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From this SlOkam upto 46th SlOkam “bhavantham“, ALavandhAr, enjoys emperumAn‘s togetherness with beautiful limbs, ornaments, weapons, divine consorts, divine servitors, wealth etc., and asks when will he engage in service to emperumAn which resulted out of that blissful experience. With this ALavandhAr mercifully explains his goal. The attainable goal is defined as in Siva [linga] purANam “vaikuNtE thu parE lOkE SriyA sArdham jagathpathi: | AsthE vishNurachithyAthmA bhakthair bhAgavathais saha||” (The inconceivable lord of the universe, vishNu, mercifully resides along with SrI mahAlakshmi, in the supreme abode, SrI vaikuNtam, along with bhkathas (devotees) and bhAgavthas (his followers).

smithAthasIsUnasamAmalachchavim |
nimagnanAbhim thanumadhyamunnatham
viSAlavakshasthalaSObhilakshaNam ||

Word by word meaning

virAjamAna – beautiful (due to the mix of colours)
ujjvala – radiant
pItha vAsasam – having divine pIthAmbaram (yellow garment)smitha – blossomed
athasI sUna sama – kAyAmpU (purple coloured flower) like
amala chavim – having faultless splendour
nimagna nAbhim – having deep navel
thanu madhyam – having slender waist
unnatham – being great (due to having these features)
viSAla vaksh:sthala SObhi lakshaNam – having the shining SrIvathsa mole in the broad divine chest

Simple Translation

[emperumAn is] having beautiful (due to the mix of colours)  radiant divine pIthAmbaram (yellow garment), faultless splendour like that of a blossomed kAyAm pU (purple coloured flower) , deep navel, slender waist, being great (due to having these features)  and is having the shining SrIvathsa mole in the broad divine chest …

vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

  • virAjamAna – When emperumAn asks ALavandhAr “would you be satisfied if I place my divine foot on your head?”, ALavandhAr says “that is not sufficient” and starts enjoying emperumAn’s beauty.
  • virAjamAna – Beauty due to being contrast to the divine [dark] complexion of emperumAn.
  • ujjvala – The radiance acquired due to his svarUpam (true nature) as said in bruhadhAraNyaka upanishath 4.3.6 “mAhArajanam vAsa:” (The garment of paramAthmA is pIthAmbaram). The [natural] beauty where it appears like the waist have blossomed into the yellow garment as said in thiruvAimozhi 3.7.4udaiyArndha Adai” (divine garment which perfectly fits with the waist).
  • pItha vAsasam – As said in nAchchiyAr thirumozhi 14.8 “pIdhagavAdai udaiyAn” (one who wears yellow garment), it is not only beautiful, it also reveals his aiSvaryam (control/wealth).
  • smithAthasI – Like a fresh kAyAmpU (purple coloured flower) which is just blossomed. A seen in mahAbhAratham SAnthi parvam 46.118 “athasIpushpa sankASam …” (bhIshma says – One who worships gOvindha who resembles purple coloured flower …, will not have any fear), perumAL thirumozhi 1.2 “kAyAmpU malarppiRangal anna mAlai” (Sriman nArAyaNa who resembles garland strung with purple coloured flowers), emperumAn‘s divine feet which mesmerizes great personalities.
  • nimagna nAbhim – As said in “Avartha iva gangAyA:” (The divine navel which looks like a twirl in the river gangA), having a divine navel which appears like a twirl in the flood of his beauty. It is said in periyAzhwAr thirumozhi 1.3.8 “nandhan madhalaikku nanRum azhagiya undhi” (the very beautiful navel of krishNa, the humble son of nandhagOpAla).
  • thanumadhyam – It is said in thiruvAimozhi 5.5.8 “siRRidaiyum vadivum” (the slender waist and the divine form), thiruvAimozhi 8.5.3 “thudisEr idaiyum” (very slender waist).
  • unnathamemperumAn being present as sarvAdhika (greater than all) due to this divine form, garments and beauty.
  • viSAla … – You who is having SrIvathsachihna (SrIvathsa mole) on your wide chest …

In the next article we will enjoy the next SlOkam.

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