dictionary by pAsuram – periya thirumozhi – 3rd centum

Sorted by word

 the kayal fish (which cannot survive outside water)
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-1-irundhaN  irum thaN  very cool
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-1-irundhaN  mA nilam  vast earth (while deluge had consumed it)
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-1-irundhaN  Enam adhAy  in the form of varAha [wild boar]
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-1-irundhaN  vaLai maruppu agaththinil  on the bent tusk
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-1-irundhaN  odukki  secured (then)
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-1-irundhaN  karum thaN mA kadal  in the great ocean which is black and cool
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-1-irundhaN  kaN thuyinRavan  for the one who performed yOga nidhrA
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-1-irundhaN  idam  the abode
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-1-irundhaN  kamalam  lotus-
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-1-irundhaN  nal  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-1-irundhaN  malar  in the flower
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-1-irundhaN  thERal  honey
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-1-irundhaN  arundhi  drank
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-1-irundhaN  in isai  beautiful tune
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-1-irundhaN  muranRu  sang
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-1-irundhaN  ezhum  joyfully dance
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-1-irundhaN  aLi kulam  swarms of beetles
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-1-irundhaN  podhuLi  gathered
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-1-irundhaN  am  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-1-irundhaN  pozhil UdE  in the middle of the garden
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-1-irundhaN  serundhi  serundhi tree-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-1-irundhaN  nAL malar  in the freshly blossomed flower
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-1-irundhaN  senRu aNaindhu  went and reached
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-1-irundhaN  uzhi tharu  roaming
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-1-irundhaN  thiruvayindhirapuramE  is the dhivyadhESam known as thiruvahindhrapuram
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-2-minnum Azhi  minnum  shining
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-2-minnum Azhi  Azhi  divine chakra
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-2-minnum Azhi  am  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-2-minnum Azhi  kaiyavan  having in divine hand
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-2-minnum Azhi  seyyavaL  periya pirAttiyAr
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-2-minnum Azhi  uRai tharu  eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-2-minnum Azhi  thirumArvan  one who has the divine chest
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-2-minnum Azhi  nAnmaRai  by vEdhams which are of four categories
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-2-minnum Azhi  pannu  identified
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-2-minnum Azhi  pal poruL  many entities
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-2-minnum Azhi  Agiya  having as his prakAram (form)
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-2-minnum Azhi  paran  for greater than all
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-2-minnum Azhi  idam  abode
periya-thirumoz hi-3-1-2-minnum Azhi  varaich chAral  in mountain slope
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-2-minnum Azhi  pinnum  present densely
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-2-minnum Azhi  mAdhavip pandhalil  in the mAdhavi creeper shed
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-2-minnum Azhi  vaNdu  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-2-minnum Azhi  pedai  with their female counter-parts
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-2-minnum Azhi  vara  to arrive
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-2-minnum Azhi  piNi avizh  blossoming
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-2-minnum Azhi  kamalaththu  (entering) in the lotus
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-2-minnum Azhi  thenna enRu  saying -thennA! thenA!- (music)
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-2-minnum Azhi  in isai mural tharu  humming sweet songs
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-2-minnum Azhi  thiruvayindhirapuramE  thiruvahindhrapuram.
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-3-vaiyamEzhum  vaiyam Ezhum  the seven lower level worlds
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-3-vaiyamEzhum  uNdu  consumed
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-3-vaiyamEzhum  Al ilai  on a banyan leaf
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-3-vaiyamEzhum  vaigiya  spent his time
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-3-vaiyamEzhum  mAyavan  one who has amazing ability
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-3-vaiyamEzhum  adiyavarkku  for those who fully serve him
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-3-vaiyamEzhum  meyyan Agiya  one who reveals himself fully
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-3-vaiyamEzhum  dheyvanAyagan  for dheyvanAyagan (lord of lords)
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-3-vaiyamEzhum  idam  abode is
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-3-vaiyamEzhum  mey thagu  matching emperumAn-s tender, divine form
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-3-vaiyamEzhum  varaich chAral  in the mountain slope
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-3-vaiyamEzhum  moy koL  dense
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-3-vaiyamEzhum  mAdhavi  kurukkaththi
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-3-vaiyamEzhum  seNbagam  champaka flower
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-3-vaiyamEzhum  muyangiya  embraced
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-3-vaiyamEzhum  mullai  in forest land
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-3-vaiyamEzhum  am  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-3-vaiyamEzhum  kodi  jasmine creeper
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-3-vaiyamEzhum  Ada  as it sways (by that wind)
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-3-vaiyamEzhum  sezhu  rich
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-3-vaiyamEzhum  paNai  in water bodies
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-3-vaiyamEzhum  seyya thAmarai  reddish lotus (blossom)
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-3-vaiyamEzhum  thigazh tharu  shining
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-3-vaiyamEzhum  thiruvayindhrapuramE  thiruvahindhrapuram.
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-4-mARu koNdu  mARu koNdu  Considering -I am an enemy-
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-4-mARu koNdu  udanRu  being angry
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-4-mARu koNdu  edhirndha  one who came opposing
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-4-mARu koNdu  val  very strong
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-4-mARu koNdu  avuNan than  the rAkshasa, hiraNya-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-4-mARu koNdu  mArvagam  chest
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-4-mARu koNdu  iru piLavA  to become two pieces
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-4-mARu koNdu  kURu koNdu  split him
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-4-mARu koNdu  avan kula magaRku  for prahlAdhAzhwAn who is his son
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-4-mARu koNdu  in aruL koduththavan  for the one who showered his good mercy
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-4-mARu koNdu  idam  abode
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-4-mARu koNdu  midaindhu  being close to each other
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-4-mARu koNdu  sARu koNda  as the juice is flowing
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-4-mARu koNdu  mel  tender
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-4-mARu koNdu  karumbu  sugarcane-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-4-mARu koNdu  iLangazhai  the edge of the sprout
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-4-mARu koNdu  visumbu  the sky
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-4-mARu koNdu  uRa  as it reaches
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-4-mARu koNdu  thagai  stopped by (that sky) (that sugarcane-s)
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-4-mARu koNdu  maNi nIzhal  having beautiful shade
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-4-mARu koNdu  sERu koNda  having mud (created by the sugarcane juice)
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-4-mARu koNdu  thaN  cool
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-4-mARu koNdu  pazhanamadhu  fertile fields-
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-4-mARu koNdu  ezhil  beauty
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-4-mARu koNdu  thigazh  shining
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-4-mARu koNdu  thiruvayindhrapuramE  thiruvahindhrapuram.
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-5-Angu mAvali  mAvali  mahAbali-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-5-Angu mAvali  vELviyil  in sacrificial arena
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-5-Angu mAvali  senRu  reached
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-5-Angu mAvali  irandhu  begged (for three feet of land)
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-5-Angu mAvali  Angu  there itself
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-5-Angu mAvali  agal idam  vast earth
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-5-Angu mAvali  aLandhu  measured and accepted
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-5-Angu mAvali  Ayar  cowherds-
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-5-Angu mAvali  pUm kodikku  for nappinnaip pirAtti who is like a blossomed creeper
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-5-Angu mAvali  ina vidai  collection of the seven bulls
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-5-Angu mAvali  porudhavan  for the one who fought and destroyed
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-5-Angu mAvali  idam  abode is
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-5-Angu mAvali  kurakkinam  troop of monkeys
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-5-Angu mAvali  pon malar  like golden flower
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-5-Angu mAvali  thigazh  shining
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-5-Angu mAvali  vEngaik kOngu seNbagam  trees such as vEngai, kOngu, sheNbagam
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-5-Angu mAvali &nbs p;kombinil  on the branches
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-5-Angu mAvali  kudhikodu  jumping
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-5-Angu mAvali  iraiththu  with great noise
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-5-Angu mAvali  Odi  came running
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-5-Angu mAvali  thEn kalandha  with abundant honey
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-5-Angu mAvali  thaN  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-5-Angu mAvali  palam kani  jackfruit
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-5-Angu mAvali  nugartharu  eating
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-5-Angu mAvali  thiruvayindhirapuramE  thiruvahindhrapuram
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-6-kUn ulAviya  kUn ulAviya madandhai than  hump-backed woman-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-6-kUn ulAviya  kodum solin thiRaththu  for the harsh words
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-6-kUn ulAviya  iLam kodiyOdum  pirAtti and he
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-6-kUn ulAviya  kAn  in the forest
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-6-kUn ulAviya  ulAviya  one who mercifully went
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-6-kUn ulAviya  karu mugil  like a dark cloud
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-6-kUn ulAviya  thiruniRaththavan  for the one who has beautiful form
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-6-kUn ulAviya  idam  abode is
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-6-kUn ulAviya  kavin  beauty
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-6-kUn ulAviya  Arum  present abundantly
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-6-kUn ulAviya  vAn  in the sky
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-6-kUn ulAviya  ulAviya  roaming
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-6-kUn ulAviya  madhi  chandhra (moon)
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-6-kUn ulAviya  thavazh  to float
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-6-kUn ulAviya  mAl varai  tall mountains
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-6-kUn ulAviya  mA madhiL  huge forts
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-6-kUn ulAviya  pudai sUzha  surrounding in the sides
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-6-kUn ulAviya  thEn ulAviya  beetles roaming
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-6-kUn ulAviya  sezhum pozhil  with beautiful fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-6-kUn ulAviya  thazhuviya  surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-6-kUn ulAviya  thiruvayindhirapuramE  thiruvahindhrapuram
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-7-minnil nuNNidai  minnil  like lightning
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-7-minnil nuNNidai  nuN  slender
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-7-minnil nuNNidai  idai  waist
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-7-minnil nuNNidai  madam  and having humility
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-7-minnil nuNNidai  kodi kAraNam  for the creeper like pirAtti
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-7-minnil nuNNidai  vilangalin misai  built on the suvElA mountain
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-7-minnil nuNNidai  ilangai  for lankA
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-7-minnil nuNNidai  mannan  the king, rAvaNa-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-7-minnil nuNNidai  nIL mudi  ten tall crowns/heads
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-7-minnil n uNNidai  podi seydha  turned to dust
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-7-minnil nuNNidai  maindhanadhu  strong one-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-7-minnil nuNNidai  idam  abode is
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-7-minnil nuNNidai  maNi varai  gem mountain-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-7-minnil nuNNidai  nIzhal  in the shade
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-7-minnil nuNNidai  annam  swans
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-7-minnil nuNNidai  mA  big
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-7-minnil nuNNidai  aravindha malar  lotus flower
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-7-minnil nuNNidai  amaLiyil  on the bed
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-7-minnil nuNNidai  pedaiyodum  with their female counterparts
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-7-minnil nuNNidai  inidhu  sweetly
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-7-minnil nuNNidai  amara  to resting
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-7-minnil nuNNidai  sennel Ar kulai  the crop filled with red paddy
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-7-minnil nuNNidai  kavari vIsu  like fanning with whisk
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-7-minnil nuNNidai  thaN  cool
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-7-minnil nuNNidai  thiruvayindhirapuramE  thiruvahindhrapuram.
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  virai  nice fragrance
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  kamazhndha  spreading
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  mel  tender
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  karum kuzhal kAraNam  for pirAtti who has dark hair
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  vil  bow
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  iRuththu  broke
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  adal  battle ready
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  mazhaikku  for the rain
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  nirai  cattle
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  kalangida  as they suffer
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  varai  gOvardhana mountain
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  kudai  as umbrella
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  eduththavan  one who lifted and protected
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  nilaviya  eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  idam  abode is
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  thadam  ponds
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  Ar  filled
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  varai  for hills
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  vaLam  being decoration
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  thigazh  shining
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  madha kari  intoxicated elephant-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  maruppodu  tusk
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  malai vaLar  growing in mountain
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8- virai kamazhndha  agil  agil tree (a fragrant tree)
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  undhi  pushing
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  thirai  wave
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  koNarndhu  bringing
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  aNai  reaching
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  sezhunadhi  beautiful river
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  vayal  in fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  pugu  flowing
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-8-virai kamazhndha  thiruvayindhirapuramE  thiruvahindhrapuram
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  kaiththalaththu  in the hand
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  vEl koL  having spear
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  arasar  dhuryOdhana et al, their
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  vem  fearsome
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  pOrinil  in mahAbhAratha battle
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  visayanukku Ay  being exclusively favourable towards arjuna (his)
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  maNith thEr  in the front portion of the beautiful chariot
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  kOl  stick
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  kaiththalaththu  in the hand
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  koL  held and stood
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  endhai  lord of my clan
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  pemmAn  for sarvESvaran
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  idam  abode is
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  kulavu  praised by everyone
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  thaN  cool
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  varaich chAral  on the surroundings of the mountain
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  kAl  pole on which the creeper spreads
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  kaN koL  growing in every branch
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  kodi  creeper
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  kai ezha  to nurture
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  kamugu  areca trees
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  iLam pALaigaL  young swathes
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  kamazh  spreading fragrance
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  sAral  having surroundings
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  sElgaL  sEl fish
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  pAy tharu  jumping
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  sezhu nadhi  beautiful river
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  vayal pugu  flowing into the fertile field
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-9-vE koL  thiruvayindhirapuramE  thiruvahindhrapuram
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-10-mUvar Agiya  mUvar Agiya  Having the forms of brahmA, vishNu and rudhra
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-10-mUvar Agiya  oruvanai  being matchless
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-10-mUvar Agiya  mU ulagu  three worlds
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-10-mUvar Agiya  uNdu  consumed
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-10-mUvar Agiya  umizhndhu  letting them out
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-10-mUvar Agiya  aLandhAnai  (retrieving from mahAbali) one who measured and accepted
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-10-mUvar Agiya  dhEvar  dhEvathAs
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-10-mUvar Agiya  dhAnavar  asuras
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-10-mUvar Agiya  senRu senRu  repeatedly go
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-10-mUvar Agiya  iRainju  to surrender
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-10-mUvar Agiya  thaN  invigorating
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-10-mUvar Agiya  thiruvayindhirapuraththu  in thiruvahindhrapuram
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-10-mUvar Agiya  mEvu  eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-10-mUvar Agiya  sOdhiyai  on the radiant one
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-10-mUvar Agiya  vEl valavan  one who can defeat the enemies with his spear
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-10-mUvar Agiya  kali kanRi  thirumangai AzhwAr
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-10-mUvar Agiya  viriththu  elaborately
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-10-mUvar Agiya  uraiththa  mercifully explained
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-10-mUvar Agiya  pAvu  vast
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-10-mUvar Agiya  thaN  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-10-mUvar Agiya  thamizh  thamizh language
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-10-mUvar Agiya  ivai paththu  these ten pAsurams
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-10-mUvar Agiya  pAdida  as one sings
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-10-mUvar Agiya  pAvangaL  sins
periya-thirumozhi-3-1-10-mUvar Agiya  payilA  will not remain.
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  imaiyOr ulagu  paramapadham
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  thamadhA  as yours
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  ALgiRpIr  Oh you who are desiring to rule!
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  Un  flesh
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  vAda  to wither
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  uNNAdhu  avoiding eating etc
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  uyir  prANa (vital air) (with the help of water, air etc, to not leave)
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  kAval ittu  imprisoning it
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  udalil piriyA  not leaving the body
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  aindhu pulanum  five senses
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  nondhu  torture
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  thAm  them
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  vAda vAda  to suffer further
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  thavam seyya vENdA  no need to perform penance;
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  kAn  forest
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  Ada  to sway
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  manjaik kaNam  pride of peacocks
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  Ada  dance
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  mAdE  near by
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  kayal  kayal fish
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  Adu  roaming
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  nIr  water flowing
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  kAl  having canals
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  pazhanam pudai pOy  going near the water bodies
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  thEn  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  Ada  rise to fly (by that wind)
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  mAdam  on the mansions
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  kodi  flags
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  Adu  swaying
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam  thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-1-Un vAda  senRu sErmingaL  go and reach.
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  thirumArvanai  one who is the lord of SrI mahAlakshmi
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  sindhaiyuL  in the heart
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  vaiththum enbIr  you who reveal the desire to keep!
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  kAyOdu  with unripened fruits
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  nIdu kani  fruits which have dried for many days
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  uNdu  eat
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  vIsu  blowing
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  kadum kAl  harsh wind
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  nugarndhu  consumed
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  nedum kAlam  many days
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  aindhu thIyOdu ninRu  standing amidst five fires
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  thavam seyya vENdA  no need to perform penance;
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  vAy  with mouth
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  Odhu  recited
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  vEdham  vEdham
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  malginRa  remaining fully
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  thol  natural
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  sIr  having wealth
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  maRaiyALar  brAhmaNas
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  nALum  everyday
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  muRaiyAl  in the proper manner
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  vaLarththa  practiced
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  thI  fire
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  Onga Onga  as it rises (by that)
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  Ongu  rising above
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  pugazh  having greatness
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam  thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-2-kAyOdu nIdu  senRu sErmingaL  go and reach.
