Glossary/Dictionary by word – sthOthra rathnam

Sorted by SlOkam

sthothra-rathnam-25  abhUtha pUrvam  previously not occurred
sthothra-rathnam-19  abjabhuva: upari upari api  more and more for brahmAs
sthothra-rathnam-65  achinthayithvA  without considering
sthothra-rathnam-1  achinthya  incomprehensible
sthothra-rathnam-45  achinthya dhivya adhbhutha nithya yauvana svabhAva lAvaNya maya amrutha udhadhim  one who is having inconceivable, spiritual/divine, amazing, eternal youth naturally, and being an ocean of abundant beauty
sthothra-rathnam-49  achyutha  Oh one who does not abandon your devotees!
sthothra-rathnam-3  achyutha bhakthi  devotion towards bhagavAn
sthothra-rathnam-61  adha: adha;  deep down
sthothra-rathnam-1  adhbhutha  amazing
sthothra-rathnam-52  adhyaiva  right now
sthothra-rathnam-5  Adhyasya kulapathE:  leader and head of the clan, his
sthothra-rathnam-63  Aga:  pApam (sin)
sthothra-rathnam-1  agAdha bhagavadhbhakthi sindhavavE  ocean of deep devotion towards bhagavAn
sthothra-rathnam-23  agathi:  due to having no other refuge
sthothra-rathnam-48  agathim  without any refuge (other than you)
sthothra-rathnam-50  agratha:  first
sthothra-rathnam-60  aham  and, I am
sthothra-rathnam-51  aham  I
sthothra-rathnam-61  aham  I
sthothra-rathnam-62  aham  I
sthothra-rathnam-64  aham thava asmi ithi cha  and saying I should exclusively serve you
sthothra-rathnam-46  aikAnthika nithya kinkara:  having eternal kainkaryam
sthothra-rathnam-14  ajanishta  (this world) was created?
sthothra-rathnam-33  AjAnu vilambibhi:  stretching upto the knees
sthothra-rathnam-22  akinchana:  having no means
sthothra-rathnam-1  aklishta  easily attained (by the grace of bhagavAn)
sthothra-rathnam-65  akruthrima thvath charaNa aravindha prEma prakasha avadhim  one who is the epitome of natural love towards your divine lotus feet
sthothra-rathnam-47  alajjam  shameless
sthothra-rathnam-32  amala chavim  having faultless splendour
sthothra-rathnam-37  amanthi abandhi  was churned and had a bridge built on
sthothra-rathnam-62  amaryAdha:  one who crossed the boundaries of vEdham
sthothra-rathnam-37  ambhOdhi  the ocean
sthothra-rathnam-3  amruthAbdhi  nectarean ocean
sthothra-rathnam-27  amruthasyandhini  generating abundance of nectar
sthothra-rathnam-10  amUni bhuvanAni  these worlds
sthothra-rathnam-58  anAdhE:  beginningless
sthothra-rathnam-24  anantha  Oh my lord who is not limited (by place, time and entities)!
sthothra-rathnam-39  anantha bhOgini  on the divine form of thiruvananthAzhwAn
sthothra-rathnam-40  anantha bhOgini  on the divine form of thiruvananthAzhwAn
sthothra-rathnam-21  anantha dhayA Eka SindhavE  to you who is an ocean of mercy
sthothra-rathnam-21  anantha mahA vibhUthayE  to you who have boundless great wealth
sthothra-rathnam-22  ananya gathi:  me who is having no other refuge
sthothra-rathnam-11  anavadhika athiSaya  having boundless greatness
sthothra-rathnam-17  aNdAnthara gOcharam cha yath  whatever is inside the aNdam
sthothra-rathnam-2  angri sarOja  about the divine lotus feet of
sthothra-rathnam-16  aniSam  all times
sthothra-rathnam-28  anjali  anjali (joining the palms)
sthothra-rathnam-8  aNu kulAchalayO:  (small) atom, (big) mountain
sthothra-rathnam-38  anubhUthayA api  even when enjoyed
sthothra-rathnam-46  anucharan  following
sthothra-rathnam-13  anya: ka:  who else (other than you)
sthothra-rathnam-27  anyath  anything else
sthothra-rathnam-63  apadham  undeserving
sthothra-rathnam-48  aparAdha sahasra bhAjanam  being the abode of countless faults
sthothra-rathnam-63  apArAdhdhu:  one who committed offenses
sthothra-rathnam-62  apArAth  endless
sthothra-rathnam-58  apari haraNIyasya  impossible to eliminate
sthothra-rathnam-3  aparimitha  unlimited
sthothra-rathnam-45  Apath sakham  being a friend in need
sthothra-rathnam-13  Apath vimOchana  removing those dangers
sthothra-rathnam-9  api thu  but
sthothra-rathnam-44  apUrva nAnArasa bhAva nirbhara prabadhdhayA  with many relishable aspects which are fresh (every moment)
sthothra-rathnam-38  apUrvavath  like new
sthothra-rathnam-6  aravindha vilOchanasya thath pAdha aravindham  the divine lotus feet of puNdarIkAksha (lotus eyed lord)
sthothra-rathnam-27  aravindhE  reddish lotus flower
sthothra-rathnam-45  arthi kalpakam  being like a kalpaka vruksham (desire fulfilling tree) for those who seek out
sthothra-rathnam-41  Asanam  throne
sthothra-rathnam-52  asAni  let me be;
sthothra-rathnam-57  aSEsha abhilashitham sukham cha na sahE  will not tolerate those pleasures which are desired by everyone;
sthothra-rathnam-28  aSEshatha:  without a trace
sthothra-rathnam-39  AsInam  divinely resting
sthothra-rathnam-40  AsInam  divinely resting
sthothra-rathnam-8  aSkatha: (aham)  incapable me
sthothra-rathnam-6  asman manOratha padha: sakala:  all our overflowing love
sthothra-rathnam-58  Aspadham api  though being the abode
sthothra-rathnam-10  ASritha vathsalathvam idham  this quality of manifesting motherly affections towards your devotees
sthothra-rathnam-55  asthu  should occur.
sthothra-rathnam-28  aSubhAni  sins
sthothra-rathnam-47  aSuchim  impure
sthothra-rathnam-15  Asura prakruthaya:  demoniac people
sthothra-rathnam-62  asUyA prasava bhU:  the origin of jealousy (which sees the good qualities of others as faults)
sthothra-rathnam-32  athasI sUna sama  kAyAmpU (purple coloured flower) like
sthothra-rathnam-56  athi dhussaha:  very intolerable
sthothra-rathnam-22  Athma vEdhI cha na asmi  I do not have the knowledge about the self;
sthothra-rathnam-57  AthmAnam cha na sahE  will not tolerate even my own AthmA (self) which is devoid of servitude;
sthothra-rathnam-48  AthmasAth kuru  accept as yours
sthothra-rathnam-65  Athmavantham  one who is self realised
sthothra-rathnam-2  athra  in this world
sthothra-rathnam-47  athyantha dhUram  being very far
sthothra-rathnam-54  avabOdhithavAn  you instructed (in the same manner)
sthothra-rathnam-59  avalambya api  considering as the reason
sthothra-rathnam-49  avalOkaya  bless me with your kind glance.
