yathirAja vimSathi – 13

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

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Tapathrayeejanithadukhkhanipathinopi dehasthethow
mama ruchisthu na thannivriththow /
ethasyakaranamaho mama papameva
Natha thwameva hara tad Yathiraja Seeghram //

word-by-word meanings

He Yatiraja – Come God for saints!
Tapathrayee janitha dukhkhanipathinopi – though falling down in the midst of sorrows that were emerged by the three thapas
mama thu – for a lowlife like me
dehasthethow – the body which is not constant in its shape, by constantly living without ruined
ruche – the desire
bhavathi – is emerging
Thath nivriththow – In that perishable body
naruchi bhavathi – it is disgusting
ethasya – The reason for the desire the body and not accepting it’s perishing
karanam mama papameva – is the cause of my sin
Natha – Head
thvam eva – You are the Head to eradicate my sin
thath seegram hara – please eradicate the moment my sins.

Simple Translation

In this Sloka, Mamunigal says that Yatiraja informed him that until now the cause for mentioning the mistakes is the desire in  his  stable body.  He can desire to delink the body which is not stable, which is full of multiple impurities and giving room for several diseases, after considering the above mistakes. The word tapathrayee means three types of causes for sorrow.  1. Adhyathmika – based on body by living in the womb etc. 2. Adibowthika – emerging due to five elements of water, fire etc. 3. Adidaivikam –suffering in the hell etc. by the God, Yama. This is mentioned in another way also.  Any man will drive away with a stick the dog, crow etc. which desire to eat the blood, flesh etc. of the body. This is stated in the Sloka – yati namasya kayasya yath antha, tat bhahir bhaveth. In the main Sloka tan nivruththow naruchi the alphabet na which has negative meaning, is to be added with the word ruchi that indicates the negation of desire.  Hence, Mamunigal means to eradicate the sin immediately which is the cause for desire on the stablity of cruel body than the desire in the experience  of worldly matters. Yatiraja has not delinked the body, as Mamunigal was to live in this world to uplift the people.

Translation by Sri U.Ve.Dr.M.Varadarajan Swami, MA, MA, PhD

Source: http://divyaprabandham.koyil.org/index.php/2015/10/yathiraja-vimsathi-tamil-slokam-13/

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