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  vambu  fresh
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  uN  having food items
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  pozhil  garden
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  sUzh  surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  ulagu  earth
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  viri  vast
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  mudhu nIr veLLam uL pukku  entering the great ocean
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  azhundha  as it drowned
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  anRu  at that time
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  vembum sinam  having great anger
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  punam  living in the forest
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  onRu  matchless
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  kEzhalAy  being mahAvarAham (great pig/wild-boar)
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  eduththAn  one who dug in and lifted it
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  adippOdhu  divine lotus feet
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  aNaivAn  to reach
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  viruppOdu  with desire
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  iruppIr  Oh you who are living!
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  pai  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  ponnum  golden flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  muththam  pearls
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  maNiyum  gems
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  koNarndhu  bringing
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  padai  along with the army
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  mannavan  king
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  pallavarkOn  pallava king
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  paNindha  surrendered
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  sembon  with beautiful gold
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  maNi  made with gems
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  mAdangaL  by mansions
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  sUzhndha  surrendered
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam  thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-3-vembum sinaththu  senRu sErmingaL  go and reach.
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-4-arumA nilam  anRu  When indhra lost his kingdom
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-4-arumA nilam  aru  immeasurable
periya-th irumozhi-3-2-4-arumA nilam  mAnilam  the great earth
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-4-arumA nilam  aLappAn  to measure
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-4-arumA nilam  kuRaLAy  in vAmana form
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-4-arumA nilam  avuNan  mahAbali, the demon-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-4-arumA nilam  peru vELviyil  in the great yAgam
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-4-arumA nilam  senRu irandha  went and begged
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-4-arumA nilam  perumAn  sarvESvaran-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-4-arumA nilam  thirunAmam  divine name
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-4-arumA nilam  pidhaRRi  reciting incoherently
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-4-arumA nilam  nundham  your
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-4-arumA nilam  piRavith thuyar  the sorrow of birth
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-4-arumA nilam  nIngudhum  let us eliminate
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-4-arumA nilam  ennagiRpIr  Oh you who say in this manner!
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-4-arumA nilam  karumA  dark and vast
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-4-arumA nilam  kadaluL  in thiruppARkadal (kshIrAbdhi, milk ocean)
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-4-arumA nilam  kavainA  having two tongues
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-4-arumA nilam  aravin aNaip paLLiyin mEl  on the bed which is thiruvananthAzhwAn (AdhiSEshan)
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-4-arumA nilam  uvandhu  joyfully
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-4-arumA nilam  kidandhAn  one who mercifully reclined
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-4-arumA nilam  thirumAl  SrIya:pathi
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-4-arumA nilam  thirumangaiyOdu  with periya pirAttiyAr
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-4-arumA nilam  Adu  eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-4-arumA nilam  thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam  thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-4-arumA nilam  senRu sErmingaL  go and reach.
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  kO  kings
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  manga  to be destroyed
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  vangam  boats (filled)
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  kadal  surrounded by ocean
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  vaiyam  those residents of earth
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  uyya  to be liberated
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  kula mannar  kings-
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  angam  body
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  mazhu  by the axe
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  thuNiya  to sever
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  thAm  himself
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  angu  occurred at that time
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  amaruL  entering the battle
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  padai thotta  took up arms
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  venRi  one who has victory
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  thavam  went to perform penance subsequently
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  mAmuniyai  SrI paraSurAmAzhwAn, the great sage
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  AkkagiRpIr  you who desire to own him!
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  pU mangai  periya pirAttiyAr
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  thangi  residing (on his divine chest)
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  pula mangai  SrI bhUmip pirAtti
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  manni  remaining firmly (on his left side) (due to that)
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  pugazh  fame
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  mangai  woman
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  engum  everywhere
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  thigazha  shining radiantly
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  pugazh sEr  having fame
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  sEmam koL  having protection
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  paim pUm pozhil sUzhndha  surrounded by vast, blossomed garden
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam  thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-5-kOmanga vanga  senRu sErmingaL  go and reach.
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-6-neyvAy azhal  ney  sharp
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-6-neyvAy azhal  vAy  mouth
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-6-neyvAy azhal  azhal  having fire like radiance
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-6-neyvAy azhal  ambu  arrow
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-6-neyvAy azhal  thurandhu  shot
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-6-neyvAy azhal  munnIr thuNiya  making the ocean become dry
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-6-neyvAy azhal  paNi koNdu  one who built the bridge (on that ocean)
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-6-neyvAy azhal  aNi  by ornaments
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-6-neyvAy azhal  Arndhu  being complete
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-6-neyvAy azhal  ilangum  shining
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-6-neyvAy azhal  mai Ar  very dark
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-6-neyvAy azhal  maNivaNNanai  one who has beautiful form which resembles that of a precious stone
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-6-neyvAy azhal  eNNi  meditate upon
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-6-neyvAy azhal  nundham  your
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-6-neyvAy azhal  manaththE  in the heart
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-6-neyvAy azhal  iruththum padi  to have him reside eternally
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-6-neyvAy azhal  vAzha valleer  oh you who desire to live!
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-6-neyvAy azhal  avvAy  there
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-6-neyvAy azhal  iLa mangaiyar  young girls (as they have heard the recitals of their fathers)
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-6-neyvAy azhal  aru mA maRai  the great vEdham, the meaning of which is very difficult to understand
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-6-neyvAy azhal  pEsavum  as they recite (along with them)
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-6-neyvAy azhal  sevvAyk kiLi  parrots which have reddish mouth
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-6-neyvAy azhal  andhaNar sindhai puga  to enter the hearts of brAhmaNas
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-6-neyvAy azhal  nAlmaRai  the four vEdhams
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-6-neyvAy azhal  pAdu  singing
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-6-neyvAy azhal  thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam  thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-6-neyvAy azhal  senRu sErmingaL  go and reach.
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  mauval  jasmine flower
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  kuzhal  having in divine hair
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  Aychchi  nappinnaip pirAtti-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  mel  tender
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  thOL  with divine shoulder
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  nayandhu  embraced
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  magaram  fish etc
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  suzhala  to rorate
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  suzhal  comes swirling
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  nIr payandha  given birth by the ocean
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  dheyvam  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  thirumA mAlar mangai  periya pirAttiyAr
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  thangu  residing
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  thirumArvanai  having divine chest
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  sindhaiyuL  in the heart
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  vaiththum enbIr  oh you who are desiring to place! (due to fighting with the lion)
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  kauvai  screaming
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  kaLiRRin  elephant-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  maruppum  tusks
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  poruppil  in the mountain
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  kamazh  spreading good fragrance
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  sandhum  sandalwood
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  undhi  pushing and coming
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  nivA  veLLARu, the river
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  valam koL  going around in circle
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  dheyvam  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  punal sUzhndhu  surrounded by water
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  azhagAya  attractive
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam  thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-7-mauval kuzhal  senRu sErmingaL  go and reach.
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  mAvin  kESi, the horse, its
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  vAy  mouth
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  angam  body
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  madhiyAdhu  not considering to be worthy
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  kIRi  tore and threw down (rain poured by indhra)
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  mazhai  for the hail storm
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  mA  huge
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  mudhu  ancient
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  kunRu  the mountain named gOvardhanam
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  eduththu  lifted up as umbrella
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  Ayar thangaL kOvAy  as the king of cowherds
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  nirai  herd of cows
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  mEyththu  tended (during praLayam)
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  ulagu  the world
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  uNda  one who placed in his divine stomach
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  mAyan  amazing person-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  kurai  resounding due to the ornaments
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  mA  great
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  kazhal  divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  kUdum  to reach
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  kuRippudaiyIr  oh you who are having the thoughts!
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  mUvAyiram  three thousand
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  nAnmaRaiyALar  brAhmaNas
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  nALum  daily
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  muRaiyAl  matching their true nature
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  vaNanga  as they worship
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  aNangAya  divine
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  sOdhi  radiant
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  dhEvAdhi dhEvan  sarvESvaran
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  thigazhginRa  shining
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam  thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-8-mAvAyin angam  senRu sErmingaL  go and reach.
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  seru  tool for war
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  vEl  sharp like spear
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  neelam  cool like neydhal flower
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  kaN  having beautiful eyes
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  madavAr thiRaththu  towards women who have humility (towards those who stop the enjoyment of such women)
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  sinaththOdu  with anger
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  ninRu  remained
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  manaththAl  desire in heart
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  vaLarkkum  increasing
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  aru  unable to eliminate
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  neelam  lowly
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  pAvam  sin
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  agala  to go
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  pugazh sEr  having fame
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  amararkkum  for brahmA et al
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  eydhAdha  difficult to reach
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  aNdaththu  in paramapadham
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  iruppIr  oh you who desire to remain!
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  peru nIr  Having abundant water
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  nivA  river named veLLARu
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  muththam koNarndhu  bringing pearls
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  undhi  pushed
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  viththum  planting
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  vayal uL engum  in every fertile field
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  kayal  kayal fish
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  pAyndhu ugaLa  as they jump
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  thiruneelam  beautiful neydhal flower
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  ninRu  spreading everywhere
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  thigazhginRa  shining
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam  thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-9-seruneela vERkaN  senRu sErmingaL  go and reach.
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  sIr Ar  having abundant beauty
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  pozhil sUzhndhu  surrounded by garden
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  azhagAya  having beauty
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdaththu  in thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  uRai  eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  sengaN mAlukku  on sarvESvaran who has beautiful reddish eyes
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  ArAdha  not being satisfied with enjoying bhagavAn
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  uLLaththavar  SrIvaishNavas who have love
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  kEttu  to hear
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  uvappa  and become happy
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  alai nIr  being surrounded by ocean which throws up the waves
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  ulagukku  for the residents of earth
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  aruLE  mercy only
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  puriyum  having the nature of granting
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  kAr Ar  very huge
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  puyal  like cloud
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  kai  generous
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  kali kanRi  thirumangai AzhwAr
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  kunRA  not having any shortcoming
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  oli  mercifully recited to have [pleasing] sound
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  mAlai  having garland of words
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  Or onbadhOdu onRum  the ten pAsurams
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  vallAr  those who can learn with the meanings
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  pAr Ar ulagam  earth, heaven etc
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  aLandhAn  one who measured, his
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  adik kIzh  at his divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  pala kAlam  forever
periya-thirumozhi-3-2-10-sIrAr pozhil  niRkumbadi vAzhvar  will attain a rich life where one can serve
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-1-vAda marudhidai  marudhidai  in between two marudha trees
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-1-vAda marudhidai  vAda  as they were in a withered state
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-1-vAda marudhidai  pOgi  crawled and went
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-1-vAda marudhidai  mallarai  the group of wrestlers such as chANUra, mushtika et al
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-1-vAda marudhidai  konRu  killed
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-1-vAda marudhidai  okkaliththittu  practising the art of walking
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-1-vAda marudhidai  Adal  coming with a dance
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-1-vAda marudhidai  nal  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-1-vAda marudhidai  mA  kESi who assumed the form of a horse
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-1-vAda marudhidai  udaiththu  killed
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-1-vAda marudhidai  anRu  when indhra caused rainfall
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-1-vAda marudhidai  Ayar  cowherds-
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-1-vAda marudhidai  Aniraikku  occurred for the cattle
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-1-vAda marudhidai  idar  sorrow
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-1-vAda marudhidai  thIrppAn  to eliminate
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-1-vAda marudhidai  kUdiya  gathered
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-1-vAda marudhidai  mA mazhai  great hailstorm (by lifting the mountain)
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-1-vAda marudhidai  kAththa  protected
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-1-vAda marudhidai  kUththan ena  to have everyone say -he has actions which steal the heart-
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-1-vAda marudhidai  varuginRAn  one who is coming
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-1-vAda marudhidai  sEdu  tender
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-1-vAda marudhidai  uyar  tall
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-1-vAda marudhidai  pUm pozhil  having beautiful gardens
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-1-vAda marudhidai  thillaich chiththirakUdaththu  in thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-1-vAda marudhidai  uLLAn  is eternally residing.
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-2-pEy magaL kongai  pEy magaL  pUthanA, who is a demon
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-2-pEymagaL kongai  kongai  on bosom
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-2-pEymagaL kongai  nanju  poison
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-2-pEymagaL kongai  uNda  mercifully consumed
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-2-pEymagaL kongai  idhu  this amazing act
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-2-pEymagaL kongai  piLLai parisu enRAl  hearing that it is the nature of this child
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-2-pEymagaL kongai  ivan  this krishNa (is not a young child)
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-2-pEymagaL kongai  mA  50 crore yOjanA vast
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-2-pEymagaL kongai  nila mA magaL mAdhar  for SrI bhUmip pirAtti who has earth as her body
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-2-pEymagaL kongai  kELvan enRu  as dear husband
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-2-pEymagaL kongai  vaNdu  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-2-pEymagaL kongai  uN  entering to drink the honey
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-2-pEymagaL kongai  pU magaL  periya pirAttiyAr who is having lotus flower as birth place
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-2-pEymagaL kongai  nAyagan enRum  as the lord
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-2-pEymagaL kongai  pulan kezhu  having form which attracts the heart of those who saw
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-2-pEymagaL kongai  kOviyar  cowherd girls
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-2-pEymagaL kongai  pAdi  praising and singing
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-2-pEymagaL kongai  thEn malar  fresh flower
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-2-pEymagaL kongai  thUva  as they serve
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-2-pEymagaL kongai  varuvAn  one who comes
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-2-pEymagaL kongai  chiththirakUdaththu  in thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-2-pEymagaL kongai  uLLAn  is eternally residing.
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-3-paNdu ivan  ivan  This young child
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-3-paNdu ivan  veNNey uNdAn enRu  that he stole the butter and mercifully ate it
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-3-paNdu ivan  Aychchiyar  cowherd girls
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-3-paNdu ivan  kUdi  gathered
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-3-paNdu ivan  izhippa  blamed
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-3-paNdu ivan  eN thisaiyORum  those who are in eight directions
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-3-paNdu ivan  vaNanga  to worship
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-3-paNdu ivan  iNai marudhUdu  in between two marudha trees which stood together
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-3-paNdu ivan  nadandhittu  crawled
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-3-paNdu ivan  aNdarum  nithyasUris
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-3-paNdu ivan  vAnaththavarum  brahmA et al
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-3-paNdu ivan  Ayira nAmangaLOdu  reciting the thousand names (his)
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-3-paNdu ivan  thiN  strong
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-3-paNdu ivan  thiRal  masculinity
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-3-paNdu ivan  paNdu  long ago
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-3-paNdu ivan  pAda  to sing
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-3-paNdu ivan  varuvAn  one who came
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-3-paNdu ivan  chiththirakUdaththu  in thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-3-paNdu ivan  uLLAn  is eternally residing.
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-4-vaLaikkai  vaLai  decorated with bangles
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-4-vaLaikkai  kai  hands
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-4-vaLaikkai  nedu  wide
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-4-vaLaikkai  kaN  eyes
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-4-vaLaikkai  madavAr  having humility
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-4-vaLaikkai  Aychchiyar  cowherd girls
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-4-vaLaikkai  anji  feared
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-4-vaLaikkai  azhaippa  called
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-4-vaLaikkai  thaLai avizh  blossoming
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-4-vaLaikkai  thAmaraip poygai  lotus pond-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-4-vaLaikkai  thaN  cool
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-4-vaLaikkai  thadam  on the shore
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-4-vaLaikkai  pukku  went
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-4-vaLaikkai  aNdar  cowherds
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-4-vaLaikkai  kANa  to be seen
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-4-vaLaikkai  muLaiththa eyiRu  grown fangs
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-4-vaLaikkai  azhal  having poisonous fire
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-4-vaLaikkai  nAgaththu uchchiyil  on top of the snake, kALiya-s hood
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-4-vaLaikkai  ninRu  stood firmly
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-4-vaLaikkai  adhu vAda  to torment it
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-4-vaLaikkai  thiLaiththu  joyfully danced
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-4-vaLaikkai  amar seydhu  engaged in battle
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-4-vaLaikkai  varuvAn  one who comes
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-4-vaLaikkai  chiththirakUdaththu  in thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-4-vaLaikkai  uLLAn  is eternally residing.
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-5-paruvak karumugil  paruvam  present in the rainy season
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-5-paruvak karumugil  karu mugil oththu  like a dark cloud
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-5-paruvak karumugil  muththu udai  having pearls
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-5-paruvak karumugil  mA  vast
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-5-paruvak karumugil  kadal oththu  like an ocean
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-5-paruvak karumugil  aruvith thiraL  by the group of waterfalls
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-5-paruvak karumugil  thigazhginRa  shining
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-5-paruvak karumugil  Ayiram pon malai oththu  like countless gem-like mountains
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-5-paruvak karumugil  uruvam  having beautiful form
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-5-paruvak karumugil  karu  black
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-5-paruvak karumugil  kuzhal  having divine hair
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-5-paruva k karumugil  Aychchi thiRaththu  for nappinnaip pirAtti
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-5-paruvak karumugil  inam  gathered together
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-5-paruvak karumugil  mAl vidai  huge bulls
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-5-paruvak karumugil  seRRu  killed
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-5-paruvak karumugil  theruvil  on the street
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-5-paruvak karumugil  thiLaiththu  (joyfully) played
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-5-paruvak karumugil  varuvAn  one who comes
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-5-paruvak karumugil  chiththirakUdaththu  in thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-5-paruvak karumugil  uLLAn  is eternally residing.
