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yathiraja-vimsathi-thaniyanYathipati prasadineempleads Yatiraja to shower his grace
yathiraja-vimsathi-thaniyanYathiraja Vimsatimthe matter that pertains to Yatiraja in twenty Slokas, which is called Yatiraja Vimsati
yathiraja-vimsathi-thaniyanstutimthat Stotra
yathiraja-vimsathi-thaniyanprapanna jana chatakambujamLike skylark which gives water to skylarks drawn from the cloud, Mamunigal is helping the people who did prapatti
yathiraja-vimsathi-thaniyanTam Varayogi pungavamthat beautiful Alagiya Manavala Mamunigal, a great saint
yathiraja-vimsathi-1Sri Madhava anghri jalajadhvayaat the lotus like feet of Sriyahppati, who is like Sri Mahalakshmi, who attained fame with all things,
yathiraja-vimsathi-1nitya seva premavilasayawith fond hope of doing daily kainkarya for which dilute mind,
yathiraja-vimsathi-1Parankusa pada bhaktamgreat devotion at the feet of Nammalvar, who is otherwise called Parankusa,
yathiraja-vimsathi-1atma padastrithanamfor those who reached at his feet,
yathiraja-vimsathi-1Kamadidosha haram YatipatimChief of those saints who erase the desires and controlled limbs,
yathiraja-vimsathi-1RamanujamSri Ramanuja who is called Emberumanar,
yathiraja-vimsathi-1moordnaby head,
yathiraja-vimsathi-1pranamamiI am worshipping.
yathiraja-vimsathi-2Sri Rangaraja charanambuja Rajahamsamlike a King Swan at the feet of Sriranganatha
yathiraja-vimsathi-2Srimath Parankusa padambuja brungarajamlike a great beetle settled to drink honey at the feet of Nammalvar
yathiraja-vimsathi-2Sri Bhattanatha Parakala mukhabja mitramlike sun who makes the lotuses blossom for those Periyalwar and Tirumangai Alwar
yathiraja-vimsathi-2Srivatsachihna saranamfeet of Kuresa, who is like the mark of Srivatsa
yathiraja-vimsathi-2YatirajaKing of sanyAsis (emperumAnAr)
yathiraja-vimsathi-2meedeI worship.
yathiraja-vimsathi-3YatindraO Ethiraja!
yathiraja-vimsathi-3manasaby mind
yathiraja-vimsathi-3Vachaby tongue
yathiraja-vimsathi-3vapusha chaby body
yathiraja-vimsathi-3Padaravinda yugalamlotus like feet
yathiraja-vimsathi-3bhajathamI worship
yathiraja-vimsathi-3Gurunamby Purvacharyas
yathiraja-vimsathi-3Kuradinatha kurukesa mukadhya pumsamKuresa, Tirukkurukaippiran pillan and so on
yathiraja-vimsathi-3sathatham pada anuchintana para:always focusing my mind at their feet
yathiraja-vimsathi-3bhaveyamto be done.
yathiraja-vimsathi-4He! YathindraO Yathiraja!
yathiraja-vimsathi-4manahamind is for you
yathiraja-vimsathi-4divya vapuhu smruthowto think of much adorable thirumeni
yathiraja-vimsathi-4bhavathuto be in this.
yathiraja-vimsathi-4asow mevakfar away without worshipping you
yathiraja-vimsathi-4vagmy voice
yathiraja-vimsathi-4tava guna keerthanefor meditating with so much of interest your attributes like simplicity, softness etc.
yathiraja-vimsathi-4saktha bhavathuis to be interested.
yathiraja-vimsathi-4me karadvayasyamy both hands
yathiraja-vimsathi-4dasya karanam thu krutyamare only to serve your gooself, which is to be the duty.
yathiraja-vimsathi-4karanathrayammy mind, body, and action must always to think, worship and serve respectively
yathiraja-vimsathi-4vrutiantare vimukham cha astuand not to serve, worship or think any other person that is to be accomplished.