sthothra-rathnam-56  avalOkyathAm  to be mercifully glanced by them
sthothra-rathnam-3  avathIrNa  one who has incarnated
sthothra-rathnam-47  avinItham  not reformed (by an AchArya)
sthothra-rathnam-49  avivEka ghana antha dhingmukhE  having directions which is covered with clouds of darkness
sthothra-rathnam-52  ayam aham  I, this entity
sthothra-rathnam-9  ayam udhyama:  this effort
sthothra-rathnam-12  ayutha ayutha Satha Eka kalA amSaka amSE  one small fraction of (thousandth of thousandth of many crores sized) vow/will
sthothra-rathnam-49  bahudhA  in many ways
sthothra-rathnam-58  bandhO!  Oh one who is all types of relationships to me!
sthothra-rathnam-49  bhagavan  Oh bhagavAn who is filled with gyAnam (knowledge), Sakthi (power) etc [6 primary qualities]!
sthothra-rathnam-51  bhagavan  Oh lord who is filled with knowledge!
sthothra-rathnam-54  bhagavan  Oh my lord!
sthothra-rathnam-24  bhagavan!  Oh bhagavAn!
sthothra-rathnam-45  bhaktha jana Eka jIvitham  being the life of his devotees
sthothra-rathnam-3  bhakthi yOgAya  having bhakthi yOga
sthothra-rathnam-54  bhakthim api  devotion [towards you] as well
sthothra-rathnam-22  bhakthimAn na  do not have bhakthi (devotion);
sthothra-rathnam-60  bhara: asmi hi  am I not to be protected?
sthothra-rathnam-6  bhAthi  shining
sthothra-rathnam-24  bhava arNava antha:  in the ocean of samsAram,
sthothra-rathnam-49  bhava dhurdhinE  the rainy season darkness of samsAram (material realm)
sthothra-rathnam-37  bhavanam chakartha  you mercifully made as residence
sthothra-rathnam-55  bhavanEshu  in their divine palace (residence)
sthothra-rathnam-46  bhavantham Eva  you only
sthothra-rathnam-16  bhavathA nigUhyamAnam api  even when concealed by you
sthothra-rathnam-10  bhavithumEva na alam  would not have been created;
sthothra-rathnam-48  bhIma bhava arNava udharE  in the terrible ocean of samsAra (material realm)
sthothra-rathnam-37  bhujAntharam  divine chest
sthothra-rathnam-3  bhUya nama:  again my salutations
sthothra-rathnam-15  bOdhdhumEva  to know
sthothra-rathnam-11  brahmA  brahmA
sthothra-rathnam-17  brahma cha  dhivya mangaLa vigraham (divine auspicious form)
sthothra-rathnam-63  chaidhyasya  sisupAla who belongs to chEdhi kula (clan)
sthothra-rathnam-33  chakAsatham  shining
sthothra-rathnam-30  chakshushA  with my eyes
sthothra-rathnam-62  chala mathi;  having a wavering mind
sthothra-rathnam-26  charaNau  feet
sthothra-rathnam-59  chathma sthuthi vachana bhangIm  deceitful praises
sthothra-rathnam-8  chathur mukhAScha  four-headed brahmA et al
sthothra-rathnam-33  chathurbhi: bhujai:  by the four arms
sthothra-rathnam-55  chathurmukha AthmanA janma api  even to be born as brahmA
sthothra-rathnam-24  chirAya nimajjatha: mE  to me who is submerged for a very long time
sthothra-rathnam-4  chith achith Iswara thath svabhAva bhOga apavarga thadhupAya gathi:  the three entities namely chith (sentient entities), achith (insentient entities) and ISwara (God), their nature, the pleasures (of this material realm), mOksham (liberation), the means for pleasure and liberation, and the goal reached by the jIvAthmAs
sthothra-rathnam-13  dhaithya pIdA Adhi  grief inflicted by asuras etc
sthothra-rathnam-59  dharaNidhara!  Oh emperumAn who lifted up the earth (in your varAha avathAram, from rasAthala)
sthothra-rathnam-22  dharma nishta: na asmi  I am not firm on karma yOgam:
sthothra-rathnam-17  dhaSa uththarANi AvaraNAni cha  those [seven] AvaraNas (enclosures) [which cover the aNdam] each of which is 10 times bigger in size than the previous one (all of these)
sthothra-rathnam-41  dhAsa:  servitor
sthothra-rathnam-55  dhAsya sukha Eka sanginAm  those who are engaged in the joy of servitude
sthothra-rathnam-18  dhayALu:  compassionate (cannot bear the sorrow of his devotees)
sthothra-rathnam-63  dhayALu: abhU: yath  did you not show him your mercy?
sthothra-rathnam-50  dhayanIya:  qualified to receive your mercy
sthothra-rathnam-58  dhayAsindhO!  Oh my lord who is an ocean of mercy!
sthothra-rathnam-24  dhayAyA: anuththamam pAthram idham labdham  for your grace too, I am attained as an apt recipient
sthothra-rathnam-60  dhayitha thanaya: thvam  you are the beloved son;
sthothra-rathnam-57  dhEham  body
sthothra-rathnam-62  dhu:kha jaladhE:  ocean of sorrows
sthothra-rathnam-25  dhu:kham mE sahajam hi  sorrows are born along with me;
sthothra-rathnam-58  dhuranthasya  endless
sthothra-rathnam-50  dhurlabha:  will not get
sthothra-rathnam-62  dhurmAnI  having pride/ego which must be given up
sthothra-rathnam-41  dhvaja:  flag
sthothra-rathnam-47  dhyAthum  even to think
sthothra-rathnam-50  Ekam vigyApanam  a request
sthothra-rathnam-14  Esha:  this world
sthothra-rathnam-9  Esha: sthOthA  me who is praising
sthothra-rathnam-51  Ethadhanvayam  this relationship
sthothra-rathnam-54  Ethath anya bhOgyathAm  the sweetness of which is found in nothing else
sthothra-rathnam-10  Evam  in this manner
sthothra-rathnam-59  Evam anichchan api  though I dont have the desire
sthothra-rathnam-59  Evam bhUtham mE mana: Sikshaya  you should mercifully reform such mind of mine.