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-6-eyyach chidhaindhadhu  eyya  when shot by arrow
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-6-eyyach chidhaindhadhu  ilangai  lankA
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-6-eyyach chidhaindhadhu  sidhaindhadhu  was destroyed;
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-6-eyyach chidhaindhadhu  Anirai  herd of cows
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-6-eyyach chidhaindhadhu  malanga  to torment
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-6-eyyach chidhaindhadhu  varum mazhai  the rain which came
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-6-eyyach chidhaindhadhu  kAppAn  to eliminate
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-6-eyyach chidhaindhadhu  uyya  to liberate (them)
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-6-eyyach chidhaindhadhu  paru varai  huge mountain
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-6-eyyach chidhaindhadhu  thAngi  lifted
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-6-eyyach chidhaindhadhu  kAththAn enRu  that he protected (them)
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-6-eyyach chidhaindhadhu  vaiyaththu  on earth
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-6-eyyach chidhaindhadhu  evarum  all noble people
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-6-eyyach chidhaindhadhu  Eththi  praised
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-6-eyyach chidhaindhadhu  vaNanga  to worship
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-6-eyyach chidhaindhadhu  aNangu ezhu  possessed by god
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-6-eyyach chidhaindhadhu  mA  huge
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-6-eyyach chidhaindhadhu  malaipOlE  like a mountain
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-6-eyyach chidhaindhadhu  dheyvam  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-6-eyyach chidhaindhadhu  puL  on periya thiruvadi (garudAzhwAr)
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-6-eyyach chidhaindhadhu  ERi  riding
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-6-eyyach chidhaindhadhu  varuvAn  one who comes
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-6-eyyach chidhaindhadhu  chiththirakUdaththu  in thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-6-eyyach chidhaindhadhu  uLLAn  is eternally residing.
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-7-Avar ivai  ivai  these huge tasks
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-7-Avar ivai  seydhaRivAr Ar  Who did? None. (When asked -What are those?-)
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-7-Avar ivai  mA  huge
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-7-Avar ivai  anjana malai pOlE  like a dark mountain
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-7-Avar ivai  mEvu  well placed
p eriya-thirumozhi-3-3-7-Avar ivai  sinam  having anger
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-7-Avar ivai  adal  having strength
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-7-Avar ivai  vEzham  to knock down elephant named kuvalayApIdam
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-7-Avar ivai  munindhu  mercifully showed anger
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-7-Avar ivai  azhagAya  having beauty
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-7-Avar ivai  kAvi malar  dark like neelOthpalam [blue lily] flower
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-7-Avar ivai  nedu  wide
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-7-Avar ivai  kaNNAr  ladies who have eyes
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-7-Avar ivai  kai thozha  to worship
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-7-Avar ivai  vIdhi  on the divine street
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-7-Avar ivai  varuvAn  one who mercifully walks
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-7-Avar ivai  dhEvar vaNangu  where the dhEvathAs come and worship
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-7-Avar ivai  thaN  invigorating
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-7-Avar ivai  thillaich chiththirakUdaththu  in thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-7-Avar ivai  uLLAn  is eternally residing.
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-8-pongi amaril  oru kAl  when hiraNya showed his anger on prahlAdhan
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-8-pongi amaril  amaril  in battle
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-8-pongi amaril  pon peyarOnai  hiraNya
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-8-pongi amaril  veruva  to frighten him
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-8-pongi amaril  pongi  rose (showed his anger)
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-8-pongi amaril  angu  there
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-8-pongi amaril  avan Agam  his body
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-8-pongi amaril  aLaindhittu  tore
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-8-pongi amaril  Ayiram thOL ezhundhu Ada  danced, revealing his thousand divine shoulders
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-8-pongi amaril  eri kAnRa  spitting fire
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-8-pongi amaril  pai  greenish
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-8-pongi amaril  iraNdu kaN  two eyes
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-8-pongi amaril  nINda  sharp
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-8-pongi amaril  eyiRu  teeth
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-8-pongi amaril  pEzh  huge
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-8-pongi amaril  vAy  having mouth
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-8-pongi amaril  singa uruvil  being in the form of narasimha
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-8-pongi amaril  varuvAn  one who comes
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-8-pongi amaril  chiththirakUdaththu  in thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-8-pongi amaril  uLLAn  is eternally residing.
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-9-karu mugil  karu mugilpOlvadhu  being dark like a dark cloud
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-9-karu mugil  Or  unique
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-9-karu mugil  mEni  having beautiful form
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-9-karu mugil  Azhiyum  thiruvAzhiyAzhwAn (divine sudharSana chakra)
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-9-karu mugil  sangum  SrI pAnchajanyAzhwAn (divine Sanka)
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-9-karu mugil  kaiyana  having divine hands
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-9-karu mugil  peru viRal  very strong
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-9-karu mugil  vAnavar  dhEvathAs
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-9-karu mugil  sUzha  to surround and worship
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-9-karu mugil  Ezh ulagum  residents of seven worlds
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-9-karu mugil  thozhudhu  worship
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-9-karu mugil  Eththa  to praise
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-9-karu mugil  oru magaL Ayar madandhai  with the unique nappinnaip pirAtti
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-9-karu mugil  oruththi nila magaL  with the other unique SrI bhUmip pirAtti
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-9-karu mugil  maRRai thirumagaLOdum  with SrI periya pirAttiyAr too
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-9-karu mugil  varuvAn  one who comes
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-9-karu mugil  chiththirakUdaththu  in thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-9-karu mugil  uLLAn  is eternally residing.
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-10-thEnamar  thEn  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-10-thEnamar  amar  swarmed
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-10-thEnamar  pU  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-10-thEnamar  pozhil  having garden
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-10-thEnamar  thillaich chithirakUdam  in thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-10-thEnamar  amarndha  eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-10-thEnamar  vAnavar thangaL pirAnai  on the lord of indefatigable nithyasUris
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-10-thEnamar  mangaiyar kOn  being the king of the residents of thirumangai region
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-10-thEnamar  maruvAr  enemies-
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-10-thEnamar  Un  on bodies
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-10-thEnamar  amar  to pierce firmly
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-10-thEnamar  vEl  being an expert in using spear
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-10-thEnamar  kali kanRi  mercifully spoken by AzhwAr
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-10-thEnamar  oN thamizh  composed in beautiful thamizh language
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-10-thEnamar  ivai onbadhonRu  these ten pAsurams
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-10-thEnamar  kaRRu  learn with meanings
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-10-thEnamar  vallAr mEl  those who can recite
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-10-thEnamar  thI vinai  [results of the] sins
periya-thirumozhi-3-3-10-thEnamar  sArA  will not come close.
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  oru  unique
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  kuRaLAy  assuming the form of dwarf, vAmana (went to mahAbali)
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  iru nilam  in the vast earth
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  mUvadi maN  three steps of land
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  vENdi  begged
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  ulaganaiththum  all the worlds
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  IradiyAl  with two steps
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  odukki  subdued
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  onRum  with another step
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  tharuga enA  asking to give
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  mAvaliyai  mahAbali
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  siRaiyil vaiththa  one who placed him in the prison of pAthALam (nether world), his
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  thAdALan  the supreme lord-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  thAL  divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  aNaivIr  Oh you who desire to attain!
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  thakka  matching his
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  kIrthi  having greatness
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  aru  difficult to know the meanings
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  maRaiyin  vEdhams-
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  thiraL  collections
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  nAngum  four
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  aindhu vELviyum  the five great yagyas (sacrifices)
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  ARu angangaLum  ancillaries such as vyAkaraNam etc
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  Ezhu isaigaLum  seven svarams (musical tunes)
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  mali  having in abundance
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  vizhA  festivals-
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  vaLamum  beauty
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  siRakkum  to grow further
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  theruvin  streets-
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  kAzhi  in the town of kAzhi
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  sIrAma viNNagarE  SrIrAma viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  nIr  you
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-1-oru kuRaLAy  sErmin  surrender
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  nAnmugan  brahmA-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  nAL  life span
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  miga  as it is lengthy (caused by that)
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  tharukkai  pride,
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  irukku  vEdham
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  vAymai  one who is reciting
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  nalam migu sIr  having good conduct
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  urOmasanAl  by rOmasa bhagavAn
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  naviRRu  eliminated
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  nakkan  the naked rudhra-s (stuck on his hand)
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  Un Ar  fleshy
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  mugan thalaiyOttu  brahmA-s skull
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  UN  (begged and eaten) food 
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  ozhiththa  eliminated
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  endhai  lord of all, his
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  oLi malar  like a fresh flower
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  sEvadi  reddish divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  aNaivIr  Oh you who desire to attain!
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  uzhu  ploughing
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  sE  oxen
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  Oda  running (due to strength)
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  sUl mugam Ar  pregnant
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  vaLai  conches
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  aLaivAy  in the holes
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  uguththa  gave birth
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  muththai  pearls
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  thol kurugu  huge kurugu (heron) birds
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  sinai enna  considering those to be their eggs
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  sUzhndhu iyanga  flying around there (by that wind)
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  engum  wherever seen
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  thEn  flood of honey
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  mugam Ar  flowing from face
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  kamalam  having lotus flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  sEl  sEl fish
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  pAy  jumping
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  vayal  having fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  kAzhi  in the town of kAzhi
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  sIrAma viNNagarE  SrIrAma viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  nIr  you
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-2-nAnmugan nAL  sErmin  surrender
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  vai aNaindha  sharp
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  nudhi  having edge
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  kOdu  having tusk
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  onRu  unique
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  varAgamAy  assuming the form of a wild boar
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  maN ellAm  the whole earth
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  idandhu  gored it [from the wall of the universe]
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  eduththu  lifting it up
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  madhangaL  mad acts
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  seydhu  did
periya -thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  vANan  bANAsuran-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  thiN  strong
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  thOL  shoulders
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  ney aNaindha  sharp
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  thigiriyinAl  by the thiruvAzhi (divine chakra)
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  nErndhavan  emperumAn who severed, his
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  thAL  divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  aNaigiRpIr  Oh you who desire to attain!
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  kadaisi mArgaL  ladies of paLLar clan
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  neydhalOdu  neydhal flower
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  mai aNaindha  very dark
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  kuvaLaigaL  kuvaLai flower
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  tham kaNgaLenRum  as their eyes
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  kumudha malar  reddish Ambal flower
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  tham vAyenRum  considering to be their mouth
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  sey  in the fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  aNaindhu  entered (to pick the weeds)
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  kaLai kaLaiyAdhu  without picking the weeds
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  ERum  coming out to the shore
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  kAzhi  in the town of kAzhi
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  sIrAma viNNagarE  SrIrAma viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  nIr  you
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-3-vaiyaNaindha  sErmin  surrender
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  panjiya  like fresh cotton
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  mel adi  having tender, divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  pinnai thiRaththu  for nappinnaip pirAtti
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  mun nAL  previously
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  pAy  jumping on whoever seen
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  Ezh vidaigaL  seven bulls
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  adarththu  killed
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  ponnan  hiraNyan-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  paimbUN  (filled with) well decorated ornaments
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  nenju  chest
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  idandhu  tore
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  kurudhi  blood
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  uga  to splash out
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  ugir vEl  the nails which are like spear
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  ANda  used
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  ninmalan  the pure emperumAn-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  thAL  divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  aNaigiRpIr  Oh you who desire to attain!
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  neelam  blue gems (placed on the mansions)
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  mAlai  the evening time
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  thanju udaiya  having as refuge
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  iruL  darkness
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  thazhaippa  to increase
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  Angu  placed in certain spots
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  tharaLam  pearls
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  thaN  cool
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  madhiyin  moon-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  nilA  rays
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  kAtta  as they show
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  pavaLam  corals
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  thannAl  since they are placed in certain spots
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  senjudar  sun
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  veyil  rays
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  virikkum  as it spreads
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  azhagu Ar  having beauty (caused by these)
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  kAzhi  in the town of kAzhi
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  sIrAma viNNagarE  SrIrAma viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  nIr  you
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-4-panjiya melladi  sErmin  surrender
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  thevvAya  enemies
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  maRam mannar  valorous kings
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  kurudhi koNdu  by blood
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  thiruk kulaththil  in his clan
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  iRandhOrkku  for those who died
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  thiruththi seydhu  satisfied (by performing rituals with water)
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  vem  cruel
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  vAya  having mouth
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  mA  kESi who came in the form of a horse
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  kINdu  tore
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  vEzham  elephant named kuvalayApIdam
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  atta  killed
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  viNNavar kOn  leader of nithyasUris, his
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  thAL  divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  aNaivIr  Oh you who desire to reach!
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  vigirdham  distinguished
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  mAdhar  ladies-
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  avvAya  such
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  vAL  shining
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  nedu  wide (stretching up to ears)
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  kaN  eyes
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  kuvaLai  kuvaLai flowers [purple Indian water lily]
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  kAtta  show
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  aravindham  lotus flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  mugam  radiance in face
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  kAtta  show
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  arugE  near by
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  Ambal  red lily flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  sevvAyin  reddish lips-
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  thiraL  collections
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  kAttum  showing
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  vayal sUzh  surrounded by fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  kAzhi  in the town of kAzhi
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  sIrAma viNNagarE  SrIrAma viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  nIr  you
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-5-thevvAya  sErmin  surrender
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  paingaN  greenish eyes
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  viRal  strength
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  semmugam  having reddish face (due to fear)
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  vAli  the monkey named vAli
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  mALa  to die
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  padar  vast
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  vanaththu  present in the forest
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  kavandhanodum  rAkshasa named kabandha
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  thiN  firm
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  padai  weapons
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  Ar  filled
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  kai  hands
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  vem kaN  fierce eyes
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  viRal  victorious
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  virAdhan  rAkshasa named virAdhan
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  uga  to die
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  vil kuniththa  one who bent his bow
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  viNNavar kOn  chakravarthith thirumagan, who is the lord of lords, his
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  thAL  divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  aNaivIr  oh you who desire to reach!
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  veRpup pOlum  like mountains
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  thungam  tall
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  mugam  having front elevation
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  mALigai  mansions-
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  mEl  standing atop
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  Ayam kURum  calling out in a friendly manner
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  thudi  like udukkai (a percussion instrument which is slim in the middle)
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  idaiyAr  women who are having waist
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  mugak kamalam  lotus like faces-
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  sOdhi thannAl  by the radiance
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  thingaL  (roaming in the sky) moon-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  mugam  face
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  pani  tears (caused by sorrow)
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  padaikkum  having continuously
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  azhagu Ar  filled with beauty
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  kAzhi  in the town of kAzhi
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  sIrAma viNNagarE  SrIrAma viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  nIr  you
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-6-paingaN viRal  sErmin  surrender
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  poru il  matchless
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  valam puri  having strength
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  arakkan  rAvaNa-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  mudigaL paththum  ten heads
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  puRRu maRindhana pOla  just as a destroyed ant-hill will appear
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  puvi mEl  on earth
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  sindha  as they were scattered
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  seruvil  in battle
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  valam  victory
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  puri  having ability to grant
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  silai  holding SrI gOdhaNdam (bow)
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  kai  hand
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  malai  mountain like
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  thOL  having shoulders
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  vEndhan  the prince, perumAL-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  thiruvadi  lotus feet
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  sErndhu  reach
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  uygiRpIr  oh you who desire to be liberated!
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  valam puri  conches
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7- poruvil valamburi  thirai  ocean which has tides
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  nIrththu  left
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  eLgi  becoming weak
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  kaidhaik kazhi  salt-pan which is having thAzhai [wild plant found on sea shores]
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  maruvi  reached
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  Udu  in the middle of the salt-pan
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  Adi  roaming here and there
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  vayal  (subsequently) in fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  naNNi  entered
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  mazhai tharu nIr  rain water
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  thavazh  falling
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  kAl  through canals
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  theruvil manni  entered the streets (once the water drained)
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  valam puri  conches
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  tharaLam  pearls
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  Inum  giving birth
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  kAzhi  in the town of kAzhi
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  sIrAma viNNagarE  SrIrAma viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  nIr  you
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-7-poruvil valamburi  sErmin  surrender
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  pattu  wearing silk cloth
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  aravu  like a snake-s hood
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  Er  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  agal  wide
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  algul  thigh region
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  pavaLam  like coral
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  sevvAy  reddish lips
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  paNai  like bamboo
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  nedu  long
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  thOL  shoulders
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  piNai  like a doe-s eye
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  nedum kaN  wide eyes
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  pAl Am  like nectar
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  in sol  having sweet words
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  (due to abundance of just blossomed flowers)
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  mattu avizhum  honey flowing
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  kuzhalikkA  for SrI sathya bAmAp pirAtti who has mass of hair
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  vAnOr  dhEvathAs-
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul&nbsp ; kAvin  from the garden
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  maram  pArijAtha tree (which is always present in heaven)
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  koNarndhAn  krishNa who uprooted and brought, his
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  adi  divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  aNaivIr  oh ones who desire to reach!