yathiraja-vimsathi-5Natha!Chief for us
yathiraja-vimsathi-5athrain the ignorance world
yathiraja-vimsathi-5adyareigned by Kalipursha
yathiraja-vimsathi-5mamafor the low profile of myself
yathiraja-vimsathi-5Ashtaksharakhya manurajain the famous Ashtakshari Mantra
yathiraja-vimsathi-5padatrayartha nishtamthe meaning of Om Namo Narayanaya i.e. ananyarhaseshatvam, ananyasaranathvam and ananyabhogyathvam, vithara is to be given
yathiraja-vimsathi-5Sishta agraganya jana sevya bhavath padabjeamong the disciples Kuresa, Pillan and so on who do not doubt your supremacy, a mean of liberation, goal which is countable as Lord who is the Supreme, a mean and goal and thought that you are Supreme, you are a way, you are only the goal, they served at Your lotus like feet
yathiraja-vimsathi-5nityam anubhuyaalways experienced
yathiraja-vimsathi-5asya mama bhuddhihilow profile of my knowledge
yathiraja-vimsathi-5hrushtaby enjoying the benefit of the experience
yathiraja-vimsathi-5astuto be done.
yathiraja-vimsathi-6Daya EkasindoGrace which will not dry up such unparalleled ocean!
yathiraja-vimsathi-6AryaO Acharya
yathiraja-vimsathi-6YatirajaChief among the saints!
yathiraja-vimsathi-6mefor me
yathiraja-vimsathi-6bhavathiya padapja bhaktihilonging at the lotus feet of yours
yathiraja-vimsathi-6alpa api nanot even a few
yathiraja-vimsathi-6sabdhadi bhoga ruchihilove towards world matters
yathiraja-vimsathi-6anvaham ethateeveryday is increasing
yathiraja-vimsathi-6HaAlas, trouble
yathiraja-vimsathi-6amushya nidanamthe reason for not love towards good matter and love towards worldly matters
yathiraja-vimsathi-6mathpapameva bhavatiis my continuous sin
yathiraja-vimsathi-6anyath nanot any other thing
yathiraja-vimsathi-6tat varayathat sin be wiped out by your grace.
yathiraja-vimsathi-7He YatindraCome Yathiraja!
yathiraja-vimsathi-7vanchanaparahaone who interested in deceiving others
yathiraja-vimsathi-7naravapuhupossessing body of human being
yathiraja-vimsathi-7pasuhu thuas an animal
yathiraja-vimsathi-7vruththyaby my action
yathiraja-vimsathi-7jnayeknown. (This means the nature of man-animal i.e. eating, sleeping and afraid of seeing foes)
yathiraja-vimsathi-7Idrusaha apieven if I am in this way
yathiraja-vimsathi-7sruti adi siddha nikila atmaguna asrayahapossesser all the attributes of soul as explained in Vedas etc. this Manavala Mamunigal
yathiraja-vimsathi-7kruthinaha apinot only ordinary people but also elites
yathiraja-vimsathi-7adarenawith so much of affection
yathiraja-vimsathi-7mithahaamong themselves
yathiraja-vimsathi-7pravakthumto speak good words if necessary
yathiraja-vimsathi-7athra apinot in other place, but in Srirangam
yathiraja-vimsathi-7adya varthathenow residing
yathiraja-vimsathi-7TatvarayaPlease wipe out decisiveness of others from myself.
yathiraja-vimsathi-8YathirajaCome Yatiraja!
yathiraja-vimsathi-8saranagatha aakyahaOne who carry only the name of Prapanna
yathiraja-vimsathi-8Sabdadibhoga nirathahaone who interested in experiencing the low mundane matters through the five senses
yathiraja-vimsathi-8tushta cheshtaone who is doing the wrong things that are not to be done ordered by Sastras
yathiraja-vimsathi-8tavahence for yourself
yathiraja-vimsathi-8dukkavahoahacreating sorrow
yathiraja-vimsathi-8tvatpada bhakta ivalike Prapanna who prostrates in your feet with bhakti
yathiraja-vimsathi-8sishta jana oka madhyein the midst of Acharyas like Kuraththalwan and others who are clear in their mind in knowing that doing servitude to your feet and to do that you are as a mean
yathiraja-vimsathi-8mithya charamiI am wandering as a lier
yathiraja-vimsathi-8TatahaIn that reason
yathiraja-vimsathi-8murkaha asmimyself became ignorant person
yathiraja-vimsathi-8Tat varayaSuch ignorance is to be eradicated.
