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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


mUvarAgiya oruvanai mUvulagu uNdu umizhndhu aLandhAnai
dhEvar thAnavar senRu senRiRainjath thaN thiruvayindhirapuraththu
mEvu sOdhiyai vEl valavan kalikanRi viriththu uraiththa
pAvu thaN thamizh paththivai pAdidap pAvangaL payilAvE

Word-by-Word meanings

mUvar Agiya – Having the forms of brahmA, vishNu and rudhra
oruvanai – being matchless
mU ulagu – three worlds
uNdu – consumed
umizhndhu – letting them out
aLandhAnai – (retrieving from mahAbali) one who measured and accepted
dhEvar – dhEvathAs
dhAnavar – asuras
senRu senRu – repeatedly go
iRainju – to surrender
thaN – invigorating
thiruvayindhirapuraththu – in thiruvahindhrapuram
mEvu – eternally residing
sOdhiyai – on the radiant one
vEl valavan – one who can defeat the enemies with his spear
kali kanRi – thirumangai AzhwAr
viriththu – elaborately
uraiththa – mercifully explained
pAvu – vast
thaN – beautiful
thamizh – thamizh language
ivai paththu – these ten pAsurams
pAdida – as one sings
pAvangaL – sins
payilA – will not remain.

Simple translation

Being matchless, having the forms of brahmA, vishNu and rudhra, the radiant emperumAn consumed the three worlds, let them out and measured and accepted the same; he is etenrally residing in the invigorating thiruvahindhrapuram to be repeatedly approached and surrendered to by dhEvathAs and asuras; on such emperumAn, thirumangai AzhwAr who could defeat enemies with his spear, elaborately and mercifully explained these ten pAsurams in the vast, beautiful thamizh language; as one sings these pAsurams, one’s sins will not remain with the self.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

mUvar … – Since emperumAn is present as the antharyAmi for the souls and the bodies of brahmA and rudhra and performs creation and annihilation, and protects in his natural form of vishNu.

mUvarAgiya oruvanai – As said in SrIvishNu purANam 1.2.66 “brahma vishNu SivAthmikAm” (nArAyaNa engages in creation, protection and annihilation in the forms of brahmA, vishNu and Siva), being the controller of all.

mU ulagu … – He is also the friend in need.

dhEvar … – As said in jithanthE sthOthram “dhEvAnAm dhAnavAnAncha” (For both dhEvathAs and asuras), since he remains common for both dhEvas and asuras who are created by him, he eternally resides in thiruvahindhrapuram to be approached by both of them to have their desires fulfilled, and hence he remains more radiant here than in paramapadham. The quality of helping the asuras is not seen in paramapadham [since there are no asuras in paramapadham]; since he helps them here, the greatness acquired by that act is present only here.

vEl valavan – Just as emperumAn is said as “Azhi valavan” (one who can destroy enemies with chakra).

viriththuraiththa – Explained in the manner where all aspects are completely explained. There is viriththuraiththa and thoguththuraiththa; viriththuraiththa means explaining elaborately; thoguththuraiththa means explaining sharply; here we should consider both ways to be present in these ten pAsurams.

pAvu – Instead of being vast like mahAbhAratham which has one lakh twenty five thousand SlOkams, this is just a decad.

pAvangaL payilAvE – Having to experience the result of sins, one is born in this samsAram; while learning and practicing this decad in such samsAram where we are present to experience the result of the sins, the sins will run away thinking “We don’t belong in this person”.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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