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  aNilgaL  squirrels
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  thAva  jumping from branch to branch
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  nedu  long
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  ilaiya  having leaves
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  karum kamugin  dark areca trees-
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  sengAy  reddish, unripened fruits
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  vIzha  as they are falling
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  nIL  due to abundance of water, well grown
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  palavin  jack fruit trees-
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  thAzh  lowered due to the weight of the unripened fruits
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  sinaiyil  on branches
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  serungu  dense
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  pInam  bulgy
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  thetta pazham  ripened fruits
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  sidhaindhu  being crushed
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  madhu  honey
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  soriyum  raining
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  kAzhi  in the town of kAzhi
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  sIrAma viNNagarE  SrIrAma viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  nIr  you
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-8-pattaravEragal algul  sErmin  surrender
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  piRai thangu sadaiyAnai  rudhra who is donning moon on his matted hair
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  valaththE vaiththu  placed on right side
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  piramanai  brahmA
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  than undhiyilE  in the lotus flower on his divine navel
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  thORRuviththu  created
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  kaRai thangu  with blood and flesh remains (of enemies)
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  vEl  like a spear
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  thadam  wide
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  kaN  having divine eyes
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  thiruvai  periya pirAttiyAr
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  mArbil  placed on his chest
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  kalandhavan  one who eternally lives with her, his
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  thAL  divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  aNaigiRpIr  oh you who desire to reach!
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  siRai vaNdu  beetles which have wings
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  kazhunIr  in sengazhunIr flowers (red lily flowers)
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  kUdi  remaining together (to eliminate the fatigue from that)
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  thuRai thangu  present on the banks
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  kamalaththu  in lotus flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  thuyinRu  rested (and further)
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  kaidhai Arum thOdu  in the thAzham [wild plant] flower which has big petal
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  podhi  filled in it
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  sORu  buds-
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  suNNam  in powder
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  naNNi  fell and rolled
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  kaLi  (due to) the great joy
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  pAdum  singing
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  vayal sUzh  surrounded by fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  kAzhi  in the town of kAzhi
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  sIrAma viNNagarE  SrIrAma viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  nIr  you
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-9-piRai thangu  sErmin  surrender
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  sengamalam  born from the beautiful lotus on the divine navel
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  ayan anaiya  matching brahmA
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  maRaiyOr  where brAhmaNas are living
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  kAzhich chIrAma viNNagar  eternally residing in kAzhich chIrAma viNNagar
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  en  my
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  sengaN mAlai  on puNdarIkAkshan (lotus eyed emperumAn)
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  am  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  kamalam  filled with lotus flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  thadam  ponds
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  vayal  fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  sUzh  surrounded by
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  Ali nAdan  being the leader of thiruvAli region
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  aruL mAri  being the one who rains mercy on the favourable ones, like a dark cloud
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  arattu amukki  being the one who suppresses the enemies (to not let them rise)
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  adaiyAr  for enemies
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  sIyam  being like a lion
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  kongu  filled with honey
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  malar  flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  kuzhaliyar  for ladies who are having in their hair
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  vEL  being the one like cupid
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  mangai  for thirumangai region
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  vEndhan  being the king
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  parakAlan  being like yama for enemies
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  koRRam  able to grant victory
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  vEl  holding on to the spear
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  kaliyan  AzhwAr
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  sonna  mercifully spoke
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  sangam  poets
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  mugam  to meet and enjoy
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  thamizh mAlai paththum  ten pAsurams which are like garlands
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  vallAr  those who can learn with meanings
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  thadam  vast
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  kadal sUzh  surrounded by ocean
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  ulagukku  in the world
periya-thirumozhi-3-4-10-sengamalaththu  thalaivar  will remain the leader who is surrenderedto, by all
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-1-vandhu  am  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-1-vandhu  thaLir  acquired from sprouts
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-1-vandhu  aNi Ar  having abundant beauty
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-1-vandhu  asOgin  aSOka tree-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-1-vandhu  iLam thaLirgaL avai  tender sprouts
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-1-vandhu  engum kalandhu  spreading everywhere
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-1-vandhu  sem  reddish
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-1-vandhu  thazhal puraiyum  like fire
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-1-vandhu  thiruvAli ammAnE  Oh you who are having thiruvAli as your abode!
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-1-vandhu  thiruvE  Oh my wealth!
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-1-vandhu  en Ar uyirE  Oh my sustainer!
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-1-vandhu  vandhu  coming to my place
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-1-vandhu  unadhu adiyEn  I, your servant-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-1-vandhu  manam  in the heart
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-1-vandhu  pugundhAy  entered;
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-1-vandhu  pugundhadhaRpin  after you entered
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-1-vandhu  vaNangum  surrender
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-1-vandhu  en sindhanaikku  for my mind
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-1-vandhu  iniyAy  became sweet.
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-2-neelath thada varai  Alaip pugai  smoke from burning sugarcane juice
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-2-neelath thada varai  engum  everywhere
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-2-neelath thada varai  mazhai mugil  cloud in monsoon
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-2-neelath thada varai  pOnRu  like
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-2-neelath thada varai  ezhundhu  because of the rising
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-2-neelath thada varai  kamazhum  fragrant
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-2-neelath thada varai  sOlaith thalai  in the garden
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-2-neelath thada varai  mA mayil gaNam  huge prides of peacock
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-2-neelath thada varai  nadamAda  they dance
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-2-neelath thada varai  aNi  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-2-neelath thada varai  Ali ammAnE  Oh lord of thiruvAli!
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-2-neelath thada varai  neelam  bluish
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-2-neelath thada varai  thada varai  huge mountain
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-2-neelath thada varai  mA maNi  priceless gem
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-2-neelath thada varai  thigazha  to shine on it
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-2-neelath thada varai  kidandhadhu pOl  like reclining
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-2-neelath thada varai  vElaith thalai  in thiruppARkadal (kshIrAbdhi)
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-2-neelath thada varai  aravaNai  on thiruvanandhAzhwAn (with the kausthuba jewel shining)
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-2-neelath thada varai  kidandhAy  Oh one who is reclining!
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-2-neelath thada varai  adiyEn manaththu  (now) in my heart, where I am your servitor
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-2-neelath thada varai  irundhAy  entered and remained, without leaving!
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-3-nennel pOy  eRi  rising waves
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-3-nennel pOy  nIr vaLam  having abundance of water
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-3-nennel pOy  seRuvil  in fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-3-nennel pOy  sennel kUzhai  strong paddy crops
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-3-nennel pOy  varambu oreei  placing the top portion of those crops on the boundaries of the fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-3-nennel pOy  arivAr  those who harvest
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-3-nennel pOy  mugaththu  in the face
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-3-nennel pOy  ezhu  jumping to reach
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-3-nennel pOy  vALai  vALai fish [scabbard fish]
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-3-nennel pOy  pOy  left those fields
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-3-nennel pOy  annal  having dense bushes
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-3-nennel pOy  karumbuk kAdu  sugarcane forest
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-3-nennel pOy  adaiyum  reaching
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-3-nennel pOy  aNiyAli ammAnE  oh lord of the beautiful thiruvAli!
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-3-nennel pOy  nennal pOy  went yesterday
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-3-nennel pOy  varum  coming tomorrow
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-3-nennel pOy  enRu enRu eNNi  thinking in this manner
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-3-nennel pOy  irAmai  to not remain
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-3-nennel pOy   en manaththE  in adiyEn-s heart
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-3-nennel pOy  pugundhadhu  your entry and presence
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-3-nennel pOy  immaikku enRu irundhEn  I thought it is to cause joy for me in this world.
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-4-minnin mannu  punnai  punnai trees
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-4-minnin mannu  serundhi  surapunnai trees
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-4-minnin mannu  mannu  filled with
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-4-minnin mannu  vaN  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-4-minnin mannu  pozhil vAy agan  inside the garden
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-4-minnin mannu  paNaigaL  in the ponds
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-4-minnin mannu  annam  swans
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-4-minnin mannu  engum kalandhu  remaining together with each other, everywhere
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-4-minnin mannu  mannum  residing eternally
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-4-minnin mannu  vayal  having fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-4-minnin mannu  aNi Ali ammAnE  Oh lord of beautiful thiruvAli!
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-4-minnin mannu  minnil mannu  matching lightning
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-4-minnin mannu  nudangu  subtle
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-4-minnin mannu  idai  having waist
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-4-minnin mannu  madavAr tham  towards women
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-4-minnin mannu  sindhai maRandhu  eliminating the attachment
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-4-minnin mannu  vandhu  coming towards you
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-4-minnin mannu  mannu  always remaining in the same manner
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-4-minnin mannu  nin  your
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-4-minnin mannu  sEvadikkE  beautiful, divine feet only
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-4-minnin mannu  maRavAmai  to not let me forget
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-4-minnin mannu  vaiththAy  you have mercifully done;
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-4-minnin mannu  Al  How amazing is this!
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  pAdal  singing bhagavAn-s stories
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  in  sweet
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  oli  sound
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  sangin Osai  sound of conch
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  parandhu  pervading everywhere
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  pal paNaiyAl  by the sounds of many different musical instruments
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  malindhu  abundance
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  engum  wherever seen
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  Adal Osai  sound of the dance
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  aRA  continuously occurring
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  aNi Ali ammAnE  Oh lord of beautiful thiruvAli!
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  maram  seven marAmaram (ebony trees)
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  eydha  shot to fall at once
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  mAmunivA  Oh one who meditates!
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  nin  your
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  iNai adi  divine feet which match each other
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  pal  many different
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  malar  flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  mAlai  mixed flower garland
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  nIdu  long time
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  ittu  offered
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  thozhudhu  worshipped
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  Eththum  praising
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  en  my
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  manam  mind
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  vAda  to suffer (like a leaf in your separation)
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  nI  you who have motherly forbearance towards your devotees
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-5-nIdu palmalar  ninaiyEl  you should not think
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-6-gandha mAmalar  sandhi  sandhyAvandhanam etc
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-6-gandha mAmalar  vELvi  yAgam etc (which are naimiththika karmas) [periodic rituals]
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-6-gandha mAmalar  sadangu  other kAmya karmas (activities done with expectation of worldly benefits)
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-6-gandha mAmalar  nAl maRai  four vEdhams
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-6-gandha mAmalar  AdhiyAy  starting from creation
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-6-gandha mAmalar  Odhi  learning from previous teachers
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-6-gandha mAmalar  Odhuviththu varum  those who are teaching
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-6-gandha mAmalar  andhaNALar  brAhmaNas
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-6-gandha mAmalar  aRA  continuously residing
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-6-gandha mAmalar  aNi Ali ammAnE  Oh lord of beautiful thiruvAli!
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-6-gandha mAmalar  gandham  abundantly fragrant
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-6-gandha mAmalar  mA  best
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-6-gandha mAmalar  ettu malarum  eight types of flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-6-gandha mAmalar  nin  your
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-6-gandha mAmalar  kAmar  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-6-gandha mAmalar  sEvadi  on reddish divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-6-gandha mAmalar  ittu  offered
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-6-gandha mAmalar  kai thozhudhu  worship with hands
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-6-gandha mAmalar  ezhum  to praise
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-6-gandha mAmalar  pundhiyEn manaththu  with my heart which is having strong faith
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-6-gandha mAmalar  pugundhAyai  you who entered (coming as if it is for your benefit)
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-6-gandha mAmalar  pOgalottEn  I will not let you leave, now onwards.
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-7-ulavu thirai  nilavu&nb sp; always blossoming
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-7-ulavu thirai  malar  having abundance of flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-7-ulavu thirai  punnai  punnai tree
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-7-ulavu thirai  nAzhal  palini tree (their)
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-7-ulavu thirai  nIzhal  in the shade
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-7-ulavu thirai  thaN  cool
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-7-ulavu thirai  thAmarai malarin misai  on the lotus flower
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-7-ulavu thirai  mali alavan  huge male crabs
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-7-ulavu thirai  kaN padukkum  resting
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-7-ulavu thirai  aNi Ali ammAnE  Oh lord of beautiful thiruvAli!
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-7-ulavu thirai  thirai ulavu  having rising waves
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-7-ulavu thirai  kadal  in thiruppARkadal (kshIrAbdhi)
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-7-ulavu thirai  paLLi koNdu  mercifully reclined
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-7-ulavu thirai  un adiyEn  (subsequently) I, your servitor, my
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-7-ulavu thirai  manam  in heart
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-7-ulavu thirai  vandhu pugundha  you who entered as if it is your benefit
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-7-ulavu thirai  ap pulava  Oh that omniscient lord!
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-7-ulavu thirai  puNNiyanE  Oh my good deed!
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-7-ulavu thirai  pugundhAyai  You who entered unconditionally
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-7-ulavu thirai  pOgalottEn  will not let go.
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-8-sangu thangu  in iLa vaNdu  sweet, young beetles
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-8-sangu thangu  kongu  very fragrant
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-8-sangu thangu  seNbaga malar  sheNbaga flower
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-8-sangu thangu  malligai malar  jasmine flower
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-8-sangu thangu  pulgi  (entered to drink honey) embraced (as they were very hot)
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-8-sangu thangu  iLam thengin  in tender coconut
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-8-sangu thangu  pOy  went and entered
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-8-sangu thangu  thAdhu aLaiyum  stirring its buds
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-8-sangu thangu  thiruvAli ammAnE  Oh lord of thiruvAli!
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-8-sangu thangu  sangu  conches
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-8-sangu thangu  thangu  remaining forever
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-8-sangu thangu  thadam  vast
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-8-sangu thangu  kadaluL  in thiruppARkadal
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-8-sangu thangu  kadal mallaiyuL  in dhivyadhESam named thirukkadalmallai
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-8-sangu thangu  kidandhAy  Oh you who are mercifully reclining!
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-8-sangu thangu  ingu  here
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-8-sangu thangu  ennuL  in the heart of me, the servitor
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-8-sangu thangu  aruL purindhu pugundhAy  mercifully showered your grace and entered;
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-8-sangu thangu   inip pOyinAl  now, if you left me and separated
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-8-sangu thangu  aRaiyO  victory.
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-9-Odhi Ayira nAmamum  nIdhi Agiya  that which ordains the conduct of people
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-9-Odhi Ayira nAmamum  vEdham  vEdham
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-9-Odhi Ayira nAmamum  mAmuniyALar  maharishis who can visualise the manthrams in such vEdham, their
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-9-Odhi Ayira nAmamum  thORRam  birth etc
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-9-Odhi Ayira nAmamum  uraiththu  spoke
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-9-Odhi Ayira nAmamum  maRRavarkku  for all others
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-9-Odhi Ayira nAmamum  AdhiyAy irundhAy  Oh you who remain the cause!
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-9-Odhi Ayira nAmamum  aNi Ali ammAnE  Oh lord of beautiful thiruvAli!
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-9-Odhi Ayira nAmamum  vEdhiyA  Oh you who are known through vEdham only!
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-9-Odhi Ayira nAmamum  araiyA  Oh you who eliminate the mischief and rule over me!
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-9-Odhi Ayira nAmamum  endhAy  Oh my lord!
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-9-Odhi Ayira nAmamum  Ayira nAmamum Odhi  reciting your thousand names
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-9-Odhi Ayira nAmamum  paNindhu Eththi  falling at your divine feet and praise
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-9-Odhi Ayira nAmamum  nin adaindhERku  for me who holds you as refuge
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-9-Odhi Ayira nAmamum  oru poruL  means for the distinguished goal
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-9-Odhi Ayira nAmamum  oru mARRam  a response
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-9-Odhi Ayira nAmamum  uraiyAy  please give
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-10-pulli vaNdaRaiyum  vaNdu  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-10-pulli vaNdaRaiyum  pulli  embracing each other
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-10-pulli vaNdaRaiyum  aRaiyum  humming
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-10-pulli vaNdaRaiyum  pozhil  garden
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-10-pulli vaNdaRaiyum  pudai sUzh  surrounding everywhere
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-10-pulli vaNdaRaiyum  then  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-10-pulli vaNdaRaiyum  Ali  in dhivyadhESam named thiruvAli
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-10-pulli vaNdaRaiyum  irundha  mercifully residing
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-10-pulli vaNdaRaiyum  mAyanai  on sarvESvaran who is amazing
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-10-pulli vaNdaRaiyum  kallin  like a mountain
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-10-pulli vaNdaRaiyum  thiN  strong
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-10-pulli vaNdaRaiyum  mannu  eternally present
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-10-pulli vaNdaRaiyum  thOL  having shoulder
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-10-pulli vaNdaRaiyum  kaliyan  thirumangai AzhwAr
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-10-pulli vaNdaRaiyum  oli seydha  mercifully spoke
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-10-pulli vaNdaRaiyum  nalla  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-10-pulli vaNdaRaiyum  in isai  having sweet tune
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-10-pulli vaNdaRaiyum  mAlai nAlum Or aindhum onRum  ten pAsurams
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-10-pulli vaNdaRaiyum  navinRu  recite
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-10-pulli vaNdaRaiyum  thAm udan vallarAy uraippArkku  for those who constantly meditate their meanings
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-10-pulli vaNdaRaiyum  vAn ulagE  paramapadham only
periya-thirumozhi-3-5-10-pulli vaNdaRaiyum  idam Agum  will become the abode.