sthothra-rathnam-8  Evam Eva khalu  in this manner only (praising);
sthothra-rathnam-60  Evam sathi  this being the case
sthothra-rathnam-58  gatha bhI:  being fearless
sthothra-rathnam-60  gathiScha asi  you are the upAyam (means) (and upEyam (goal));
sthothra-rathnam-19  gira:  vEdha vAkyams (sacred sounds/hymns)
sthothra-rathnam-43  gruhItha thath thath parichAra sAdhanai:  Holding garlands, incense, lamp etc which are required for such kainkaryams
sthothra-rathnam-58  guNa gaNam  groups of auspicious qualities
sthothra-rathnam-61  guNa purusha thathva sthithi vidhAm  who are well aware of the nature and characteristics of achith (insentient entities) and chith (sentient entities)
sthothra-rathnam-17  guNA:  qualities viz sathva (goodness), rajas (passion) and thamas (ignorance)
sthothra-rathnam-52  guNatha:  characteristically
sthothra-rathnam-18  guNavAn  having sauSeelya (excellence in disposition, presenting himself to everyone without discrimination)
sthothra-rathnam-38  guNEna  with the qualities
sthothra-rathnam-13  guru pAthaka  sin acquired due to plucking own fathers head
sthothra-rathnam-60  guru: asi  you are the AchArya (teacher);
sthothra-rathnam-1  gyAna  of the knowledge
sthothra-rathnam-14  hara virinchi mukha:  Siva, brahmA etc
sthothra-rathnam-48  harE!  Oh my saviour who eliminates the sorrows!
sthothra-rathnam-43  hatha akhila klESa malai:  without any suffering and blemish (of having [had] bondage in prakruthi (material realm))
sthothra-rathnam-26  hAthum  to let go of
sthothra-rathnam-9  hE abjanEthra  oh reddish eyed lord!
sthothra-rathnam-27  ichchthi  will desire?
sthothra-rathnam-57  idham vigyApanam  this is (my) request.
sthothra-rathnam-24  idhAnIm  now
sthothra-rathnam-27  ikshurakam  grass flower
sthothra-rathnam-14  imam  this world
sthothra-rathnam-14  imam  this world
sthothra-rathnam-54  imAm bhadhIyathAm  this servitude
sthothra-rathnam-11  ISithruthvam  aiSwarya (ability to control)
sthothra-rathnam-62  itha:  this
sthothra-rathnam-55  ithara AvasathEshu  the residence of others
sthothra-rathnam-53  ithi  as
sthothra-rathnam-9  ithi  thus
sthothra-rathnam-11  ithi EthE api & nbsp;all of these said persons
sthothra-rathnam-58  ithi ichchAmi  I am desiring in this way
sthothra-rathnam-59  ithi ichchan iva  like the one who who has true desire
sthothra-rathnam-59  iththam rUpam  this type of
sthothra-rathnam-20  jagath udhbhava sthithi praNASa samsAra vimOchana Adhaya:  creating the world, protecting, annihilating, helping to cross over the samsAra (material realm|), etc
sthothra-rathnam-60  jagathAm  for the worlds
sthothra-rathnam-61  jagathi  in this world
sthothra-rathnam-61  janithvA  though being born
sthothra-rathnam-26  jAthu  never
sthothra-rathnam-28  jAthu  never
sthothra-rathnam-33  jyAkiNakarkaSai:  being rough due to launching the bow string
sthothra-rathnam-14  ka: rakshathi  who is protecting?
sthothra-rathnam-11  ka: vaidhika:  which vaidhika (one who practices vEdham)
sthothra-rathnam-8  ka: viSEsha:  what is the difference?
sthothra-rathnam-46  kadhA aham praharshayishyAmi  when I will please you only?
sthothra-rathnam-30  kadhA nu  when
sthothra-rathnam-28  kadhApi  at any time
sthothra-rathnam-31  kadhApuna: alankarishyathi  when will be decorated?
sthothra-rathnam-47  kAma vruththa: ya: aham  me who is popularly known to act according to (my own) whims and fancies
sthothra-rathnam-47  kAmayE  desiring
sthothra-rathnam-7  karthum  to do
sthothra-rathnam-12  kasya  Whose
sthothra-rathnam-14  kasya nAbhE:  from whose navel
sthothra-rathnam-13  kasya pAdha udhakEna  by whose SrIpAdha thIrtham (holy water which washed the feet)
sthothra-rathnam-14  kasya udharE  (subdued) in whose stomach?
sthothra-rathnam-27  katham  how
sthothra-rathnam-62  katham paricharEyam  How am I going to serve?
sthothra-rathnam-7  kavayE  one claims to be a poet
sthothra-rathnam-16  kEchith  some great souls
sthothra-rathnam-14  kEna vA  by who else
sthothra-rathnam-28  kEnachith  any one
sthothra-rathnam-48  kEvalam krupayA  only through your mercy
sthothra-rathnam-63  kim asthi  what is there?
sthothra-rathnam-53  kim nu samarpayAmi  what can I submit?
sthothra-rathnam-25  kim vA dhu:kham bhAvi?  what grief is going to occur from now onwards?
sthothra-rathnam-9  kincha  further
sthothra-rathnam-25  kinthu  but
sthothra-rathnam-55  kIta janma api  even to be born as a worm
sthothra-rathnam-35  kOmaLa gaNdam  one who is having beautiful cheeks
sthothra-rathnam-23  krandhAmi  crying
sthothra-rathnam-14  krAnthvA  (during thrivikrama avathAram) measured
sthothra-rathnam-59 &nbs p;krupayA  out of mercy
sthothra-rathnam-30  krutha kshaNam  spending time
sthothra-rathnam-28  krutha:  performed
sthothra-rathnam-62  kruthagna:  doing bad to even the one who does good to me [i.e., being ungrateful]
sthothra-rathnam-18  kruthagya:  grateful towards his devotees even for the smallest of their acts
sthothra-rathnam-18  kruthI  engage in actions (of his devotees, considering them to be his own)
sthothra-rathnam-63  kshamAyA:  patience
sthothra-rathnam-44  kshaNa aNuvath kshiptha para Adhi kAlayA  brahmAs life span being spent like a very small moment , etc.,
sthothra-rathnam-57  kshaNam api na sahE  will not tolerate even for a moment;
sthothra-rathnam-56  kshaNE api  even for a moment
sthothra-rathnam-29  kshaNEn  within a moment
sthothra-rathnam-62  kshudhra:  desirous of lowly matters
sthothra-rathnam-6  kula dhaivatham  being (dependable) deity of our clan
sthothra-rathnam-24  kUlam iva labdha: aSi  you came like a shore;
sthothra-rathnam-61  kyAtha yaSasAm  well known to be famous
sthothra-rathnam-35  lalAta paryantha vilambitha alakam  having divine hairs which lean upto his divine forehead
sthothra-rathnam-36  lasath thuLasyA  having radiant thiruththuzhAy (thuLasi) (which shines due to coming in contact with you)
sthothra-rathnam-20  leelA bhavanthi  are like sports;
sthothra-rathnam-23  lOkE  in SAsthram [world indicates SAsthram which conducts the world]
sthothra-rathnam-3  lOkE  in this world
sthothra-rathnam-55  mA sma bhUth  shall not occur.
