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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


Edhu avan thol piRappu? iLaiyavan vaLaiyUdhi mannar
thUdhuvanAy avanUr solluvIrgaL! solleer aRiyEn
mAdhavan than thuNaiyA nadandhAL thadam sUzh puRavil
pOdhu vaNdAdu semmal punalAli puguvarkolO?

Word-by-Word meanings

avan – That youthful person’s
thol piRappu – previous birth
Edhu aRiyEn – I don’t know whether it is kshathriya birth or cowherd birth;

iLaiyavan – young person
vaLai Udhi – (to cause fear in enemies) one who blew the conch
mannar – for kings
thUdhuvanAyavan – one who went as a messenger, his
Ur – birth
solluvIrgaL IdhenRu – Oh you who are able to know and tell!
solleer – You tell me truthfully and decisively;

(but my daughter)
mAdhavan – Sriya:pathi (the lord of SrI mahAlakshmi)
than thuNaiyAga nadandhAL – she walked, having him as her companion

(those two who left)
vaNdu – beetles
thadam sUzh – surrounded by ponds
puRavil – blossomed in the surroundings
semmal pOdhu – big flowers
Adu – indulging (having entered to drink honey)
punal Ali – in thiruvAli which has abundance of water
puguvarkolO – will they enter?

Simple translation

I don’t know that youthful person’s previous birth, whether it was kshathriya birth or cowherd birth. Oh you who are able to know and tell about the birth of the young person who blew the conch and who went as the messenger for the kings! You tell me truthfully and decisively. My daughter walked with Sriya:pathi having him as her companion; will they enter thiruvAli where beetles are indulging in the big flowers blossomed in the surroundings, in the ponds that surround the town which has abundance of water?

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

Edhu avan thol piRappu – Was he born in kshathriya clan or cowherd clan? I don’t know.

iLaiyavan – Adolescent one (who acts without realising the effect).

vaLai Udhi – One who reveals the place where he is [by blowing the conch].

mannar thUdhuvanAy avan Ur – The abode of the one who goes to his enemies’ place without carrying any weapons.

avan Ur solluveergaL solleer aRiyEn – Oh you desire him seeing his birth in kshathriya clan or cowherd clan! I cannot see his birth being either one.

mAdhavan … – She thought the deep ocean to be a boat; she followed him without realising that even the greatly knowledgeable persons were caught in his matters and he is unreachable for her.

thadam sUzh … – When the flowers blossom in that town, flood of honey will start flowing and the beetles will immerse in it and drink it. Only after the flowers blossom fully and the honey flow reduces, could the beetles drink it. Will they enter thiruvAli where the beetles will search for fully blossomed flowers and drink honey? pOdhu – Fresh flower. Newly blossomed flower. semmal – greatness, being ancient and flower.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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