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-1-thUviriya  thU  wings
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-1-thUviriya  viriya  to spread
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-1-thUviriya  malar  well blossomed flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-1-thUviriya  uzhakki  stomped
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-1-thUviriya  thuNaiyOdum  with your spouse
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-1-thUviriya  piriyAdhE  without separating
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-1-thUviriya  pU  flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-1-thUviriya  viriya  as they blossom
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-1-thUviriya  madhu  the honey in those flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-1-thUviriya  nugarum  drinking
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-1-thUviriya  poRi  dots
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-1-thUviriya  variya  having stripes
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-1-thUviriya  siRu vaNdE  Oh little beetle!
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-1-thUviriya  thI viriya  to have the fire rise
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-1-thUviriya  maRai  vaidhika boundaries
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-1-thUviriya  vaLarkkum pugazh ALar  those who are having fame due to conducting without any shortcomings, their
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-1-thUviriya  thiruvAli  eternally residing in thiruvAli
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-1-thUviriya  Evari venjilaiyAnukku  for sarvESvaran who is holding arrow and beautiful bow in his hands
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-1-thUviriya  en nilaimai  my situation
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-1-thUviriya  uraiyAy  you should inform.
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-2-piNi avizhum  piNi avizhum  blossoming
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-2-piNi avizhum  naRu neela malar  fresh neela flowers [blue Indian water-lily]
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-2-piNi avizhum  kizhiya  to tear
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-2-piNi avizhum  pedaiyOdum  with female counterpart
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-2-piNi avizhum  aNi malar mEl  from dense flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-2-piNi avizhum  madhu nugarum  drinking honey
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-2-piNi avizhum  aRu kAla  having six feet
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-2-piNi avizhum  siRu vaNdE  little beetle!
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-2-piNi avizhum  maNi  Beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-2-piNi avizhum  kazhunIr  sengazhunIr [purple/red Indian water-lily]
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-2-piNi avizhum  marungu  in all four sides
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-2-piNi avizhum  alarum  blossoming
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-2-piNi avizhum  vayal  surrounded by fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-2-piNi avizhum  Ali  mercifully residing in thiruvAli
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-2-piNi avizhum &nb sp;maNavALan  lord-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-2-piNi avizhum  paNi  acts
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-2-piNi avizhum  aRiyEn  I don-t know
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-2-piNi avizhum  nI senRu  you go
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-2-piNi avizhum  en payalai nOy  paleness spreading in my whole body
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-2-piNi avizhum  uraiyAy  You should inform, without ignoring.
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-3-nIr vAnam  maN nIr eri kAl vAnam Ay  Being the five great elements – earth, water, fire, air and ether
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-3-nIr vAnam  ninRa  remained as their antharyAmi (in-dwelling super-soul)
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-3-nIr vAnam  nedu mAl  sarvESvaran
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-3-nIr vAnam  than  his
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-3-nIr vAnam  thArAya  garland
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-3-nIr vAnam  naRum thuLavam  fresh thiruththuzhAy (thuLasi)
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-3-nIr vAnam  peRum thagaiyERku  for adiyEn (servitor) who has the nature of surviving if I get
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-3-nIr vAnam  aruLAnE  not giving;
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-3-nIr vAnam  sIrArum  great
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-3-nIr vAnam  vaLar pozhil  by growing gardens
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-3-nIr vAnam  sUzh  surrounded everywhere
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-3-nIr vAnam  thiruvAli  in the town named thiruvAli
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-3-nIr vAnam  vayal  in fertile field
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-3-nIr vAnam  vAzhum  living
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-3-nIr vAnam  kUr vAya siRu kurugE  Oh little bird with sharp beak [typically crane or heron bird]!
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-3-nIr vAnam  kuRippu aRindhu  Coming back with knowledge about his thoughts
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-3-nIr vAnam  kURAy  you should tell that to make us sustain ourselves.
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-4-thAnAga  thAn Aga  on his own
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-4-thAnAga  ninaiyAnEl  even if he does not think about me
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-4-thAnAga  than ninaindhu  thinking about him
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-4-thAnAga  naivERku  I who am suffering
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-4-thAnAga  Or mInAya kodi nedu vEL  manmanthan (cupid) who has a unique fish flag
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-4-thAnAga  vali seyya  to torment
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-4-thAnAga  melivEnO  will I become weak?
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-4-thAnAga  thEn vAya  having sweet speech
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-4-thAnAga  vari vaNdE  Oh beetle having stripes!
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-4-thAnAga  thiruvAli nagar ALum  residing in the dhivyadhESam named thiruvAli
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-4-thAnAga  An AyaRku  for sarvESvaran who incarnated as krishNa
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-4-thAnAga  en uRu nOy  the disease which is present in my body
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-4-thAnAga  senRu  you go
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-4-thAnAga  aRiya uraiyAy  you should tell him to be known by him.
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-5-vALAya kaN  maN aLandha  measured the world
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-5-vALAya kaN  O thALALA  Oh one who has divine feet!
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-5-vALAya kaN  O! thaN kudandhai nagar ALA  Oh one who is mercifully reclining in invigorating thirukkudandhai!
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-5-vALAya kaN  varai eduththa  lifted up gOvardhana mountain as umbrella
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-5-vALAya kaN  O! thOLALA  Oh one who has divine shoulders!
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-5-vALAya kaN  vAL Aya kaN panippa  to have overflowing tears in sword like eyes
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-5-vALAya kaN  mel mulaigaL  on tender bosoms
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-5-vALAya kaN  pon arumba  as paleness shows
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-5-vALAya kaN  nAL nALum  everyday
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-5-vALAya kaN  nin ninaindhu  thinking about you, the protector
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-5-vALAya kaN  naivERku en thanakku  for me, this servitor, who is in sorrow
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-5-vALAya kaN  Or thuNaiyALan AgAy  you should be distinguished helper.
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-6-thArAya  vaNdu  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-6-thArAya  thArAya  garland
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-6-thArAya  thaN thuLavam  in thiruththuzhAy (with the honey, buds and fragrance)
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-6-thArAya  uzhudha  to become slushy
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-6-thArAya  varai mArban  having a vast, divine chest
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-6-thArAya  pOr Anai  kuvalayApidam which was set to fight
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-6-thArAya  kombu osiththa  being the one who broke the tusk
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-6-thArAya  puL pAgan  having periya thiruvadi (garudAzhwAr) as his vehicle
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-6-thArAya  en ammAn  being my lord
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-6-thArAya  thEr Arum  having shelter for chariot
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-6-thArAya  nedu  huge
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-6-thArAya  vIdhi  having divine street
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-6-thArAya  thiruvAli nagar ALum  eternally residing in thiruvAli town
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-6-thArAya  kAr Ayan  sarvESvaran who is having an invigorating, divine form
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-6-thArAya  ennudaiya  me who is thinking about him only, my
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-6-thArAya  kana vaLaiyum  golden bangles on my hand
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-6-thArAya  kavarvAnO  will he steal?
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-7-koNdaravath thirai  paNdu  Before danger was inflicted by mahAbali et al on earth
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-7-koNdaravath thirai  aravam thirai ulavu  having tumultuous noise and tides
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-7-koNdaravath thirai  kurai kadal mEl  on the vast thiruppARkadal (kshIrAbdhi)
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-7-koNdaravath thirai  aravin aNai  on thiruvandhAzhwAn (AdhiSEshan)
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-7-koNdaravath thirai  kula varai pOl  reclining like a huge anchoring mountain reclining
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-7-koNdaravath thirai  koNdu  having that abode nicely in his divine heart (and subsequently when there was danger inflicted by mahAbali)
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-7-koNdaravath thirai  pAr aLandha  measured the world
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-7-koNdaravath thirai  paNbALA  Oh one who has simplicity!
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-7-koNdaravath thirai  vaNdu amarum vaLar pozhil  surrounded by garden with tall trees where beetles are present
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-7-koNdaravath thirai  vayal  having fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-7-koNdaravath thirai  Ali  in thiruvAli
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-7-koNdaravath thirai  maindhA  oh youthful one!
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-7-koNdaravath thirai  en kaN thuyil  my sleep
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-7-koNdaravath thirai  nI koNdAykku  for you who fully stole
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-7-koNdaravath thirai  en kana vaLaiyum  golden bangles on my hand
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-7-koNdaravath thirai  kadavEnO  will I lose?
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-8-kuyilAlum  kuyil Alum  cuckoos singing
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-8-kuyilAlum  vaLar pozhil sUzh  surrounded by tall gardens
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-8-kuyilAlum  thaN kudandhai  residing in cool thirukkudandhai
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-8-kuyilAlum  kudamAdi  oh one who performed kudak kUththu (dance with pots)!
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-8-kuyilAlum  thuyilAdha  sleepless
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-8-kuyilAlum  kaN iNaiyE  I who am having eyes
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-8-kuyilAlum  nin ninaindhu  thinking only about you
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-8-kuyilAlum  thuyarvEnO  will I feel sorrow?
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-8-kuyilAlum  muyalAlum  having jumping rabbit on his body
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-8-kuyilAlum  iLa madhikkE  for youthful moon
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-8-kuyilAlum  vaLai izhandhERku  for me who has lost the bangles
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-8-kuyilAlum  vayalAli maNavALA  oh lord who is residing in thiruvAli which is surrounded by fertile fields!
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-8-kuyilAlum  idhu naduvE  amidst these harming entities (your arrival)
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-8-kuyilAlum  maNi niRamO koLvAyO  will you hurt by stealing my beautiful complexion?
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-9-nilaiyALA  silai ALA  Oh you who have SrI kOdhaNdam in your hand!
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-9-nilaiyALA  maram eydhda thiRal ALA  Oh you who can shoot arrow to uproot the marAmaram!
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-9-nilaiyALA  thirumeyya malai ALA  Oh you who are mercifully reclining in thirumeyyam!
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-9-nilaiyALA  nilai ALA nin vaNanga  As I surrender unto you without any other expectation
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-9-nilaiyALA  vENdAyE Agilum  even if you don-t desire for it
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-9-nilaiyALA  en mulai ALa  to have my bosoms serve
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-9-nilaiyALA  oru nAL  at least one day
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-9-nilaiyALA  un agalaththAl ALa  you should rule me by embracing with your vast chest;
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-9-nilaiyALA  nI ALa  after you accepted
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-9-nilaiyALA  vaLai ALa mAttOmE  we will not seek out the ability to rule over our bangles.
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-10-maiyilangu  kai ilangu vEl kaliyan  AzhwAr who has shining spear in his hand
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-10-maiyilangu  mai ilangu karum kuvaLai  black kuvaLai flowers which shine like black pigment
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-10-maiyilangu  marungu  in the surrounding
periya-thirumo zhi-3-6-10-maiyilangu  alarum  blossoming
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-10-maiyilangu  vayal  surrounded by fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-10-maiyilangu  Ali  present in thiruvAli
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-10-maiyilangu  ney  sharp
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-10-maiyilangu  ilangu  shining
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-10-maiyilangu  sudar  having radiance
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-10-maiyilangu  Azhip padaiyAnai  having thiruvAzhi (sudharSana chakra) in his hand
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-10-maiyilangu  nedumAlai  sarvESvaran
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-10-maiyilangu  kaNdu  seeing in front
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-10-maiyilangu  uraiththa  mercifully spoke
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-10-maiyilangu  thamizh mAlai aiyiraNdum ivai vallAr  those who are able to clearly know this garland of ten pAsurams
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-10-maiyilangu  aru vinaigaL  evil deeds
periya-thirumozhi-3-6-10-maiyilangu  adaiyAvE  will not reach.
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-1-kaLvankol  kaLvankol  Is he a thief (or the owner)?
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-1-kaLvankol  yAn aRiyEn  I don-t know
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-1-kaLvankol  kariyAn oru kALai vandhu  a dark, young person came
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-1-kaLvankol  vaLLi marungul  having slender waist
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-1-kaLvankol  endhan mada mAninai  my daughter, who is very young
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-1-kaLvankol  pOdha enRu  urged her saying -Come! Come!-
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-1-kaLvankol  veLLi vaLaik kai paRRa  holding her hand which has silver bangles
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-1-kaLvankol  (immediately, she)
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-1-kaLvankol  peRRa thAyarai  me who is her mother
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-1-kaLvankol  ittu aganRu  leaving alone
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-1-kaLvankol  (both of them together)
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-1-kaLvankol  aLLal  in mud
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-1-kaLvankol  am pUngazhani  having fertile fields which are filled with beautiful flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-1-kaLvankol  aNi Ali  in thiruvAli which is an ornament for the earth
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-1-kaLvankol  puguvarkolO  will they enter?
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-2-paNdivan  nangAy  Oh neighbourhood girls!
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-2-paNdivan  ivan  this youthful person
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-2-paNdivan  paNdu  previously
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-2-paNdivan  Ayan padiRan  was a thief in the cowherd clan (who would steal the cowherd girls)
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-2-paNdivan  pugundhu  entered (into my home physically)
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-2-paNdivan  en magaL than  my youthful daughter, her
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-2-paNdivan  thoNdai sengani am vAy nugarndhAn  drank the nectar from her beautiful lips which are like reddish kOvai fruit
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-2-paNdivan  ugandhu  (my daughter) desiring him
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-2-paNdivan  keNdai  like keNdai fish
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-2-paNdivan  oN kaN  beautiful eyes
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-2-paNdivan  miLira  becoming expanded and shining (due to seeing something unseen)
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-2-paNdivan  kiLi pOl  like a parrot
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-2-paNdivan  mizhaRRi  speaking some words
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-2-paNdivan  avan pin nadandhu  walking behind him (both of them, who became united)
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-2-paNdivan  vaNdu amar  filled with beetles
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-2-paNdivan  kAnal malgum  surrounded by seaside gardens
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-2-paNdivan  vayal  having fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-2-paNdivan  Ali  in thiruvAli
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-2-paNdivan  puguvar kolO  they may reach or not!
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-3-anjuvan  nangAy  Oh neighbourhood girl!
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-3-anjuvan  vem sol  This is a very cruel word.
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-3-anjuvan  arakkar kulap pAvai thannai  sUrpaNakA who was celebrated as the only daughter of the whole rAkshasa clan, her
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-3-anjuvan  vem sinam  by the cruel anger
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-3-anjuvan  mUkku  her nose
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-3-anjuvan  arindha  severed
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-3-anjuvan  viRalOn  the youthful person who is strong, his
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-3-anjuvan  thiRam  way
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-3-anjuvan  kEtkil  if heard now
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-3-anjuvan  meyyE anjuvan  will fear thinking that it is happening now; (while this is the case)
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-3-anjuvan  panju mel adi  very tender feet, similar to cotton
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-3-anjuvan  em paNaith thOLi  my daughter who has bamboo like shoulder
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-3-anjuvan  parakku azhindhu  without humility (being together with him, both of them)
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-3-anjuvan  vanji  by collection of creepers
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-3-anjuvan  am  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-3-anjuvan  thaN paNai  by cool bamboo bushes
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-3-anjuvan  sUzh  surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-3-anjuvan  vayal  having fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-3-anjuvan  Ali  in thiruvAli
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-3-anjuvan  puguvarkolO  will they reach?
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-4-Edhavan  avan  That youthful person-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-4-Edhavan  thol piRappu  previous birth
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-4-Edhavan  Edhu aRiyEn  I don-t know whether it is kshathriya birth or cowherd birth;
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-4-Edhavan  (still)
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-4-Edhavan  iLaiyavan  young person
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-4-Edhavan  vaLai Udhi  (to cause fear in enemies) one who blew the conch
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-4-Edhavan  mannar  for kings
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-4-Edhavan  thUdhuvanAyavan  one who went as a messenger, his
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-4-Edhavan  Ur  birth
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-4-Edhavan  solluvIrgaL IdhenRu  Oh you who are able to know and tell!
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-4-Edhavan  solleer  You tell me truthfully and decisively;
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-4-Edhavan  (but my daughter)
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-4-Edhavan  mAdhavan  Sriya:pathi (the lord of SrI mahAlakshmi)
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-4-Edhavan  than thuNaiyAga nadandhAL  she walked, having him as her companion
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-4-Edhavan  (those two who left)
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-4-Edhavan  vaNdu  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-4-Edhavan  thadam sUzh  surrounded by ponds
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-4-Edhavan  puRavil  blossomed in the surroundings
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-4-Edhavan  semmal pOdhu  big flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-4-Edhavan  Adu  indulging (having entered to drink honey)
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-4-Edhavan  punal Ali  in thiruvAli which has abundance of water
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-4-Edhavan  puguvarkolO  will they enter?
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-5-thAyenai  thadam thOLi ivaL  She who is having huge shoulders
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-5-thAyenai  enai  me who is having mental suffering
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-5-thAyenai  thAy enRu irangAL  not showing her mercy considering that I am her mother.
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-5-thAyenai  thanakku amaindha  one who is having physical beauty etc matching her qualities such as beauty etc
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-5-thAyenai  mAyanai mAdhavanai  the amazing Sriya:pathi
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-5-thAyenai  madhiththu  considering to be the refuge
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-5-thAyenai  ennai aganRu  leaving me alone
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-5-thAyenai  vEyana thOL visiRi  swaying her bamboo like shoulders
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-5-thAyenai  pedai annam ena  like a female swan
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-5-thAyenai  nadandhu pOyina  walking behind him
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-5-thAyenai  pUm kodiyAL  my daughter who is having beautiful creeper like waist (and him)
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-5-thAyenai  punal Ali  in thiruvAli which has abundant water
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-5-thAyenai  puguvarkolO  will they enter?