sthothra-rathnam-51  mA sma jIhapa:  do not abandon
sthothra-rathnam-31  madhIya mUrdhAnam  my head
sthothra-rathnam-30  madhIyam dhanam  being my wealth
sthothra-rathnam-2  madhIyam SaraNam  my refuge
sthothra-rathnam-2  madhujith  emperumAn who killed madhu
sthothra-rathnam-57  madhumadhana!  Oh my lord who killed madhu (the demon)!
sthothra-rathnam-18  madhura:  sweet
sthothra-rathnam-27  madhuvratha:  bee
sthothra-rathnam-8  mahA arNava antha:  inside a huge ocean
sthothra-rathnam-44  mahAbhujam  having huge arms (which are suitable to embrace periya pirAtt)
sthothra-rathnam-58  mahatha: aSubhasya  great sin
sthothra-rathnam-61  mahathi vamSE  great family lineage
sthothra-rathnam-26  mahESa!  Oh sarvESvara (lord of all)!
sthothra-rathnam-7  mahima arNava SIkara aNu:  even a small atom in a droplet of the ocean of greatness
sthothra-rathnam-11  mahima arNava viprusha:  a drop in the ocean of your greatness
sthothra-rathnam-2  mahimAthiSaya anthasImnE  being the pinnacle of greatness
sthothra-rathnam-44  mahishIm  periya pirAtti
sthothra-rathnam-13  mahishta pala pradhAnai:  bestowing of great results
sthothra-rathnam-7  mahyam  for me
sthothra-rathnam-8  majjathO:  submerge
sthothra-rathnam-27  makarantha nirbharE  filled with honey
sthothra-rathnam-49  mAm  me
sthothra-rathnam-56  mAm naya  make me qualified
sthothra-rathnam-25  mama  for me
sthothra-rathnam-9  mama cha  for me only
sthothra-rathnam-9  mama thu  for me
sthothra-rathnam-53  mama yath asthi  whatever is owned by me
sthothra-rathnam-9  mandha budhdhE:  having very little intelligence
sthothra-rathnam-5  math anvayAnAm  for my descendants
sthothra-rathnam-64  math Eka varjam kim  does it exclude just me?
sthothra-rathnam-51  math ruthE  (anyone) other than me
sthothra-rathnam-65  math vruththam  my conduct
sthothra-rathnam-5  mAthA  mother
sthothra-rathnam-60  mAthA thvam  you are the mother;
sthothra-rathnam-15  mathai: cha  their opinions/principles
sthothra-rathnam-26  mAthu:  mothers
sthothra-rathnam-7  mAthum  to measure
sthothra-rathnam-23  mayA  by me
sthothra-rathnam-52  mayA  by me
sthothra-rathnam-16  mAyA balEna  by amazing ability
sthothra-rathnam-54  mayi  in me
sthothra-rathnam-55  mE  for me
sthothra-rathnam-55  mE  for me
sthothra-rathnam-50  mE  my
sthothra-rathnam-50  mE  to me
sthothra-rathnam-6  mE mUrdhni  on my head
sthothra-rathnam-54  mE prayachcha  kindly bestow me.
sthothra-rathnam-18  mrudhu:  one who cannot bear the separation from his devotees
sthothra-rathnam-44  mugdha vidhagdha leelayA  by sports which are beautiful and skilful
sthothra-rathnam-63  mugdha! krishNa!  Oh krishNa who doesnt know [care for] any defects!
sthothra-rathnam-34  mukha SriyA  by the radiance of the divine face
sthothra-rathnam-23  mukundha  Oh lord who bestows liberation!
sthothra-rathnam-1  munayE  one who meditates upon bhagavAn
sthothra-rathnam-4  munivarAya  best among rishis
sthothra-rathnam-5  mUrdhnA  with my head
sthothra-rathnam-28  mushNAthi  removes;
sthothra-rathnam-9  na anukampya:  not qualified to have you shower your mercy;
sthothra-rathnam-23  na asthi  not present;
sthothra-rathnam-19  na athiSErathE  have not moved forward
sthothra-rathnam-10  na avEkshasE yadhi  if (you) had not bestowed your merciful glance
sthothra-rathnam-10  na chithram  not strange
sthothra-rathnam-51  na dhayanIyavAn&n bsp; not having the target of your mercy.
sthothra-rathnam-28  na hIyathE  diminishes
sthothra-rathnam-26  na jihAsathi  would not live to leave
sthothra-rathnam-50  na mrushA  (this request) is not false;
sthothra-rathnam-11  na mrushyathi  cannot tolerate?
sthothra-rathnam-51  na nAthavAn  without (any other) lord
sthothra-rathnam-15  na prabhavanthi  are incapable
sthothra-rathnam-57  na sahE  will not tolerate even for a moment;
sthothra-rathnam-7  na Sakya:  impossible
sthothra-rathnam-26  na uthsahE  I will not dare;
sthothra-rathnam-27  na vIkshathE hi  will not even see!
sthothra-rathnam-23  na vyadhAyi  not performed
sthothra-rathnam-5  na:  for us
sthothra-rathnam-6  na: kula dhanam  being wealth of our clan
sthothra-rathnam-1  nama:  I offer my salutations
sthothra-rathnam-2  nama:  salutations
sthothra-rathnam-4  nama:  salutations
sthothra-rathnam-7  nama: asthu  should be saluted myself
sthothra-rathnam-21  nama: nama:  namaskAram, namaskAram (salutations! salutations!);
sthothra-rathnam-30  namasyath Arthi kshapaNE  in the matter of eliminating the sorrows of those who worshipped
sthothra-rathnam-21  namO nama:  namaskAram (salutation);
sthothra-rathnam-21  namO nama:  namaskAram (salutation);
sthothra-rathnam-21  namO nama:  namaskAram (salutation).
sthothra-rathnam-64  nanu anukampya:  deserve to receive your mercy;
sthothra-rathnam-11  nArAyaNa  Oh nArAyaNa!
sthothra-rathnam-25  nAtha  Oh my lord!
sthothra-rathnam-50  nAtha  Oh my lord!
sthothra-rathnam-53  nAtha mAdhava!  Oh emperumAn who is sarvasvAmi (lord of all) and lakshmI nAtha (divine consort of SrI mahAlakshmi)!
sthothra-rathnam-57  nAtha!  Oh my lord!
sthothra-rathnam-64  nAtha!  Oh my lord!
sthothra-rathnam-3  nAthamunayE  to nAthamunigaL
sthothra-rathnam-65  nAthamunim  nAthamunigaL
sthothra-rathnam-2  nAthAya  one who is [my] lord
sthothra-rathnam-1  nAthAya  to nAthamunigaL
sthothra-rathnam-14  nigIrya  (during avAnthara praLayam (intermediate deluge)) swallowed
sthothra-rathnam-32  nimagna nAbhim  having deep navel
sthothra-rathnam-61  nimajjAmi  drowning
sthothra-rathnam-4  niramimItha  who mercifully gave
sthothra-rathnam-46  nirantharam  continuously
sthothra-rathnam-7  nirapathrapAya  shameless
sthothra-rathnam-26  nirAsakasya api  even (if you) pushed (me) aside
sthothra-rathnam-26  nirastha: api  pushed away (by the mother)
sthothra-rathnam-58  niravadhika vAthsalya jaladhE!  Oh one who is like an ocean for boundless motherly love!
