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emperumAn says “My protection will be according to the nature of the soul; ascertaining your own nature, you submit yourself unto me” and ALavandhAr as done [by nammAzhwAr] in thiruvAimozhi 2.9.5siRappil vIdu“, says “there is no such restriction for me; this entity (me) which is known as AthmA, is submitted unto the divine feet of your highness”.

vapurAdhishu yO’pi kO’pi vA
guNathO’sAni yathAthathAvidha: |
thadhayam thava pAdhapadhmayO:
ahamadhyaiva mayA samarpitha: ||

Word by word meaning

vapurAdhishu – among SarIram (body) etc
ya: api ka: api vA – may be any one
guNatha: – characteristically
yathA thathAvidha: – may be of any nature
asAni – let me be;
[I have no restriction on such aspect.]
thath – thus
ayam aham – I, this entity
thava – your
pAdha padhmayO: – at your divine lotus feet
adhyaiva – right now
mayA – by me
samarpitha: – submitted.

Simple Translation

Let me be any one among SarIram (body) etc and characteristically be of any nature [svarUpa – nature and guNa – qualities]; [I have no restriction on such aspect] thus, I, this entity is submitted by me at your divine lotus feet right now.

vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

  • vapurAdhishu – Talking about dhEha (body), indhriya (senses), mana (mind) and prANa (vital air). There is difference of opinion on what is AthmA – there are those who say AthmA is one among these [body, senses etc] and there are others who says AthmA is beyond matter, and that which is identified by gyAnam (knowledge), Anandham (bliss) etc. Let the AthmA be any one of these.
  • guNathO’sAni yathAthathAvidha: – While defining the characteristic of the AthmA, there is difference of opinion in it being aNuthva (being miniscule), vibhuthva (being omnipresent), SarIra parimANathva (being a transformation of body), nithyathva (being eternal), anithyathva (being temporary) and gyAthruthva (being the knowledge/knower). I don’t care if any of these is the characteristic of the AthmA.
  • thath – Since, I do not care about AthmA’s nature and characteristics.
  • aham – I, who is different from matter, who is the soul, who is shining visibly.
  • thava pAdha padhmayO: – At the enjoyable divine feet of your highness, who is the protector.
  • adhyaiva – Even if the AthmA is kshaNika (only exists for a moment), I am submitting in that same moment.
  • mayA samarpitha: – is submitted by me. [Many pramANams are quoted for submitting oneself] yajur brAhmaNam 3.7 “yO’hamasmi sa san yajE” (Whoever I am, let me be that (and submit myself)). yajur brAhmaNam 3.7 “yasyAsmi na thamantharEmi” (For whomever I am a servitor, I will not leave him and go to anyone else). mahAbhAratham SAnthi parvam 343.24 “AthmA rAjyam dhanam mithram kaLathram vAhanAni cha | Ethath bhagavathE sarvamithi thathprEkshitham sadhA ||” (uparicharavasu always thought “[my] self, kingdom, wealth, friends, wife, vehicles are all for bhagavAn“). SrI rAmAyaNam ayOdhyA kANdam 82.12 “katham dhaSarathAjjAthO bhavEdh rAjyApahAraka: | rAjyam chAham cha rAmasya dharmam vakthumihArhasi ||” (How can one born to dhaSaratha steal the kingdom? Both the kingdom and I are SrI rAma’s possessions. You have to state the truth here).

In the next article we will enjoy the next SlOkam.

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