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-6-en thuNai  en thuNai enRu  considering as -my companion-
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-6-en thuNai  eduththERku  for me who gave birth
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-6-en thuNai  iRaiyEnum  even a little bit
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-6-en thuNai  irangiRRilaL  she did not have mercy;
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-6-en thuNai  than thuNai Aya  her companion
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-6-en thuNai  endhan thanimaikkum  for me being alone
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-6-en thuNai  irangiRRilaL  she did not have mercy;
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-6-en thuNai  (my such daughter)
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-6-en thuNai  vAnavargaL  for dhEvathAs
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-6-en thuNai  van thuNaiyAy  going as strong companion
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-6-en thuNai  varam seRRu  subduing the strength received by the demons of lankA
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-6-en thuNai  arangaththu uRaiyum  residing eternally in kOyil (SrIrangam)
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-6-en thuNai  in thuNaivanodum pOy  went with her favourite companion
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-6-en thuNai  (both of them, together)
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-6-en thuNai  ezhil Ali  in beautiful thiruvAli
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-6-en thuNai  puguvarkolO  will they enter?
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-7-annaiyum  annaiyum  Mother
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-7-annaiyum  aththanum  and father
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-7-annaiyum  enRu  considering that
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-7-annaiyum  adiyOmukku  in our matters
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-7-annaiyum  irangiRRilaL  she is not showing mercy;
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-7-annaiyum  pinnai than  for nappinnaip pirAtti
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-7-annaiyum  kAdhalan than  beloved-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-7-annaiyum  perum thOL nalam  the joy of embracing his great shoulders
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-7-annaiyum  pENinaL  desiring
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-7-annaiyum  minnaiyum vanjiyaiyum  lightning and vanji creeper
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-7-annaiyum  venRu  defeat
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-7-annaiyum  ilangum  shining
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-7-annaiyum  idaiyAL  my daughter who is having waist region
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-7-annaiyum  nadandhu  walked and went
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-7-annaiyum  (both of them who were united)
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-7-annaiyum  punnaiyum  punnai gardens
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-7-annaiyum  annamum  groups of swans
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-7-annaiyum  sUzh  surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-7-annaiyum  punal Ali  in thiruvAli which has abundant water
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-7-annaiyum  puguvarkolO  Will they enter?
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-8-muRRilum  muRRilum  winnow
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-8-muRRilum  paingiLiyum  green parrot
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-8-muRRilum  pandhum  ball
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-8-muRRilum  Usalum  swing
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-8-muRRilum  siRRil  from a small nest
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-8-muRRilum  pEsuginRa  speaking
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-8-muRRilum  men pUvaiyum  tender natured myna bird
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-8-muRRilum  vittu aganRa  left these and went away
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-8-muRRilum  sezhum kOdhai thannai  one who is like a beautiful garland
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-8-muRRilum  muRRizhaiyai  my daughter who is fully decorated with ornaments
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-8-muRRilum  peRRilEn  I did not get to see her;
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-8-muRRilum  (she)
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-8-muRRilum  maRRellAm kai thozha  to be worshipped by everyone other than her
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-8-muRRilum  piRappili pinnE  behind the one who is opposite to all defects
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-8-muRRilum  nadandhu pOy  walked
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-8-muRRilum  (both of them who were united)
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-8-muRRilum  vayal Ali  in thiruvAli which has abundance of crops
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-8-muRRilum  puguvarkolO  will they enter?
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-9-kAviyam  kAvi am kaNNi  having beautiful eyes resembling kAvi flower
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-9-kAviyam  eNNil  if we analyse
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-9-kAviyam  kadi mA malar  living in very fragrant lotus flower
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-9-kAviyam  pAvai oppAL  one who is matching periya pirAttiyAr
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-9-kAviyam  thUvi sEr  having wings
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-9-kAviyam  annam anna  matching a swan-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-9-kAviyam  nadaiyAL  having the gait
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-9-kAviyam  paNaith thOLi  my daughter who is having bamboo like shoulder
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-9-kAviyam  pAviyEn  me, the sinner
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-9-kAviyam  peRRamaiyAl  due to the defect of giving birth to her
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-9-kAviyam  parakku azhindhu  without even a little bit of shame
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-9-kAviyam  nedumAlodum  with the one who has great love
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-9-kAviyam  pOy  going alone
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-9-kAviyam  (having united with him, both of them together)
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-9-kAviyam  vAvi  ponds
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-9-kAviyam  thaN ambaNai  cool water bodies
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-9-kAviyam  sUzh  surrounded fully
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-9-kAviyam  vayal  having abundant crops
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-9-kAviyam  Ali  in thiruvAli
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-9-kAviyam  puguvarkolO  will they enter?
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-10-thAy manam  thAy  mother
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-10-thAy manam  ninRu manam iranga  while suffering and having her stomach burn
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-10-thAy manam  nedumAl  one who is bewildered due to more love than she
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-10-thAy manam  thuNaiyA  as company
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-10-thAy manam  thaniyE pOyina  one who went without the company of anyone like her
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-10-thAy manam  pUm kodiyAL  my daughter who is like a beautiful creeper (and he, both of them)
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-10-thAy manam  punal Ali  in thiruvAli which has abundance of water
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-10-thAy manam  puguvar enRu  -will they enter or not?-
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-10-thAy manam  kAy sinam  great anger towards enemies
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-10-thAy manam  vEl  and having the spear to destroy such enemies
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-10-thAy manam  kaliyan  AzhwAr
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-10-thAy manam  oli sey  mercifully spoke
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-10-thAy manam  thamizh mAlai paththum  the ten pAsurams, each of which is a garland
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-10-thAy manam&nbsp ; mEviya nenju udaiyAr  for those who can recite with heart-s involvement
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-10-thAy manam  viN ulagu  the leader of the residents of paramapadham
periya-thirumozhi-3-7-10-thAy manam  thanjamAvadhu  is the protector (he will grant them paramapadham).
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-1-nandhA viLakkE  nandhA viLakkE  Oh you who are having the true nature of being eternal and self-illuminating knowledge!
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-1-nandhA viLakkE  aLaththaRku ariyAy  Oh you who are incomprehensible!
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-1-nandhA viLakkE  nara nAraNanE  Oh you who incarnated as nara and nArAyaNa!
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-1-nandhA viLakkE  karu mA mugil pOl endhAy  Oh you, my lord, who are having divine form which matches a dark, great cloud!
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-1-nandhA viLakkE  emakkE  For us who are favourable and have no other refuge than you
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-1-nandhA viLakkE  aruLay ena  saying -you should mercifully give your grace-
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-1-nandhA viLakkE  imaiyOr  dhEvathAs
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-1-nandhA viLakkE  ninRu  coming and standing on earth
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-1-nandhA viLakkE  paravum idam  being the abode where they will sing sthOthrams (hymns in praIse)etc and surrender
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-1-nandhA viLakkE  am thEn  beautiful beetles
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-1-nandhA viLakkE  eththisaiyum  in all directions
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-1-nandhA viLakkE  kandhAram isai pAda  to sing rAgas like dhEva gAndhAri etc
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-1-nandhA viLakkE  kaLi vaNdu  beetles who have drunk honey
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-1-nandhA viLakkE  mAdE  in the surroundings
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-1-nandhA viLakkE  mizhaRRa  to hum
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-1-nandhA viLakkE  nizhal thudhaindhu  giving shade to those beetles
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-1-nandhA viLakkE  mandhAram ninRu maNam malgum  mandhAra trees blossoming in all seasons and spreading abundant fragrance
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-1-nandhA viLakkE  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-1-nandhA viLakkE  maNi mAdak kOyil  thirumaNimAdak kOyil
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-1-nandhA viLakkE  en mananE  Oh my heart!
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-1-nandhA viLakkE  vaNangu  surrender
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-2-mudhalaith  anRu  At that time
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-2-mudhalaith  mudhu nIr  having ancient water
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-2-mudhalaith  thadaththu  in the pond (grabbing the elephant-s foot)
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-2-mudhalaith  thani mA mudhalai  the matchless big crocodile-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-2-mudhalaith  muraN thIra  to eliminate the endless strength
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-2-mudhalaith  sem kaN vEzham  the elephant which has reddish eyes due to anger
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-2-mudhalaith  uyya  to be freed
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-2-mudhalaith  vidhalaith thalaich chenRu  arriving during the sorrowful times
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-2-mudhalaith  adhaRkE udhavi  helping that elephant
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-2-mudhalaith  vinai thIrththa  one who eliminated its sorrow
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-2-mudhalaith  ammAn  sarvESvaran-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-2-mudhalaith  idam  being the abo de
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-2-mudhalaith  viN aNavum  touching the heaven
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-2-mudhalaith  padhalai  kalaSas (pot like structures)
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-2-mudhalaith  kabOdham  pigeon holes
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-2-mudhalaith  oLi  having the shine of gems which were embossed
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-2-mudhalaith  mAda neRRi  on the balconies
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-2-mudhalaith  pavaLak kozhum kAla  like the well-grown feet of corals
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-2-mudhalaith  paingAl puRavam  pigeon which is having greenish feet
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-2-mudhalaith  madhalaith thalai  atop the short pillars
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-2-mudhalaith  men pedai  with the female pigeon which is tender by nature
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-2-mudhalaith  kUdum  residing together
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-2-mudhalaith  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-2-mudhalaith  maNi mAdak kOyil  thirumaNimAdak kOyil
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-2-mudhalaith  en mananE  Oh my heart!
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-2-mudhalaith  vaNangu  surrender
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-3-kolaippuN  anRu  At the time
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-3-kolaippuN  kolai  the act of killng
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-3-kolaippuN  puN thalai  having a wounded head due to being poked by the mahout
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-3-kolaippuN  kunRam onRu  gajEndhrAzhwAn who is like a huge mountain
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-3-kolaippuN  uyya  to be freed
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-3-kolaippuN  kodu mA mudhalaikku  for the crocodile (which grabbed its foot) which is cruel and very strong
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-3-kolaippuN  idar seydhu  caused sorrow
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-3-kolaippuN  kongu ilai Ar  having a lot of honey and leaves
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-3-kolaippuN  puNdarIgaththavaL  periya pirAttiyAr who is residing in lotus flower, her
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-3-kolaippuN  inbam  the joy of union
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-3-kolaippuN  anbOdu aNaindhitta  enjoying with great affection
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-3-kolaippuN  ammAn  lord of all, his
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-3-kolaippuN  idam  being the abode
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-3-kolaippuN  ponni  kAvEri
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-3-kolaippuN  AL ariyAl  by lions which are manly
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-3-kolaippuN  alaippuNda  destroyed
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-3-kolaippuN  yAnai  elephants-
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-3-kolaippuN  maruppum  tusks
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-3-kolaippuN  agilum  agaru (kind of fragrant) trees
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-3-kolaippuN  aNimuththum  beautiful pearls
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-3-kolaippuN  veN sAmaraiyOdu  with whitish chAmara (chowry; fly-whisk)
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-3-kolaippuN  malaip paNdam aNda  all other materials from the mountain
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-3-kolaippuN  thirai undhu  pushing with the tides and giving
periya-t hirumozhi-3-8-3-kolaippuN  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-3-kolaippuN  maNi mAdak kOyil  thirumaNimAdak kOyil
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-3-kolaippuN  en mananE  Oh my heart!
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-3-kolaippuN  vaNangu  surrender
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  anRu  At the time when cruelty was abundant
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  siRai  wings which help to fly
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  Ar  present without any shortcoming
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  onRu  matchless
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  uvaNap puL  on garudAzhwAr who is known as periya thiruvadi
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  ERi  climbed and mercifully arrived
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  seruvil  opposed in the battle
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  kaRaiyAr  complete with stains
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  nedu vEl  having long spear
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  arakkar  rAkshasas
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  thisai nAngum nAngum  in eight directions
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  iriya  to make (some) run
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  madiya  to kill (some)
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  kadal sUzh  fortified by ocean
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  ilangai  the town, lankA
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  kadandhAn  emperumAn who won over, his
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  idam  being the abode
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  muRaiyAl  by the methods explained in vEdham
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  vaLarkkinRa  performing hOmam (fire sacrifice; oblation)
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  muththIyar  those who have three fires
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  nAl vEdhar  those who are well versed in four vEdhams
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  aivELvi ARu angar  those who are endowed with five great oblations and six ancillary subjects of vEdham
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  Ezhin isaiyOr  those who truly know the seven svaras (tunes)
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  maRaiyOr  distinguished brAhmaNas
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  vaNanga  due to surrendering with offering obeisances
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  pugazh eydhum  acquiring great fame
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  maNi mAdak kOyil  thirumaNimAdak kOyil
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  en mananE  Oh my heart!
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-4-siRaiyAr  vaNangu  surrender
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  izhai  ornaments
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  Adu  swaying
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  kongaith thalai  in the pUthanA-s bosom tips
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  nanjam  poison
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  uNdittu   consumed
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  viLangAy  on the demon who stood as the wood apple
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  iLam kanRu koNdu  lifted up the demon who came as the young calf
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  eRindhu  threw to kill both of them
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  van thAL  having strong roots
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  kurundham  kurundha tree
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  thazhai vAda  to make its branches wither
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  osiththu  broke
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  (subsequently)
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  thadam  vast
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  thAmaraip poygai  in lotus pond
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  pukkAn  krishNa who went and stole the clothes of the gOpikA girls, his
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  idam  being the abode
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  kuzhai  sprouts of trees
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  Ada  as they sway (due to the soft breeze)
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  vallik kulam  the collection of creepers (which spread on those branches)
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  Ada  to sway
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  mAdu  in the surroundings
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  kuyil  cuckoos
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  kUva  to sing
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  mazhai Adu  where the clouds are roaming
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  sOlai  in the garden
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  mayil Alum  peacocks dance
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  nIdu  tall
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  kodi  flags planted
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  mAdam  mansions
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  malgum  are present closely to each other
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  maNi mAdak kOyil  thirumaNimAdak kOyil
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  en mananE  Oh my heart!
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-5-izhaiyAdu  vaNangu  surrender
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  paN nEr  matching a song
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  mozhi  having speech
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  Aychchiyar  cowherd girls
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  anja  to fear
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  vanjam  deceit of coming in mother-s form
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  pagu vAy  having huge mouth
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  kazhudhukku  in pUthanA (the demon)
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  irangAdhu  without him suffering
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  avaL than  her
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  uNNA  due to being poisoned, none other could consume
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  mulai  breast milk
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  maRRu  further
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  avaL AviyOdum  with her life
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  udanE suvaiththAn  krishNa who mercifully consumed simultaneously, his
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  idam  being the abode
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  iLa mEdhigaL  buffalo calves
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  Ongu  tallness
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  paim thAL  greenish bottoms
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  kaN Ar  having narrow joints
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  karumbin  sugarcanes-
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  kazhai thinRu  eating the shoots
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  vaigi  stayed in the same place for some time
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  (subsequently, to eliminate the heat)
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  kazhu nIril  in the water-body with sengazhunIr (purple Indian water lily) flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  mUzhgi  entered and immersed
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  (subsequently)
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  sezhu nIrth thadaththu  immersed in the pond having beautiful water
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  maN Endhu  holding mud on horns
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  vaigum  remaining there without climbing on the shore
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  maNi mAdak kOyil  thirumaNimAdak kOyil
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  en mananE  Oh my heart!
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-6-paN nEr  vaNangu  surrender
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  thaLaith thAmarai  unblossomed lotus flower
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  kattu avizh thAmarai  blossomed lotus flower
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  vaigu  present
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  poygaith thadam  in the pond
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  pukku  entered
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  adangA  (inside that) without remaining submissive, rising
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  vidam kAl  ejecting poison
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  aravam  kALiyan (the snake)
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  iLaikka  to become weak
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  thiLaiththittu  played (with it)
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  adhan uchchi than mEl  on its head
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  adi vaiththa  placed the divine feet and eliminated its pride
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  ammAn  sarvESvaran-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  idam  being the abode
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  vaLaikkai  having hands which are decorated with bangles
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  nuLaip pAvaiyar  tribal girls [fisher folk]
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  mA madhiyam  the moon
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  thiLaikkum  (being unable to cross) to play there
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  kodi  having flags
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  mALigai sUzh  surrounded by mansions
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  theruvil  in the streets
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  sezhu muththu  huge pearls
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  veN neRku  for white paddy
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  ena  saying that they are bartering and going
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  (since no one is hearing that)
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  munRil  in front of everyone-s house
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  senRu mARum  voluntarily going and exchanging
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  maNi mAdak kOyil  thirumaNimAdak kOyil
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  en mananE  Oh my heart!