sthothra-rathnam-47  nirdhayam  merciless
sthothra-rathnam-29  nirvApya  extinguish it
sthothra-rathnam-29  nirvruthim cha  bliss too
sthothra-rathnam-10  nisarga suhrudhi  being a natural friend
sthothra-rathnam-61  nisargAth Eva  naturally
sthothra-rathnam-43  nishEvyamANam  one who is being worshipped
sthothra-rathnam-42  nisrushta Athma bharENa  having been placed your burden/responsibility (of managing nithya vibhUthi (spiritual realm) and leelA vibhUthi (material realm))
sthothra-rathnam-2  nithyam  always
sthothra-rathnam-40  nivAsa SayyA Asana pAdhukA amSuka upadhAna varshAthapa vAraNa Adhibhi:  [AdhiSEsha] being the palace where emperumAn resides, being the bed where he rests, being the throne [where he sits], being the sandals [which he wears], being the garments [which he wears], being the pillow [which he embraces], being the umbrella which protects him from rain and shine, and assuming many other forms [for his service]
sthothra-rathnam-27  nivESitha AthmA  my mind which is placed (by your grace)
sthothra-rathnam-5  niyamEna  always
sthothra-rathnam-53  niyatha svam  always owned
sthothra-rathnam-62  nruSamsa:  engaged in cruel acts
sthothra-rathnam-34  nyakkrutha pUrNa nirmala amruthAmSu bimba amburuha ujjvala Sriyam  winning over the great radiance of a full, faultless moon and a freshly blossomed lotus flower
sthothra-rathnam-52  pAdha padhmayO:  at your divine lotus feet
sthothra-rathnam-26  pAdha pankajam thAvath  divine lotus feet
sthothra-rathnam-49  padha: skalitham  falling off from virtuous path
sthothra-rathnam-51  pAlaya  protect
sthothra-rathnam-39  paNA maNi vrAtha mayUkha maNdala prakASa mAna udhara dhivya dhAmani  one who is having the divine private quarters [of bhagavAn] in the middle portion (lap) which is shining brightly as a result of the light emitted from the precious stones in his hoods
sthothra-rathnam-61  pApAthmA  being sins personified
sthothra-rathnam-62  pApishta:  engrossed in sins
sthothra-rathnam-29  parAm  superior
sthothra-rathnam-17  param padham  and SrIvaikuNtam (spiritual realm)
sthothra-rathnam-15  parama prakrushta sathvEna  your abode/wealth which is filled with pure goodness
sthothra-rathnam-11  parama: svarAt  mukthAthmA (liberated soul) who is greater than the previously mentioned dhEvathAs and not bound by karma
sthothra-rathnam-47  paramapurusha  Oh purushOththama (supreme lord)!
sthothra-rathnam-3  paramArtha  being the ultimate benefit
sthothra-rathnam-50  paramArtham Eva  truth only;
sthothra-rathnam-12  paramasathva samASraya: ka:  Who has pure goodness in him?
sthothra-rathnam-4  parASarAya  for parASara
sthothra-rathnam-17  parAth param  the collection of nithyasUris who are greater than mukthAthmAs (who are greater than dhEvathAs starting with brahmA et al)
sthothra-rathnam-2  parathra cha api  in the other world as well
sthothra-rathnam-14  paravAn ithi  having lord
sthothra-rathnam-3  parivAha  overflowing
sthothra-rathnam-16  paSyanthi  are seeing
sthothra-rathnam-48  pathitham  fallen
sthothra-rathnam-5  pithA  father
sthothra-rathnam-60  pithA thvam  you are the father;
sthothra-rathnam-32  pItha vAsasam  having divine pIthAmbaram (yellow garment)smitha  blossomed
sthothra-rathnam-65  pithAmaham  one who is my grand father
sthothra-rathnam-10  prabhO  Oh my lord!
sthothra-rathnam-53  prabudhdha dhI:  me who knows this
sthothra-rathnam-35  prabudhdha mugdha ambuja chAru lOchanam  One who is having blossomed and fresh lotus flower like eyes
sthothra-rathnam-17  pradhAnam  and prakruthi (matter)
sthothra-rathnam-44  praharshayantham  being the one who gives her joy
sthothra-rathnam-13  prajA paSu pathI paripAthi  protected brahmA who is known as prajApathi and Siva who is known as paSupathi?
sthothra-rathnam-15  prakhyA thadhaiva paramArtha vidhAm  of those who know in truth about the renowned lord
sthothra-rathnam-39  prakrushta vigyAna bala Eka dhAmani  one who is the abode of great knowledge and strength
sthothra-rathnam-5  praNamAmi  worship, bow down
sthothra-rathnam-57  prANAn  (in the same manner) vital airs
sthothra-rathnam-63  praNatha: ithi  considering him to be a SaraNAgatha (one who surrendered)
sthothra-rathnam-14  prapancha:  world
sthothra-rathnam-60  prapanna: cha  one who has you as the means;
sthothra-rathnam-46  praSAntha niSSEsha manOrathAnthra:  being relieved from all other attachments with the trace
sthothra-rathnam-65  prasIdha  mercifully pardon (me)
sthothra-rathnam-63  prathibhavam  birth after birth
sthothra-rathnam-64  prathigyAm smaratha: thava  to you who are thinking about the vow (which you declared towards vibhIshaNa at the seashore [before the rAma  rAvaNa battle])
sthothra-rathnam-10  pravruththi: kutha:  it is obvious that no actions would have occurred [if the worlds were not created to start with]
sthothra-rathnam-29  prayachchathi  gives
sthothra-rathnam-33  priya avathamsa uthpala karNabhUshaNa Slatha alakabandha vimardha Samsibhi:  revealing the embossed marks of dark water-lily flowers which decorate SrI mahAlakshmis ears, her ear rings and her wavy hairs
sthothra-rathnam-60  priya suhruth thvam Eva  you are the beloved well-wisher;
sthothra-rathnam-37  priyam dhAma  became a dear abode
sthothra-rathnam-42  priyENa  dear to (all)
sthothra-rathnam-14  puna: udhgirathi  and spat out again?
sthothra-rathnam-12  puNdarIka nayana: ka:  Who is lotus-eyed?
sthothra-rathnam-41  pura: upasthitham  worshipped in your divine presence
sthothra-rathnam-4  purANa rathnam  SrIvishNu purANam, gem (best) among purANams
sthothra-rathnam-17  purusha:  and the collection of jIvAthmAs (sentient entities)
sthothra-rathnam-19  pUrushAn prakalpya  imagining new brahmAs
sthothra-rathnam-12  purushOththama: ka:  Who is known as purushOththama (best among men)?