yathiraja-vi msathi-9He! Yatiraja!Come Yatiraja
yathiraja-vimsathi-9Gurumthe Acharya, who eradicates the inner ignorance by preaching what not known to me
yathiraja-vimsathi-9mantramthat Acharya who did upadesa of Ashtakshara Mantra, otherwise called Tirumantra
yathiraja-vimsathi-9tat devatam apiSriman Narayana, the inner meaning of that Mantra
yathiraja-vimsathi-9nityam thualways
yathiraja-vimsathi-9kinchit apinot a little
yathiraja-vimsathi-9na bibhemenot fearing about the annihilation in future for disrespecting those three things
yathiraja-vimsathi-9ahowhat a wonderful this!
yathiraja-vimsathi-9iththamIn this way
yathiraja-vimsathi-9sata apithough
yathiraja-vimsathi-9not knowing by anybody doing bad things
yathiraja-vimsathi-9asavathor as nastika who has no belief in Sastras, behaving like doing good things both in and out, or like astika has belief as codified in Sastras in those three things
yathiraja-vimsathi-9bhavadeyasanggein the midst of Ghosti parama astikas, who are devout at your feet
yathiraja-vimsathi-9hrushtahappily think that my bad doings are not aware of by them
yathiraja-vimsathi-9aham murkhahamyself became ignorant person
yathiraja-vimsathi-9TatvarayaI request to eradicate all these ignorance.
yathiraja-vimsathi-10Yatirajacome Yathiraja!
yathiraja-vimsathi-10yaha ahamwhat kind of myself
yathiraja-vimsathi-10manasa vacha kriyaya chaby word, mind and body
yathiraja-vimsathi-10thrividhapacharanthree kinds of sins disrespect to bhagavan, disrespect to bhagavatas, unbearable disrespectful conduct
yathiraja-vimsathi-10sathatham charamiuninterruptedly doing
yathiraja-vimsathi-10so ahamsuch kind of myself
yathiraja-vimsathi-10tavafor your Good-self, who is so kind towards myself
yathiraja-vimsathi-10apriyakaraha sandoing unwanted thing
yathiraja-vimsathi-10priyakrudhvath evapretend by doing wanted things
yathiraja-vimsathi-10kalam nayamispending the days
yathiraja-vimsathi-10Ha hantha hanthaAlas, Alas, Alas
yathiraja-vimsathi-10thathaha aham murkhaha asmihence, I became ignorant
yathiraja-vimsathi-10Tat varayaThat ignorance is to be eradicated.
yathiraja-vimsathi-11He YathirajaCome Yathiraja!
yathiraja-vimsathi-11Pape krute sathewhen doing sin
yathiraja-vimsathi-11mamafor myself
yathiraja-vimsathi-11bhaya anutapa lajjahathere was fear about what’s going to happen further, and I feel for what a terrible mistake I had committed, and feel ashamed for how I show my face to the elders
yathiraja-vimsathi-11bhavanthi yadiif happened
yathiraja-vimsathi-11asya punaha karanamsuch sins repeatedly
yathiraja-vimsathi-11katham gatethahow will that be accepted?
yathiraja-vimsathi-11IhaIn doing this sin
yathiraja-vimsathi-11bhaya adilesahanot an iota of fear in these three things i.e. sin, mistake and shame
yathiraja-vimsathi-11mohenasense of illusion in experiencing the mundane matter which is not to be experienced
yathiraja-vimsathi-11mefor myself
yathiraja-vimsathi-11na bhavathenot emerging
yathiraja-vimsathi-11agam punaha punahadoing repeatedly the sin.
yathiraja-vimsathi-12He YathindraCome Yathiraja!
yathiraja-vimsathi-12sakalavasthushuin all things
yathiraja-vimsathi-12antar bahischa santhampervaded in and out
yathiraja-vimsathi-12EsamSriman Narayana who is controlling all
yathiraja-vimsathi-12puraha sthithamthe man who is appearing in front
yathiraja-vimsathi-12antaha ivalike blindman
yathiraja-vimsathi-12aveekshamanaha sannot seen by Him, hence
yathiraja-vimsathi-12kandarppavascha hrudayahadesired and yielded to Manmadan
yathiraja-vimsathi-12sathatham bhavamiis being always
yathiraja-vimsathi-12tvath agra gamanasyato come before Yourself
yathiraja-vimsathi-12aham na harhahaI am not eligible
yathiraja-vimsathi-12hanthaAlas! what a hardship.