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-7-thaLaik kattavizh  vaNangu  surrender
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-8-thuLaiyAr  thuLai Ar  Having big hole (due to the curls)
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-8-thuLaiyAr  karu men kuzhal  having black, soft hair
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-8-thuLaiyAr  Aychchiyar tham  the cowherd girls-
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-8-thuLaiyAr  thugil vAriyum  stealing their clothes
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-8-thuLaiyAr  siRRil sidhaiththum  destroying their small (play) houses
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-8-thuLaiyAr  muRRA iLaiyAr  not attained youth
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-8-thuLaiyAr  viLaiyAttodu  the childish sports with such girls who are in their childhood
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-8-thuLaiyAr  kAdhal veLLam  ocean of love (for them)
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-8-thuLaiyAr  viLaiviththa  caused
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-8-thuLaiyAr  ammAn idam  being the abode of sarvESvaran
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-8-thuLaiyAr  mudhirAdha in sol  sweet words which are not hard
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-8-thuLaiyAr  vaLai vAya  having curved mouth
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-8-thuLaiyAr  kiLLai  parrots
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-8-thuLaiyAr  vEl  sharp like spear
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-8-thuLaiyAr  nedum kaN  wide eyes
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-8-thuLaiyAr  muLai  in budding stage
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-8-thuLaiyAr  vAL  having radiance
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-8-thuLaiyAr  eyiRu  having teeth
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-8-thuLaiyAr  madavAr  vaidhika girls
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-8-thuLaiyAr  payiRRu  words from vEdham
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-8-thuLaiyAr  kEttu irundhu  hearing th ose (subsequently as they chanted)
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-8-thuLaiyAr  maRai pAdum  chanting vEdham
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-8-thuLaiyAr  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-8-thuLaiyAr  maNi mAdak kOyil  thirumaNimAdak kOyil
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-8-thuLaiyAr  en mananE  Oh my heart!
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-8-thuLaiyAr  vaNangu  surrender
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  vidai  seven bulls
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  Oda  to run away and die
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  venRu  winning (those)
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  Aychchi  nappinnaip pirAtti-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  men thOL  embracing of tender shoulders
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  nayandha  desired
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  vigirdhA  Oh one who has distinguished acts!
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  viLangu  shining
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  sudar  having radiance
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  Azhi ennum padaiyOdu  with the weapon thiruvAzhi (divine chakra)
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  onRu sangu udaiyAy  Oh one who has the distinguished SrI pAnchajanyam!
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  ena ninRu  saying this
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  imaiyOr  dhEvathAs such as brahmA et al
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  paravum  continuously praising
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  idam  being the abode
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  pedaiyOdu  with female swan
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  sem kAla  having reddish feet
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  annam  swan (due to drinking honey, being unable to see next steps)
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  paim thadaththu  in the beautiful pond
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  thogaip puNdarIkam  gathered lotus flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  thugaippa  as they stomp (due to that)
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  idai  present in between those lotus flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  sengazhunIr  sengazhunIr flowers [purple Indian water lily]
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  madai Oda  though the canals are filled and flowing
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  ninRu madhu vimmum  the flood of honey from inside is flowing
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  maNi mAdak kOyil  thirumaNimAdak kOyil
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  en mananE  Oh my heart!
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-9-vidaiyOda  vaNangu  surrender
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-10-vaNdAr pozhil  vaNdu Ar  Having abundance of beetles
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-10-vaNdAr pozhil  pozhil sUzhndhu  surrounded by gardens
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-10-vaNdAr pozhil  azhagAya  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-10-vaNdAr pozhil  nAngUr   in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-10-vaNdAr pozhil  maNi mAdak kOyil  eternally residing in thirumaNimAdak kOyil
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-10-vaNdAr pozhil  nedu mAlukku  for sarvESvaran
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-10-vaNdAr pozhil  enRum thoNdAya  acquired due to engaging in eternal kainkaryam
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-10-vaNdAr pozhil  thol sIr  having endless wealth
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-10-vaNdAr pozhil  vayal mangaiyar kOn  the king of thirumangai region which is surrounded by fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-10-vaNdAr pozhil  kaliyan  AzhwAr
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-10-vaNdAr pozhil  oli sey  mercifully spoke
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-10-vaNdAr pozhil  thamizh mAlai vallAr  those who can willingly learn these ten pAsurams which are like garlands
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-10-vaNdAr pozhil  kaNdAr vaNanga  to be bowed down at their divine feet by those who saw them
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-10-vaNdAr pozhil  kaLi yAnai mIdhE  being seated on intoxicated elephant and coming on a procession
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-10-vaNdAr pozhil  kadal sUzh ulagaukku  the earth which is surrounded by four oceans
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-10-vaNdAr pozhil  oru kAvalarAy  being the independent controller
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-10-vaNdAr pozhil  viN thOy  going up to sky
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-10-vaNdAr pozhil  nedu veN kudai nIzhalin kIzh  remaining under the shade of pearl umbrella
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-10-vaNdAr pozhil  viri nIr ulagANdu  ruling over the brahmANdam (universe of brahmA) which is surrounded by AvaraNa jalam (layer of water).
periya-thirumozhi-3-8-10-vaNdAr pozhil  viirumbuvar  will remain endlessly joyful
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  salam koNda  having anger (towards prahlAdhan)
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  iraNiyan  hiraNyan-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  adhu  built by the strength of the boons
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  agal mArvam  wide chest
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  kINdu  effortlessly tore
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  thadam kadalai  the huge thiruppARkadal (milk ocean)
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  kadaindhu  churned
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  amudham  the nectar which came out of it
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  koNdu  distributed it to dhEvathAs
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  ugandha  one who became happy
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  kALai  being youthful
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  nalam koNda  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  karu mugil pOl  like a dark cloud
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  thirumEni ammAn  sarvESvaran who has a divine form
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  nAdORum  everyday
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  magizhndhu  with joy
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  inidhu  to be sweet for the devotees
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  maruvi uRai kOyil  eternally residing without any other expectation
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  kayal 
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  Odi  running away from the water which is its habitat
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  salam koNdu malar soRiyum  competing with each other and showering flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  oN malligai serundhi senbagangaL  beautiful jasmine, serundhi and champak flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  maNam nARum  spreading fragrance
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  vaN  rich
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  pozhilinUdE  in the garden
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  vaLam koNdu viLaiyAdum  playing joyfully (due to breathing in that fragrance)
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  vaigundha viNNagaram  vaigundha viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  vaNangu  worship
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-1-salam koNda  mada nenjE  Oh humble heart!
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  thisai anaiththum  those who are in all directions
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  nadunga  to fear
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  dhEvarodu dhAnavargaL  dhEvathAs (noble celestials) and dhAnavas (demons)
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  thisaippa  to be bewildered
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  thiNNiyadhu Or  strong and distinguished
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  ari uruvAy  in the form of narasimha
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  iraNiyanai  hiraNyAsuran
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  naNNi  approached
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  avan  his
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  mArvu agalaththu  wide chest
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  ugir maduththa  placed the nail and tore
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  nAdhan  lord
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  nAdORum  everyday
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  magizhndhu  with joy
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  inidhu  to be sweet for the devotees
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  maruvi uRai kOyil  eternally residing without any other expectation
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  eNNil migu  countless
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  perum selvaththu  having great wealth
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  ezhil viLangu  radiantly beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  maRaiyum  vEdhams
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  Ezhu isaiyum  seven rAgas
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  kELvigaLum  hearing the meanings (of such vEdhams etc)
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  iyanRa  complete (filled with)
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  (due to that)
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  perum guNaththOr  those who are with noble qualities
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  maNNil migu  best among the bhUsuras (noble personalities on the earth)
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  maRaiyavargaL  brAhmaNas
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  malivu eydhum  residing densely
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  vaigundha viNNagaram  vaigundha viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  vaNangu  worship
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-2-thiNNiyadhu  mada nenjE  Oh humble heart!
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  aNdamum  oval shaped universes
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  ivvalai kadalum  these oceans which throw up waves
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  avanigaLum ellAm  all worlds (of the saptha dhvIpas)
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  amudhu seydha  swallowed
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  thiruvayiRRan  one who has the divine stomach
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  aran  rudhra (being affected by the curse)
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  koNdu  carrying
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  thiriyum  roaming
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  muNdamadhu  skull
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  niRaiththu  filled
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  avan kaN sAbamadhu nIkkum  mercifully eliminated the curse which will always remain with him
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  mudhalvan avan  lord, who is the controller of all
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  magizhndhu  with joy
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  inidhu  to be sweet for the devotees
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  maruvi uRai kOyil  eternally residing without any other expectation
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  eNdisaiyum  everywhere
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  perum sennel  tall, red paddy crops
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  iLam thengu  young coconuts
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  kadhali  plantain
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  ilaik kodi  betel creepers
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  oN kulaik kamugOdu  areca trees which are beautifully grown
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  isali  competing with each other
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  vaLam soriya  generating richness
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  (drinking honey in these)
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  vaNdu  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  pala isai pAda  as they hum many tunes
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  (hearing those)
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  mayil Alum  peacocks dancing
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  vaigundha viNNagaram  vaigundha viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  vaNangu  worship
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-3-aNdamum  mada nenjE  Oh humble heart!
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  ilangum kalai  having shining clothes
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  agal algul  having wide thighs
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  arakkar kulam  born in demoniac clan
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  kodiyai  sUrpaNakA who is having creeper like waist, her
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  kAdhodu mUkku  ear and nose
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  udan ariya  severing at once
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  avaL  she
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  kadhaRi  crying out loudly
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  thalaiyil  on her head
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  am kai vaiththu  placing her beautiful hand
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  Odi  ran
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  malai  present atop the mountain
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  ilangai pugach cheydha  made her to enter lankA
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  thadam thOLan  chakravarthith thirumagan who has mighty shoulders
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  magizhndhu  with joy
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  inidhu  to be sweet for the devotees
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  maruvi uRai kOyil  eternally residing without any other expectation
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  silai ilangu  shining
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  maNi mAdaththu  homes studded with gems
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  uchchi misai  atop the tall roofs
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  sUlam  tridents
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  sezhum koNdal  rich clouds-
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  agadu iriya  tearing the bottom portion of their stomach
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  (at once)
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  sorindha  delivered
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  sezhu muththam  beautiful pearls
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  malai ilangu  shining like a mountain
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  mALigai mEl  atop the mansions
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  malivu eydhu  present as heaps
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  vaigundha viNNagaram  vaigundha viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  vaNangu  worship
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-4-kalai ilangum  mada nenjE  Oh humble heart!
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  anRu  At that time
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  min anaiya  matching a lightning
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  nuN marungul  slender waist
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  melliyaRkA  for pirAtti who is tender-natured
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  ilangai vEndhan  rAvaNa, who is the leader of lankA, his
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  mudi oru padhum  ten heads which have shining crowns
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  thOL irupadhum  twenty arms
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  pOy udhira  to have them break into hundreds of pieces
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  nigar il  matchless
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  than silai vaLaiththu  launching his tall bow, kOdhaNdam
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  ilangai  lankA
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  podi seydha  one who turned [it] to dust
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  thadam thOLan  mighty shouldered chakravarthith thirumagan
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  magizhndhu  with joy
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  inidhu  to be sweet for the devotees
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  maruvi uRai kOyil  eternally residing without any other expectation
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  sen nelodu  red paddy crops
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  sem kamalam  reddish lotus flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  sEl vayalgaL vALai  sEl fish, kayal fish and vALai fish
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  sengazhunIrodu  with sengazhunIr flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  midaindhu  together
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  kazhani engum  in all the fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  thigazhndhu  shining
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  mannu pugazh  having eternal fame
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  vEdhiyargaL  brAhmaNas
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  malivu eydhum  having [them] densely residing in all the streets
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  vaigundha viNNagaram  vaigundha viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  vaNangu  worship
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-5-min anaiya  mada nenjE  Oh humble heart!
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-6-peNmai migu  peNmai migu vadivu kodu  assuming the form of the best woman
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-6-peNmai migu  vandhavaLai  pUthanA, who came to deceive
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-6-peNmai migu  periya pEyinadhu uruvu kodu  to have her original huge demoniac form
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-6-peNmai migu  mALa  to die
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-6-peNmai migu  uyir uNdu  took her life
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-6-peNmai migu  thiNmai migu  having great strength
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-6-peNmai migu  marudhodu  marudha tree
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-6-peNmai migu  naRchagadam  the wheel which has the ability to finish the task which was started
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-6-peNmai migu  iRuththu aruLum  one who broke
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-6-peNmai migu  dhEvanavan  krishNa
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-6-peNmai migu  magizhndhu  with joy
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-6-peNmai migu  inidhu  to be sweet for the devotees
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-6-peNmai migu  maruvi uRai kOyil  eternally residing without any other expectation
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-6-peNmai migu  uNmai migu maRaiyodu  vEdhams which speak the truth as it is
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-6-peNmai migu  naR kalaigaL  (their) good ancillary subjects
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-6-peNmai migu  niRai  complete qualities (acquired by their familiarity)
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-6-peNmai migu  poRaigaL  tolerance etc
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-6-peNmai migu  udhavu kodai enRu ivaRRin  the generosity of helping, once asked – all such aspects
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-6-peNmai migu  ozhivillA  those who are not leaving (having them at all times)
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-6-peNmai migu  periya vaNmai  magnanimity (i.e. Athma samarpaNam – submitting oneself)
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-6-peNmai migu  migu  filled
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-6-peNmai migu  maRaiyavargaL  brAhmaNas
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-6-peNmai migu  malivu eydhum  residing densely
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-6-peNmai migu  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-6-peNmai migu  vaigundha viNNagaram  vaigundha viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-6-peNmai migu  vaNangu  worship
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-6-peNmai migu  mada nenjE  Oh humble heart!
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-7-viLanganiyai  iLam kanRu koNdu  lifted up the youthful vathsAsuran (demon in the form of a calf)
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-7-viLanganiyai  viLanganiyai udhira eRindhu  threw on the demon who was in the form of a wood apple to kill him
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-7-viLanganiyai  vEl  like a spear
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-7-viLanganiyai  nedum kaN  having wide eyes
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-7-viLanganiyai  AychchiyargaL vaiththa  cowherd girls securely placed
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-7-viLanganiyai  thayir veNNey  curd and butter
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-7-viLanganiyai  uLam kuLira  to his divine heart-s content
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-7-viLanganiyai  amudhu seydhu  ate (further)
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-7-viLanganiyai  ivvulaguNda  mercifully ate this world too
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-7-viLanganiyai  kALai  ever youthful emperumAn
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-7-viLanganiyai  ugandhu  with joy
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-7-viLanganiyai  inidhu  to be sweet for the devotees
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-7-viLanganiyai  nAdORum  everyday
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-7-viLanganiyai  maruvi uRai kOyil  eternally residing without any other expectation
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-7-viLanganiyai  iLam padi nal kamugu  beautiful areca trees which are naturally youthful
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-7-viLanganiyai  kulaith thengu  coconut trees with  clusters [of coconuts]
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-7-viLanganiyai  kodi  beetle creepers
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-7-viLanganiyai  sem nel  red paddy crops
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-7-viLanganiyai  In karumbu  sweet sugarcane – all of these
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-7-viLanganiyai  kaN vaLara  to grow everyday
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-7-viLanganiyai  kAl thadavum  flowing into their roots
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-7-viLanganiyai  punalAl vaLam koNda perum selvam  the noble, great wealth which is acquired by the abundance of water
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-7-viLanganiyai  vaLarum  grown
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-7-viLanganiyai  aNi nAngUr  in beautiful thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-7-viLanganiyai  vaigundha viNNagaram  vaigundha viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-7-viLanganiyai  vaNangu  worship
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-7-viLanganiyai  mada nenjE  Oh humble heart!
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  ARAdha  That which cannot be subdued
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  sinaththin  anger
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  migu  charging
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  naragan  narakAsuran-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  uram  strength
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  azhiththa  eliminated
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  adal Azhi  battle-ready thiruvAzhi (divine chakra)
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  thadakkaiyan  being the one who is having in his huge hand
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  alar magatkum  for periya pirAttiyAr
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  ararkkum  for rudhran
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  kURu Aga  to be enjoyed as their share
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  koduththu aruLum thiru udamban  one who is having the Seelam (simplicity) to give the limbs of his divine form
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  imaiyOr kula mudhalvan  sarvESvaran, who is the controller of nithyasUris
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  magizhndhu  with joy
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  inidhu  to be sweet for the devotees
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  maruvi uRai kOyil  eternally residing without any other expectation
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  mARAdha malark kamalam  the lotus which is continuously blossoming
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  sengazhunIr  sengazhunIr (flowers such as this, from them)
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  thadhumbi  densely flowing
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  madhu veLLam ozhuga  since the flood of honey is flowing everywhere
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  uzhavar  farmers
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  vayal madai adaippa  as they close the canals in their fields
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  mARAdha  continuously growing
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  perum selvam vaLarum  filled with abundant wealth of water
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  vaigundha viNNagaram  vaigundha viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  vaNangu  worship
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-8-ARAdha sinaththin  mada nenjE  Oh humble heart!