sthothra-rathnam-28  pushNAthi  nurtures;
sthothra-rathnam-63  raghuvara!  Oh one who appeared as SrI rAma, the best among the raghu kula kings!
sthothra-rathnam-59  rajas thamaS channa: (aham)  this servitor who is covered by rajO guNam (passion) and thamO guNam (ignorance)
sthothra-rathnam-1  rASayE  like a collection
sthothra-rathnam-36  rathAnga Sanka asi gadhA dhanurvarai:  with weapons such as chakram (disc), conch, nAndhaka sword, kaumOdhakI mace, SArnga bow
sthothra-rathnam-18  ruju:  honest (in mind, words and actions)
sthothra-rathnam-38  rUpENa  with the beautiful form
sthothra-rathnam-26  rushA  out of anger
sthothra-rathnam-23  sa: aham  I, who is of such nature,
sthothra-rathnam-13  sa: Siva:  that Siva
sthothra-rathnam-43  sachivai:  by nithyasUris who instruct you and engage in proper service
sthothra-rathnam-8  sadhA  always
sthothra-rathnam-38  sadhA  always
sthothra-rathnam-38  sadhA  in all states (of bhagavAn such as param (in paramapadham), vyUham (kshIrAbdhi  milk ocean), vibhavam (incarnations) and so on)
sthothra-rathnam-43  sadhA AnukUlyasa Ekarasai:  always having kainkaryam (service [to you]) as the enjoyment
sthothra-rathnam-19  sadhA sthithA:  always focussed on
sthothra-rathnam-23  sahasraSa:  thousands of times
sthothra-rathnam-41  sakhA  friend
sthothra-rathnam-28  sakruth  once
sthothra-rathnam-56  sakruth  once
sthothra-rathnam-64  sakruth Eva prapanna:  saying I have surrendered unto you once
sthothra-rathnam-30  sAkshAthkaravANi  see?
sthothra-rathnam-9  Sakthi athiSayEna  greatness of my ability
sthothra-rathnam-14  Sakya Sanka:  can there even be a doubt?
sthothra-rathnam-18  sama:  being equal (for all who surrender unto him)
sthothra-rathnam-3  samagra  being complete
sthothra-rathnam-52  samarpitha:  submitted.
sthothra-rathnam-45  samartham  being capable (of making even less-intelligent person to experience him progressively)
sthothra-rathnam-18  samastha kalyANa guNa amrutha udhadhi: asi  being a nectarean ocean of auspicious qualities
sthothra-rathnam-37  samastham jagath  all of the world
sthothra-rathnam-6  samEthi  reaches beautifully
sthothra-rathnam-46  sanAtha jIvitha:  living with a purpose
sthothra-rathnam-4  sandharSayan  explaining clearly
sthothra-rathnam-31  Sankha rathAnga kalpaka dhvaja aravindha ankuSa vajra lAnchanam  Having Sankha (conch), chakra (disc), kalpaka vruksha (kalpaka tree), dhvaja/kodi (flag), arvaindha/thAmarai (lotus), ankuSa (hook), vajrAyudham (a weapon) as identity
sthothra-rathnam-49  santhatha dhu:kha varshiNi  pouring down sorrows continuously
sthothra-rathnam-61  SaraNadha  Oh my lord who bestows refuge!
sthothra-rathnam-48  SaraNAgatham  me who declares to be surrendered unto you
sthothra-rathnam-25  SaraNAgathAnAm parAbhava:  an insult for those who are surrendered unto you
sthothra-rathnam-22  SaraNam prapadhyE  firmly accept as the means
sthothra-rathnam-22  SaraNya  Oh my lord who is apt to be surrendered to!
sthothra-rathnam-40  SarIra bhEdhai:&nb sp; in many forms
sthothra-rathnam-10  sarva janthO:  for all creatures
sthothra-rathnam-7  Sarva pithAmahAdhyai: api  by Siva, brahmA et al
sthothra-rathnam-5  sarvam  everything else (that is not mentioned here)
sthothra-rathnam-25  sarvam sahE  I am tolerating all these sorrows;
sthothra-rathnam-57  SathadhA vinASAm yAthu  let (all these aspects which are devoid of servitude) disappear.
sthothra-rathnam-11  Sathamakha:  indhra
sthothra-rathnam-15  sAthvikatathayA prabalaiScha SAsthrai:  SAsthrams which are strong/firm because of their nature of goodness
sthothra-rathnam-35  savibhrama bhrUlatham  one who is having divine eyebrows which are curved and look like a creeper
sthothra-rathnam-63  sAyujyadha: abhU; cha yath  you blessed him liberation;
sthothra-rathnam-15  Seela rUpa charithai:  with your Seela guNam (the quality of simplicity), form (which is glorified by the vEdham) and (divine) activities
sthothra-rathnam-42  sEnApathinA  by vishvaksEna
sthothra-rathnam-40  SEsha: ithi janai: IrithE  being called by everyone as SEsha
sthothra-rathnam-11  Siva  Siva
sthothra-rathnam-13  Siva: (abhUth)  became pure?
sthothra-rathnam-62  smara para vaSa:  addicted to lust
sthothra-rathnam-58  smAram smAram  remembering again and again
sthothra-rathnam-36  spurath krIta angadha hAra kaNtikA maNIndhra kAnchIguNa nUpura Adhibhi:  with the ornaments such as shining crown, shoulder rings, necklace, divine neck chain, SrI kausthubha jewel, divine waist string, divine anklets etc
sthothra-rathnam-8  Srama avathi  until becoming tired
sthothra-rathnam-9  Srama:  fatigue
sthothra-rathnam-5  SrImath  having SrIvaishNavaSrI (wealth of kainkaryam)
sthothra-rathnam-12  SrIya: SrI: ka:  Who is the wealth of SrI: (SrI mahAlakshmi)?
sthothra-rathnam-45  Sriya: Sriyam  Being SrI (wealth) for SrI (SrI mahAlakshmi)
sthothra-rathnam-50  SruNu  mercifully hear;
sthothra-rathnam-6  SruthiSirassu cha  in vEdhAntham also
sthothra-rathnam-26  sthanandhaya: SiSu:  nursing baby
sthothra-rathnam-8  sthaumi  shall praise;
sthothra-rathnam-18  sthira:  firm in protecting (his devotees)
sthothra-rathnam-27  sthithE sathi  when present
sthothra-rathnam-6  sthOshyAmi  I am going to praise
sthothra-rathnam-9  sthuthi kruthEna pariSramENa  becoming tired in praising you (qualified to have you shower your mercy);
sthothra-rathnam-8  sthuvantha:  praise
sthothra-rathnam-33  Subhai:  auspicious
sthothra-rathnam-3  Subhai: vachOpi:  with auspicious words
sthothra-rathnam-28  SubhAni  auspicious aspects
sthothra-rathnam-35  Suchi smitham  one who is having pure smile
sthothra-rathnam-18  Suchi:  having purity (to show his mercy unconditionally)
sthothra-rathnam-61  suchInAm  pure
sthothra-rathnam-9  sulabha:  will easily occur;
sthothra-rathnam-13  sva SirO dhruthEna  beholding on his head
sthothra-rathnam-38  sva vaiSvarUpyENa  In his universal form
sthothra-rathnam-43  svabhAvatha:  natural
sthothra-rathnam-18  svabhAvatha:  naturally
sthothra-rathnam-11  svAbhAvika  natural
sthothra-rathnam-10  svAmin  Oh lord!