yathiraja-vimsathi-13He YatirajaCome God for saints!
yathiraja-vimsathi-13Tapathrayee janitha dukhkhanipathinopithough falling down in the midst of sorrows that were emerged by the three thapas
yathiraja-vimsathi-13mama thufor a lowlife like me
yathiraja-vimsathi-13dehasthethowthe body which is not constant in its shape, by constantly living without ruined
yathiraja-vimsathi-13ruchethe desire
yathiraja-vimsathi-13bhavathiis emerging
yathiraja-vimsathi-13Thath nivriththowIn that perishable body
yathiraja-vimsathi-13naruchi bhavathiit is disgusting
yathiraja-vimsathi-13ethasyaThe reason for the desire the body and not accepting it’s perishing
yathiraja-vimsathi-13karanam mama papamevais the cause of my sin
yathiraja-vimsathi-13 thvam evaYou are the Head to eradicate my sin
yathiraja-vimsathi-13thath seegram haraplease eradicate the moment my sins.
yathiraja-vimsathi-14He RamanujaryaCome Ramanujacharya!
yathiraja-vimsathi-14Vacham agochara maha gunaimmeasurable, i.e. attributes are not countable, such greatness of attributes possessed
yathiraja-vimsathi-14desikagraya Kuradinathathe great Acharya Kuresa
yathiraja-vimsathi-14gathithain his Panchasthavee etc.
yathiraja-vimsathi-14akila naichyapatramfor the low status
yathiraja-vimsathi-14esha aham evaI am the only one
yathiraja-vimsathi-14ethruchaha punahaSuch other person who is
yathiraja-vimsathi-14jagathein this world
yathiraja-vimsathi-14na asthenot at all available
yathiraja-vimsathi-14Thathfor such reason
yathiraja-vimsathi-14thethu karuna evain the matter of showering your unlimited kindness
yathiraja-vimsathi-14math gathihiamong all other sinners
yathiraja-vimsathi-14bhavathifor myself it is a refuge to uplift from the sin.
yathiraja-vimsathi-15He YathindraCome Yathiraja!
yathiraja-vimsathi-15eha lokethis world which has plenty of mistakes done by people
yathiraja-vimsathi-15adyathe King Kali is reigning the kingdom in this time
yathiraja-vimsathi-15Suddathma Yamuna Guruththama Kuranatha Bhattakya DesikavaraYamunacharya, otherwise called Alawandar, who is faultless and possessing pure in the nature of soul, Kuresa, who is greatest in the fullness of attributes of soul, Sri Parasara Bhattar, who is greater than other Purvacharyas
yathiraja-vimsathi-15uktha samastha naichyammentioned in their texts their lawlessness possessed by them
yathiraja-vimsathi-15maye evain me only
yathiraja-vimsathi-15asankuchitam (asti)existing fully (In others only lesser mistakes)
yathiraja-vimsathi-15the karuna thuthe mercy of your good-self, which is famous in the world
yathiraja-vimsathi-15math gathihi evaonly myself mattered.
yathiraja-vimsathi-16He YatindraCome Yathiraja
yathiraja-vimsathi-16ihain the present position of body
yathiraja-vimsathi-16asmadeeyaof myself
yathiraja-vimsathi-16sabdhadi bhogavishayaabout the experience derived from mundane matter etc.
yathiraja-vimsathi-16bhavadhdhayayaby the kindness of your good-self who constantly felt sorrow heavily
yathiraja-vimsathi-16nashta bhavatudisappear without any form
yathiraja-vimsathi-16yahafor one who is lucky person
yathiraja-vimsathi-16tvatdasato trade the service to you
yathiraja-vimsathi-16dasa gananaby thinking of servants
yathiraja-vimsathi-16charamavathowlast in such countable servants
yathiraja-vimsathi-16bhavatiI am
yathiraja-vimsathi-16tatdasathaidoing service to such person
yathiraja-vimsathi-16eka rasathawithout involved in other desires
yathiraja-vimsathi-16bhavaththayayaby the mercy of Your good-self
yathiraja-vimsathi-16mamasthuto be formed for myself.
