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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


sengamalaththu ayan anaiya maRaiyOr kAzhich
chIrAma viNNagar en sengaN mAlai
angamalath thadavayal sUzh Ali nAdan
aruLmAri arattamukki adaiyAr sIyam
kongu malark kuzhaliyar vEL mangai vEndhan
koRRavEl parakAlan kaliyan sonna
sanga mugath thamizh mAlai paththum vallAr
thadangadal sUzh ulagukkuth thalaivar thAmE

Word-by-Word meanings

sengamalam – born from the beautiful lotus on the divine navel
ayan anaiya – matching brahmA
maRaiyOr – where brAhmaNas are living
kAzhich chIrAma viNNagar – eternally residing in kAzhich chIrAma viNNagar
en – my
sengaN mAlai – on puNdarIkAkshan (lotus eyed emperumAn)
am – beautiful
kamalam – filled with lotus flowers
thadam – ponds
vayal – fertile fields
sUzh – surrounded by
Ali nAdan – being the leader of thiruvAli region
aruL mAri – being the one who rains mercy on the favourable ones, like a dark cloud
arattu amukki – being the one who suppresses the enemies (to not let them rise)
adaiyAr – for enemies
sIyam – being like a lion
kongu – filled with honey
malar – flowers
kuzhaliyar – for ladies who are having in their hair
vEL – being the one like cupid
mangai – for thirumangai region
vEndhan – being the king
parakAlan – being like yama for enemies
koRRam – able to grant victory
vEl – holding on to the spear
kaliyan – AzhwAr
sonna – mercifully spoke
sangam – poets
mugam – to meet and enjoy
thamizh mAlai paththum – ten pAsurams which are like garlands
vallAr – those who can learn with meanings
thadam – vast
kadal sUzh – surrounded by ocean
ulagukku – in the world
thalaivar – will remain the leader who is surrenderedto, by all

Simple translation

puNdarIkAkshan emperumAn is eternally residing in kAzhich chIrAma viNNagar where brAhmaNas, who match brahmA who was born from the beautiful lotus on the divine navel, are living; thirumangai AzhwAr who is (a) the leader of thiruvAli region which is surrounded by fertile fields and ponds which are filled with beautiful lotus flowers, (b) the one who rains mercy on the favourable ones, like a dark cloud, (c) the one who suppresses the enemies, (d) like a lion for enemies, (e) the one like cupid for ladies who are having flowers filled with honey in their hair, (f) the king of thirumangai region, (g) like yama for enemies and (h) holding on to the spear which is able to grant victory, mercifully spoke these ten pAsurams which are like garlands for poets to meet and enjoy; those who can learn these with meanings will remain the leader who is surrendered to, by all in the world which is surrounded by vast ocean.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

sengamalam … – As said in SrI rAmAyaNam bAla kANtam 4.1 “vAlmIkir bhagavAn rushi:” (the most knowledegable sage vAlmIki). A beloved thiruviLakkup pichchan (servitor who holds the oil-lamp) of periya perumAL was constantly speaking ill of others in front of emperumAn; at that time he assumed that periya perumAL had AzhwArs in heart and said “Identify some defects in my devotees (if you can)”; at that time, the servitor recited this pAsuram and said “nAyanthE! AzhwAr started singing the glories of your highness but ended up glorifying himself”; periya perumAL revealed his divine heart saying “That is also in praise of me”. The object of these pAsurams is puNdarIkAkshan who is eternally residing in the abode where brAhmaNas who are equivalent to chathurmukha (four-headed brahmA) have gathered; AzhwAr is the leader of thiruvAli region which is surrounded by fertile fields having ponds which are decorated by beautiful lotus flowers; one who grants everything to the favourable ones; one who suppresses the head of the enemies to not let them rise; he is like a lion which cannot be approached by enemies; he is desired by all; he is the leader of the thirumangai region; he is holding the spear for the protection of devotees just as sarvESvaran, holding a weapon; he is death personified for enemies; those who are experts in these ten pAsurams which are praised by the gatherings of thamizh poets/experts.

thadam kadal sUzh ulagukkuth thalaivar thAmE – Just as sarvESvaran is surrendered to by all, these devotees will be the refuge for all.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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