sthothra-rathnam-54  svayam krupayA  by your unconditional grace
sthothra-rathnam-28  thadhaiva  immediately
sthothra-rathnam-7  thadhIya mahima sthuthim  praises about such emperumAns greatness
sthothra-rathnam-63  thAdhruSa: vAyasasya  with respect to kAkAsura who committed such (big) offense
sthothra-rathnam-56  thai: mahAthmabhi:  (by those) great vaishNavas
sthothra-rathnam-47  tham mAm dhik  I should condemn such me
sthothra-rathnam-61  thamasi  in material nature
sthothra-rathnam-5  thanaya:  children
sthothra-rathnam-32  thanu madhyam  having slender waist
sthothra-rathnam-4  thasmai  such
sthothra-rathnam-2  thasmai nAthamunayE  for that nAthamunigaL
sthothra-rathnam-63  thasya thE  such [compassionate] your,
sthothra-rathnam-23  thath  such evil actions
sthothra-rathnam-51  thath  thus
sthothra-rathnam-52  thath  thus
sthothra-rathnam-5  thath angriyugaLam  those two divine feet
sthothra-rathnam-53  thath sakalam  all of those
sthothra-rathnam-57  thath sathyam  this is the truth;
sthothra-rathnam-42  thath thathA anujAnantham  being the one who approves off those actions in the same manner
sthothra-rathnam-50  thatha:  after (losing me)
sthothra-rathnam-10  thatha:  after the total deluge
sthothra-rathnam-9  thathra  in this case
sthothra-rathnam-3  thathva gyAna  true knowledge
sthothra-rathnam-2  thathva gyAna anurAga  true knowledge and devotion
sthothra-rathnam-4  thathvEna  as they are (truthfully)
sthothra-rathnam-7  thathvEna  truly
sthothra-rathnam-37  thava  for you
sthothra-rathnam-50  thava  for you
sthothra-rathnam-26  thava  your
sthothra-rathnam-37  thava  your
sthothra-rathnam-52  thava  your
sthothra-rathnam-55  thava  your
sthothra-rathnam-58  thava  your
sthothra-rathnam-23  thava agrE  in front of your highness
sthothra-rathnam-62  thava charaNayO:  at your divine feet
sthothra-rathnam-53  thava Eva  by you only
sthothra-rathnam-60  thava Eva  by you only
sthothra-rathnam-38  thava Eva uchithayA  matching for you exclusively
sthothra-rathnam-30  thava pAdha pankajam  your divine lotus foot
sthothra-rathnam-27  thava pAdha pankajE  at your divine lotus foot
sthothra-rathnam-16  thava paribradima svabhAvam  your prabhuthva (lordship)
sthothra-rathnam-47  thava parijana bhAvam  service to you
sthothra-rathnam-60  thava parijana:  your servitor;
sthothra-rathnam-40  thava SEshathAm gathai:  in service for you
sthothra-rathnam-57  thava SEshathva vibhavAth bahirbhUtham  outside the wealth of being surrendered to you
sthothra-rathnam-38  thava SriyA  being your wealth.
sthothra-rathnam-43  thava uchithai:  matching you
sthothra-rathnam-51  thavam cha  you too
sthothra-rathnam-39  thayA saha  with that pirAtti
sthothra-rathnam-9  thE  for you
sthothra-rathnam-41  thE  for you
sthothra-rathnam-53  thE  for you
sthothra-rathnam-56  thE  for you
sthothra-rathnam-64  thE itham vratham  this vow of your highness
sthothra-rathnam-25  thE na anurUpa:  does not fit your stature.
sthothra-rathnam-8  thE vEdhA: api  the vEdhams
sthothra-rathnam-17  thE vibhUthaya;  are your bodies/forms
sthothra-rathnam-19  thE yE Satham ithi anukramAth  by reciting thE yE Satham (such hundred) repeatedly
sthothra-rathnam-41  thEna garuthmathA  by such garudAzhwAn
sthothra-rathnam-41  thrayImaya:  having vEdhams as limbs
sthothra-rathnam-16  thrividha SIma  having three types of measurements (kAla (time), dhESa (place) and vasthu (entity))
sthothra-rathnam-31  thrivikrama!  Oh my lord who incarnated as thrivikrama!
sthothra-rathnam-56  thruNIkrutha anuththama bhukthi mukthibhi:  those who have great pleasures and liberation and consider themselves to be as good as a blade of grass
sthothra-rathnam-20  thvadhASrithAnAm  for your devotees (like brahmA et al)
sthothra-rathnam-42  thvadhIya bhuktha ujjitha SEsha bhOjinA  one who eats the food remnants of what you ate
sthothra-rathnam-20  thvadhIya gambhIra manOnusAriNa: bhavanthi  follow the deep divine hearts of your devotees
sthothra-rathnam-60  thvadhIya:  yours;
sthothra-rathnam-18  thvam  you
sthothra-rathnam-63  thvam  you
sthothra-rathnam-15  thvAm  you (who is superior to all)
sthothra-rathnam-59  thvam Eva  you only
sthothra-rathnam-60  thvam mithram  you are the dependable friend (with whom confidential matters can be shared);
sthothra-rathnam-25  thvath agrE  in the presence of your highness
sthothra-rathnam-56  thvath AkAra vilOkana ASayA  to the desire of seeing your divine form
sthothra-rathnam-16  thvath ananya bhAvA:  those who think about you exclusively
sthothra-rathnam-41  thvath anghri sammardha giNa anga SObhinA  shining due to being identified by the scars caused by pressing of your divi ne feet
sthothra-rathnam-28  thvath anghrim udhdhiSya  towards your divine feet
sthothra-rathnam-14  thvath anya: ka:  other than you
sthothra-rathnam-60  thvath bruthya:  your slave;
sthothra-rathnam-31  thvath charaNa ambuja dhvayam  your two divine feet
sthothra-rathnam-22  thvath charaNa aravindhE  in your divine lotus feet
sthothra-rathnam-29  thvath charaNa aruNa ambuja dhvaya anurAga amrutha sindhu sIkara:  a droplet in the ocean of love for your two reddish divine lotus feet
sthothra-rathnam-61  thvath charaNa kamala EkAntha manasAm  great personalities whose minds are exclusively engaged in your divine feet
sthothra-rathnam-19  thvath Ekaika guNa avadhi IpsayA  desiring to see the boundary of your each quality
sthothra-rathnam-60  thvath gathi:  one who has you alone as the ultimate goal;
sthothra-rathnam-22  thvath pAdha mUlam  your divine lotus feet
sthothra-rathnam-51  thvath ruthE  other than you
sthothra-rathnam-42  thvayA  by you
sthothra-rathnam-24  thvayA api  by you too
sthothra-rathnam-10  thvayai  in you
sthothra-rathnam-11  thvayi  in (such) you
sthothra-rathnam-9  uchitha:  is apt.