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-9-vanga mali  vanga mali  Filled with ships
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-9-vanga mali  thadam kadaluL  in the vast thiruppARkadal
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-9-vanga mali  vAnavargaLOdu mAmunivar palar kUdi  dhEvathAs along with sages such as sanaka et al gathered together and arrived
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-9-vanga mali  mA malargaL thUvi  offering the best flowers and other things for worship
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-9-vanga mali  engaL thani nAyaganE  Oh you, sarvESvaran, who are our lord!
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-9-vanga mali  emakku aruLAy  You should show your mercy towards us
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-9-vanga mali  ennum  to be prayed in this manner
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-9-vanga mali  Isanavan  the lord
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-9-vanga mali  magizhndhu  with joy
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-9-vanga mali  inidhu  to be sweet for the devotees
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-9-vanga mali  maruvi uRai kOyil  eternally residing without any other expectation
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-9-vanga mali  sem kayalum  reddish kayal fish
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-9-vanga mali  vALaigaLum  vALai fish
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-9-vanga mali  sem nel idai  in between the red paddy crops
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-9-vanga mali  gudhippa  as they jump around
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-9-vanga mali  sElugaLum  sEl fish which were joyfully present in between those crops
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-9-vanga mali  sezhum paNai suzh  surrounded by vast fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-9-vanga mali  vIdhi thoRum  in every street
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-9-vanga mali  midaindhu  being dense
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-9-vanga mali  mangul madhi  moon which is roaming in the sky
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-9-vanga mali  agadu urinjum  to rub the bottom portion of the stomach
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-9-vanga mali  maNi mAdam  having gem studded mansions
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-9-vanga mali  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-9-vanga mali  vaigundha viNNagaram  vaigundha viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-9-vanga mali  vaNangu  worship
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-9-vanga mali  mada nenjE  Oh humble heart!
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  sangu  Sankha (conch)
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  mali  firm
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  thaNdu  mace
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  chakkaram  chakra (disc)
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  mudhal  and khadga (sword), SArnga (bow) – all of these
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  mun  in front of our eyes
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  Endhum  holding
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  nediya  wide
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  thAmaraik kaN  having lotus like divine eyes
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  pirAn  sarvESvaran, the great benefactor
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  amarum kOyil  the abode where he is eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  vangam  ships
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  mali  filled
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  kadal  surrounded by ocean
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  ulagil  in earth
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  malivu eydhu  abundantly rich
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  vaigundha viNNagar mEl  on vaigundha viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  vaNdu  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  aRaiyum  humming
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  pozhil  by gardens
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  sUzh  surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  mangaiyari tham  for those who are in thirumangai region
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  thalaivan  being the leader
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  maruvalar tham udal  enemies- bodies
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  thuNiya  to become pieces
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  vAL vIsum  one who uses his sword
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  parakAlan  being death for enemies
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  kali kanRi  AzhwAr who is kalivairi (enemy of kali)
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  sonna  mercifully spoken
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  sangam mali  worthy to be praised by the assembly of poets
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  thamizh mAlai  garland of dhrAvida (thamizh) words
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  ivai paththu  these ten pAsurams
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  vallArgaL  those who can recite
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  tharaNiyodu  earth
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  visumbu  and paramAkASam (paramapadham)
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  ALum  to rule
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  thanmai  greatness
periya-thirumozhi-3-9-10-sangu mali  peRuvAr  will have.
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  thirumadandhai  periya pirAttiyAr
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  maN madandhai  and SrI bhUmip pirAtti
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  iru pAlum  on either side
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  thigazha  shine
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  adiyavargatku  towards devotees
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  enRum  always
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  aruL nadandhu  granting mercy
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  thI vinaigaL  cruel sins
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  pOy agala  to run away
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  ivvEzh ulagaththavar  the residents of these seven worlds
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  paNiya  to surrender
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  vAnOr  nithyasUris
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  amarndhu  remaining rooted, in this abode of samsAram
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  Eththa  to praise
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  irundha  eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  idam  being the dhivyadhESam
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  perum pugazh  very famous
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  vEdhiyar  brAhmaNas
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  vAzh tharum  residing
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  idangaL  having places
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  malargaL migu  having abundance of flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  kaidhaigaL  thAzhai plants (which are found on seashore)
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  sengazhunIr  sengazhunIr flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  thAmaraigaL  lotus flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  idangaL thoRum  everywhere
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  thigazha  as they shine
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  pozhil  garden
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  aruvidangaL  the whole sky
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  thazhuvi  growing tall to fill
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  ezhil thigazhum  beauty is shining
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  arimEya viNNagaram  emperumAn in arimEya viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  mada nenjE  Oh obedient heart!
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-1-thirumadandhai  vaNangu  surrender.
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  venRi migu  very victorious
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  naragan  narakAsura-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  adhu uram  such strength
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  azhiya  to be destroyed
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  visiRum  flowing
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  viRal  having strength
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  Azhi  thiruvAzhi (chakra)
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  thadam  big
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  kaiyan  having in his divine hand
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  anRu  when the clan of dhEvathAs prayed
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  viNNavargatku  for dhEvathAs such as indhra et al.
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  kunRu kodu  manthara mountain
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  kurai kadalai  tumultuous ocean
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  kadaindhu  churned
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  amudham  nectar
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  aLikkum  mercifully gave (them)
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  kuru maNi  like the best gem
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  en Ar amudham  my nectar which will never satiate
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  kulavi uRai  residing desirously
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  kOyil  being divine abode
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  enRum  everyday
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  migu  over flowing
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  perum selvaththu  having unlimited wealth
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  ezhil viLangum  with shining beauty
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  maRaiyOr  those who have mastered vEdham
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  Ezh isaiyum  saptha svaras (seven tunes)
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  kELvigaLum  other ancillary subjects
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  iyanRa  learnt
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  perum guNaththOr  those who have abundance of great qualities
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  anRu  at that time
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  ulagam padaiththavanE anaiyavargaL  where brAhmaNas who are capable of performing creation just as brahmA is capable of doing, are residing
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  arimEya viNNagaram  emperumAn in arimEya viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  mada nenjE  Oh obedient heart!
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-2-venRi migu  vaNangu  surrender.
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  umbarum  dhEvathAs
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  ivvEzhulagum  these seven worlds
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  Ezh kadalum  seven oceans
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  ellAm  all of these
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  uNda  mercifully consumed during praLayam
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  pirAn  being the benefactor (incarnated as krishNa)
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  aNdargaL  cowherd people
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  kaNdu magizhvu eydha  to enjoy on seeing
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  mun  in front of them
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  kumbam migu  having huge head which resembles a pot
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  madha yAnai  intoxicated kuvalayApIdam-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  maruppu  tusk
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  osiththu  broke
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  kanjan  kamsan-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  kunji pidiththu  dragging by hair
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  adiththa  destroyed
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  pirAn  benefactor-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  kOyil  being the abode
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  marungu engum  all the surroundings
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  pala punnai  many punnai trees (blossoming as buds and flowers)
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  paim ponOdu  and beautiful gold
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  veL muththam  having gathered white pearls
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  kAtta  as they show
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  palam kanigaL  jackfruits
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  thEn kAtta  as they show the flowing honey
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  padam  hooded
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  aravu  like snake
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  Er  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  algul  thigh
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  ambu anaiya  like arrows
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  kaN madavAr  women who have eyes
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  magizhvu eydhum  rejoicing
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  arimEya viNNagaram  emperumAn in arimEya viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  mada nenjE  Oh obedient heart!
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-3-umbarum  vaNangu  surrender.
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  anRu  When prahlAdhan was compelled
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  OdAdha  not stepping back
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  adhu  such strong
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  ALariyin uruvam koNdu  assuming the form of narasimha
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  ulappu il  countless
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  migu peru varaththa  having very great boons
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  iraNiyanai  hiraNyan
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  paRRi  grabbed
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  vAdAdha  unbending
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  vaL  sharp
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  ugirAl  with nails
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  piLandhu  to make his chest split into two
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  avan than maganukku  for SrI prahlAdhAzhwAn, who is his son
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  aruL seydhAn  lord who showed his mercy
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  vAzhum idam  the abode where he is residing
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  malligai  jasmine
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  sengazhunIr  water-lily
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  sEdu ERu malar  having well blossomed flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  serundhi  sura punnai
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  sezhu  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  kamugam pALai  areca spathes
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  senbagangaL  sheNbaga flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  maNam nARum  fragrance is smelling
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin&nbs p; vaN pozhilin UdE  amidst the beautiful garden
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  Adu ERu vayal  in the fields, where sugarcane are to be processed
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  Alaip pugai kamazhum  the smoke from the factory is smelling
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  arimEya viNNagaram  emperumAn in arimEya viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  mada nenjE  Oh obedient heart!
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-4-OdAdha vALariyin  vaNangu  surrender.
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  kaNdavar tham manam  The hearts of everyone who has seen
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  maghizha  to rejoice
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  mAvali than vELvi  in the sacrificial arena of mahAbali
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  kaLavu il  appearing to be non-deceitful
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  migu siRu kuRaLAy  being very short vAmana
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  mUvadi enRu  saying -need three steps of land-
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  irandhittu  begged
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  aNdamum  sky
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  i  here
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  alai kadalum  oceans which are throwing up waves
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  avanigaLum  the worlds which are in the form of seven islands
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  ellAm  all of these
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  aLandha  effortlessly scaled and accepted
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  pirAn  benefactor
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  amarum  eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  idam  being the abode
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  vaLam koL  rich
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  pozhil ayalE  near the garden
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  aNdam uRum  reaching the sky
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  muzhavu oliyum  sound of the musical instruments
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  vandu inangaL oliyum  humming of the beetles which are joyful due to drinking honey
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  aru maRaiyin oliyum  chants of vEdham which is difficult to grasp
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  madavAr  (dancing) women-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  silambin oliyum  sound of the anklets
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  aNdam uRum  reaching up to the wall of the oval shaped universe
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  alai  throwing up the waves
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  kadalin oli  like the sound of the ocean of deluge
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  thigazhum  heard
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  arimEya viNNagaram  emperumAn in arimEya viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  mada nenjE  Oh obedient heart!
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-5-kaNdavar tham  vaNangu  surrender.
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  vAL  sharp like sword
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  nedu  wide
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  kaN  divine eyes
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  malar  decorated with flower
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  kUndhal  having hair
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  maidhilikkA  for pirAtti
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  ilangai mannan  rAvaNa, who is the king of lankA, his
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  oru padhu mudiyum  ten heads
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  irubadhu thOLum  twenty shoulders
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  pOy udhira  to fall down
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  thAL  having string which is tied
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  nedu  long
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  thiN  firm
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  silai  bow
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  vaLaiththa  bent
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  dhayaradhan sEy  son of dhaSaratha
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  enRan  for me
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  thanichcharaN  being matchless protector
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  vAnavarkku arasu  being the lord of nithyasUris
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  karudhum idam  the abode where he resides desirously
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  thadam Ar  filled with ponds
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  sEN idam koL  tall to reach up to the sky
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  malar  having flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  kamalam  lotus
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  sEl kayalgaL vALai  sEl, kayal and vALai fish
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  sem nelodum  with red paddy
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  aduththu ariya  as they are gathered and harvested
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  udhirndha  fell from them
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  sezhu  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  muththam  pearls
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  vAL  sharp like sword
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  nedu  wide
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  kaN  having eyes
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  kadaisiyargaL  farming women
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  vArum  collect
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  aNi  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN&nbsp ; nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  arimEya viNNagaram  emperumAn in arimEya viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  mada nenjE  Oh obedient heart!
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-6-vAL nedum kaN  vaNangu  surrender.
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  thI manaththAn  having cruel heart
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  kanjanadhu  by kamsan-s instigation
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  vanjanaiyil  having a deceitful form
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  thiriyum  roaming
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  thEnuganum  dhEnukAsaran-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  pUdhanai than  pUthanA-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  Ar uyir  good life
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  seguththAn  one who finished
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  kAmanai  manmantha (cupid), the most handsome one in the world
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  payandha  gave birth
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  karu mEni udai ammAn  the lord who is having divine form with dark complexion
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  karudhum idam  being the desirously residing abode
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  porudhu punal  water where waves are hitting each other
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  thuRai thuRai  in every ghat
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  muththu undhi  pushing pearls
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  nA  with tongue
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  manaththAl  and with mind
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  mandhirangaL  bhagavAn-s manthrams
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  nAl vEdham  four vEdhams
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  aindhu vELviyodu  five great yagyas (fire sacrifices)
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  ARu angam  six ancillary subjects
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  navinRu  learnt
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  kalai payinRu  learnt the other SAsthrams
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  angu Am manaththu  having pure heart which is apt for bhagavath vishayam
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  maRaiyavargaL  vaidhikas
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  payilum  due to living densely
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  aNi  having beauty
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  arimEya viNNagaram  emperumAn in arimEya viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  mada nenjE  Oh obedient heart!
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-7-thI manaththAn  vaNangu  surrender.
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  kanRu adhanAl  With vathsAsuran (demon in the form of a calf)
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  viLavu eRindhu  knocking down the demon who stood as the wood apple
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  kani  its fruit
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  udhirththa  made it fall
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  kALai  being ever youthful
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  kAmaru  being desired by all
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  sIr  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  mugil vaNNan  having beautiful form like that of a dark cloud
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  mun  previously
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  kAligaL  cows
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  kAppAn  to protect
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  kunRu adhanAl  with mountain
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  mazhai  rain
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  thaduththu  stopped
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  kudam Adu kUththan  one who danced with pots
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  kulavum idam  abode where he is joyfully residing
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  kodi  having flags
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  madhiLgaL  compound walls(around forts)
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  mALigai  mansions
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  gOburangaL  towers
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  thunRu  dense
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  maNi  filled with gems
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  maNdabangaL  halls
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  sAlaigaL  having sacrificial arenas too
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  thU  very pure
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  maRaiyOr  brAhmaNas
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  thokku INdi  due to gathering in groups
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  thozhudhiyOdu  being abundant with tumultuous noise
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  migap payilum  very dense
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  sOlai  present in the gardens
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  madhu uNdu  drinking the honey
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  angu  in that place
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  aLi  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  muralum  humming
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  arimEya viNNagaram  emperumAn in arimEya viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  mada nenjE  Oh obedient heart!
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-8-kanRadhanAl  vaNangu  surrender.
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  vanjanaiyAl  assuming a deceitful form
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  vanadhavaL than  pUthanA who came
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  uyir  life
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  uNdu  ate
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  vAyththa  present near by
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  thayir uNdu  drank the curd
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  veNNey amudhu uNdu  mercifully ate the butter
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  vali mikka  very strong
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  kanjan uyiradhu  kamsan-s life
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  uNdu  ate
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  ivvulagu  this world
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  uNda  mercifully placed in his stomach
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  kALai  the youthful one
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  karudhum idam  abode where he desirously resides
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  kAviri  river kAvEri
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  sandhu  sandalwood trees
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  agil  agaru (fragrant) trees
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  kanagam  gold
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  undhi  pushed and came
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  manju ulavu pozhilUdum  in the garden which has grown tall up to clouds
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  vayalUdum  in fertile field
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  vandhu  entered
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  vaLam koduppa  creating wealth
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  mA maRaiyOr  brAhmaNas who are great vaidhikas
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  mA malargaL thUvi  submitting the best flowers
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  angu anjaliththu  standing there performing anjali (joining the palms)
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  ari saraN enRu  saying -Oh hari! Your divine feet are our refuge-
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  iRainjum  surrendering with praises
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  aNi  having beauty
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  arimEya viNNagaram  emperumAn in arimEya viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  mada nenjE  Oh obedient heart!
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-9-vanjanaiyAl  vaNangu  surrender.
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  senRu  himself went
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  sinam  angry
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  ezhu vidaiyum  seven bulls
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  pada adarththu  fought with them to have them killed
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  pinnai  nappinnaip pirAtti-s
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  sevvith thOL  with her beautiful shoulder
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  puNarndhu  embraced
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  ugandha  rejoiced
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  thirumAl than  where Sriya:pathi is residing
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  kOyil  being the abode
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  ayanum  brahmA
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  aran sEyum  subrahmaNyan who is son of rudhran
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  anaiyavargaL  having similar tranquility and beauty,who are residing
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  nAngUr  in thiunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  arimEya viNNagaram  in arimEya viNNagaram
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  amarndha  eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  sezhum kunRai  the lord who is similar to a beautiful mountain
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  kanRi nedu vEl valavan  having stained, long spear in his hand
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  mangaiyar tham kOmAn  being the leader of the residents of thirumangai
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  kali kanRi  composed by AzhwAr who is kalivairi (enemy of kali)
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  oli mAlai  garland which has music
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  aindhinodu  five pAsurams (which speak about krishNa leelA)
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  mUnRum  three pAsurams which speak about narasimha and vAmana leelAs
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  onRinodum  first pAsuram which is about archAvathAram
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  onRum  this pAsuram which is palasthuthi (explains the fruit of reciting this decad)
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  ivai  these ten pAsurams
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  kaRRu  learnt
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  vallAr  those who can see the meanings
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  ulagaththu  in this world
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  uththmargatku uththamarAy  being the leader of vaishNavas (and further)
periya-thirumozhi-3-10-10-senRu sina vidai  umbarum AvargaL  will join the group of nithyasUris

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