yathiraja-vimsathi-17He YatirajaCome Yathiraja
yathiraja-vimsathi-17srutyagravedyato which it is proper to know the meanings of Vedanta from Acharyas
yathiraja-vimsathi-17nija divyagunaswarupahafor himself worthy to experience the attributes of knowledge (jnana) and valour (sakti) etc., one who possesses the nature of instigating the subjects by entering into everybody or those who took refuge of Him, who became servitude to the subject
yathiraja-vimsathi-17iha thuin this world of what?
yathiraja-vimsathi-17pratyakshatam upagatawho attained to see by everyone with their eyes
yathiraja-vimsathi-17thefor Yourself
yathiraja-vimsathi-17vasyahabind to do the work what You entrusted
yathiraja-vimsathi-17bhavationeself attains existence. (One feels that he exists by doing the work entrusted to oneself)
yathiraja-vimsathi-17thasmathSuch a person if he being a servant
yathiraja-vimsathi-17svakeeyaamong the servants of Yourself
yathiraja-vimsathi-17janato those servants
yathiraja-vimsathi-17papavimochane thvamin eliminating the sins
yathiraja-vimsathi-17thvamby Yourself
yathiraja-vimsathi-17sakthaha bhavasiwill attain valour.
yathiraja-vimsathi-18He YathindraCome Yathiraja!
yathiraja-vimsathi-18Kalatreyepiby the past, present and future
yathiraja-vimsathi-18karanthraya nirmitadone by body, mind and action of three instruments
yathiraja-vimsathi-18athi papakriyasyaunable to tolerate even by the God who tolerates the extreme extent of sins committed by a human
yathiraja-vimsathi-18saranama means to wipe out the sins
yathiraja-vimsathi-18bhagavatkshamaivaGod, whose tolerance will redeem mistakes and the tolerance is the origin of His all other attributes.
yathiraja-vimsathi-18thvaya evaeven to order the Bhagavan by your goodself
yathiraja-vimsathi-18kamalaramaneGoddess Sriranganachchiyar, the Consort who instigate the real quality of mercy and perseverance of Lord Sri Ranganatha
yathiraja-vimsathi-18arthita yithihas requested in Saranagati Gadya
yathiraja-vimsathi-18sa evasuch request itself
yathiraja-vimsathi-18bhavath sruthanamto be in the fold of yourself, who are taken by your good-self
yathiraja-vimsathi-18kshemahasuch is the means for attaining liberation.
yathiraja-vimsathi-19Sriman YathindraYathiraja, who possesses everlasting wealth of granting liberation to His Acharyas and His disciples
yathiraja-vimsathi-19mefor myself
yathiraja-vimsathi-19karunaparinamadattamgiven by the mercy of my Acharya Tirumalai Azhawar otherwise called Tiruvoymozhippillai
yathiraja-vimsathi-19thamsuch great
yathiraja-vimsathi-19tava divya padabjasevamto perform service at Your feet
yathiraja-vimsathi-19vivardhayato be flourished. This means that the decedents of Sri Ramanuja’s servants lineage has to perform this service till the end that is to be flourished by him.
yathiraja-vimsathi-19tasyahafor such service
yathiraja-vimsathi-19viruddam akilamall obstacles
yathiraja-vimsathi-19kamamnevartayashould be eradicated.
yathiraja-vimsathi-20dayamburaseocean like grace, which means restlessness towards other’s trouble
yathiraja-vimsathi-20mamakeenamof myself
yathiraja-vimsathi-20yad vijnapanamwhat I requested from the third Sloka to the earlier Sloka
yathiraja-vimsathi-20edamthat request
yathiraja-vimsathi-20ajnaha ayamhe, who has no good knowledge
yathiraja-vimsathi-20atmagunalesa vivarjitaschanot even possessing the attributes of nature of soul like control of senses, organ of senses etc.
yathiraja-vimsathi-20ananya saranaha bhavatiHe has no refugee than myself
yathiraja-vimsathi-20iti matvafeel
yathiraja-vimsathi-20angeekurushvato accept me.

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