sthothra-rathnam-34  udhagra pIna amsa vilambi kuNdala alaka AvaLI bandhura kambu kandharam  having neck that is beautiful due to the earrings that reach upto the tall and well-rounded divine shoulders, and with the curly hair, and which has 3 lines.
sthothra-rathnam-42  udhAra vIkshaNai:  by your merciful glances
sthothra-rathnam-4  udhAra: ya:  that magnanimous parASara
sthothra-rathnam-29  udhIrNa samsAra thava ASuSukshaNim  fiercely burning forest fire of samsAram (material bondage)
sthothra-rathnam-7  udhyadhAya  one who has set out
sthothra-rathnam-19  udhyamatha:  crossing over the starting stage
sthothra-rathnam-32  ujjvala  radiant
sthothra-rathnam-35  ujjvala adharam  one who is having very radiant divine lips
sthothra-rathnam-36  ujjvalam  shining
sthothra-rathnam-16  ullangitha  crossed over (beyond)
sthothra-rathnam-16  ullangitha sama athiSAyi sambhAvanam  (crossed over (beyond) ) having doubt of if there is anyone equal or higher?
sthothra-rathnam-35  unnasam  one who is having raised nose
sthothra-rathnam-32  unnatham  being great (due to having these features)
sthothra-rathnam-62  uththIrNa:  reaching the shore
sthothra-rathnam-59  vachanam  words
sthothra-rathnam-63  vadha  (you yourself) should mercifully explain.
sthothra-rathnam-18  vadhAnya:  generous (of presenting himself to his devotees)
sthothra-rathnam-41  vAhanam  vehicle
sthothra-rathnam-20  vaidhikA: vidhaya: cha  the rules of vEdham too
sthothra-rathnam-1  vairAgya  of the detachment
sthothra-rathnam-5  vakuLa abhirAmam  decorated with magizha flowers
sthothra-rathnam-36  vanamAlayA  vanamAlA garland
sthothra-r athnam-62  vanchanapara:  deceiving
sthothra-rathnam-21  vAng manasa athibhUmayE  to you who is beyond the reach of the speech and mind (of those who try to know you by their own efforts)
sthothra-rathnam-21  vAng manasa Eka bhUmayE  to you who is within the reach of the speech and mind (of those who have known you, by your grace)
sthothra-rathnam-52  vapurAdhishu  among SarIram (body) etc
sthothra-rathnam-18  vaSI  controlled (by his devotees)
sthothra-rathnam-13  vEdha apahAra  Stealing of vEdham
sthothra-rathnam-5  vibhUthi:  great wealth
sthothra-rathnam-12  vichithra chith achith pravibhAga vruththam  having diversified categories of chEthana (sentient entities) and achEthana (insentient entities)?
sthothra-rathnam-51  vidhi nirmitham  caused by your mercy
sthothra-rathnam-47  vidhi Siva sanaka Adhyai:  brahmA, Siva, sanaka et al
sthothra-rathnam-38  vilAsa chEshtithai:  nice activities
sthothra-rathnam-30  vilAsa vikrAntha para pavara Alayam  owning the abodes of the celestial/superior dhEvas and the inferior humans, which were sportingly measured
sthothra-rathnam-65  vilOkya  seeing him
sthothra-rathnam-23  vipAka avasarE samprathi  right now, when [such actions] culminate into results
sthothra-rathnam-32  virAjamAna  beautiful (due to the mix of colours)
sthothra-rathnam-32  viSAla vaksh:sthala SObhi lakshaNam  having the shining SrIvathsa mole in the broad divine chest
sthothra-rathnam-38  vismayam AdhadhAnayA  one who amazes
sthothra-rathnam-12  viSvam  [sustains] all of this world
sthothra-rathnam-41  vithAnam  canopy (which protects from shine)
sthothra-rathnam-41  vyajanam  who is the chAmara (fan made of hairs from yak tail)
sthothra-rathnam-41  ya:  that garudAzhwAn
sthothra-rathnam-53  ya: aham asmi  I who am existing
sthothra-rathnam-52  ya: api ka: api vA  may be any one
sthothra-rathnam-64  yAchamAna: (aham)  I who am praying
sthothra-rathnam-56  yadh viraha:  the separation of those great vaishNavas
sthothra-rathnam-37  yadhartham  for whom
sthothra-rathnam-50  yadhi na dhayishyasE  if you dont show your mercy
sthothra-rathnam-59  yadhi puna: arachayam thathA api  even if I engaged in
sthothra-rathnam-2  yadhIya charaNau  the divine feet of that SrIman nAthamunigaL
sthothra-rathnam-37  yadhIya janmabhU:  the divine milk ocean which is the birth place of pirAtti
sthothra-rathnam-8  yadhvA  Or
sthothra-rathnam-3  yaminAm varAya  best among the yOgis
sthothra-rathnam-6  yasmin  on which divine feet
sthothra-rathnam-37  yasyA  for which pirAtti
sthothra-rathnam-7  yasya  that emperumAns
sthothra-rathnam-11  yasya thE  (such great) your
sthothra-rathnam-6  yath  that emperumAns divine feet
sthothra-rathnam-17  yath aNdam  that brahmANdam [the 14 layered oval shaped universe under the control of brahmA]
sthothra-rathnam-37  yath apAnga samSrayam  depends on whose gentle glance
sthothra-rathnam-5  yath Eva  that AzhwArs divine feet
sthothra-rathnam-23  yath nindhitham karma  those prohibited actions
sthothra-rathnam-42  yath yathA nyavEdhi  whichever actions requested in any manner
sthothra-rathnam-54  yathA  as
sthothra-rathnam-28  yathA thathA vA api  in any manner
sthothra-rathnam-52  yathA thathAvidha:  may be of any nature
sthothra-rathnam-8  yathAmathi vA api  as much as I know
sthothra-rathnam-43  yathOchitham  according to [their/your] svarUpam (true nature)
sthothra-rathnam-40  yathOchitham  as suitable for each situation
sthothra-rathnam-47  yOgivarya agragaNyai:  those who are considered as foremost among the best yOgis
sthothra-rathnam-61  yukthAnAm  who desire to be together with you
sthothra-rathnam-5  yuvathaya:  women (wives)

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