Glossary/Dictionary by word – yathirAja vimSathi

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 adarena  with so much of affectionyathiraja-vimsathi-7 
 adya  reigned by Kalipurshayathiraja-vimsathi-5 
 adya  the King Kali is reigning the kingdom in this timeyathiraja-vimsathi-15 
 adya  nowyathiraja-vimsathi-20 
 adya varthathe  now residingyathiraja-vimsathi-7 
 agam punaha punaha  doing repeatedly the sin.yathiraja-vimsathi-11 
 aham  myselfyathiraja-vimsathi-7 
 aham  myselfyathiraja-vimsathi-8 
 aham  myselfyathiraja-vimsathi-9 
 aham  myselfyathiraja-vimsathi-12 
 aham murkhaha  myself became ignorant personyathiraja-vimsathi-9 
 aham na harhaha  I am not eligibleyathiraja-vimsathi-12 
 aho  what a wonderful this!yathiraja-vimsathi-9 
 ajnaha ayam  he, who has no good knowledgeyathiraja-vimsathi-20 
 akila naichyapatram  for the low statusyathiraja-vimsathi-14 
 alpa api na  not even a fewyathiraja-vimsathi-6 
 amushya nidanam  the reason for not love towards good matter and love towards worldly mattersyathiraja-vimsathi-6 
 ananya saranaha bhavati  He has no refugee than myselfyathiraja-vimsathi-20 
 angeekurushva  to accept me.yathiraja-vimsathi-20 
 antaha iva  like blindmanyathiraja-vimsathi-12 
 antar bahischa santham  pervaded in and outyathiraja-vimsathi-12 
 anvaham  dailyyathiraja-vimsathi-19 
 anvaham ethate  everyday is increasingyathiraja-vimsathi-6 
 anyath na  not any other thingyathiraja-vimsathi-6 
 apriyakaraha san  doing unwanted thingyathiraja-vimsathi-10 
 arthita yithi  has requested in Saranagati Gadyayathiraja-vimsathi-18 
 Arya  O Acharyayathiraja-vimsathi-6 
 asankuchitam (asti)  existing fully (In others only lesser mistakes)yathiraja-vimsathi-15 
 asavath  or as nastika who has no belief in Sastras, behaving like doing good things both in and out, or like astika has belief as codified in Sastras in those three thingsyathiraja-vimsathi-9 
 Ashtaksharakhya manuraja  in the famous Ashtakshari Mantrayathiraja-vimsathi-5 
 asmadeeya  of myselfyathiraja-vimsathi-16 
 asow mevak  far away without worshipping youyathiraja-vimsathi-4 
 astu  to be done. yathiraja-vimsathi-5 
 asya mama bhuddhihi  low profile of my knowledgeyathiraja-vimsathi-5 
 asya punaha karanam  such sins repeatedlyyathiraja-vimsathi-11 
 athi papakriyasya  unable to tolerate even by the God who tolerates the extreme extent of sins committed by a humanyathiraja-vimsathi-18 
 athra  in the ignorance worldyathiraja-vimsathi-5 
 athra api  not in other place, but in Srirangamyathiraja-vimsathi-7 
 atma padastrithanam  for those who reached at his feet,yathiraja-vimsathi-1&nbs p;
 atmagunalesa vivarjitascha  not even possessing the attributes of nature of soul like control of senses, organ of senses etc.yathiraja-vimsathi-20 
 aveekshamanaha san  not seen by Him, henceyathiraja-vimsathi-12 
 aviratha  dailyyathiraja-vimsathi-16 
 bhagavatkshamaiva  God, whose tolerance will redeem mistakes and the tolerance is the origin of His all other attributes.yathiraja-vimsathi-18 
 bhajatham  I worshipyathiraja-vimsathi-3 
 bhavadeyasangge  in the midst of Ghosti parama astikas, who are devout at your feetyathiraja-vimsathi-9 
 bhavadhdhayaya  by the kindness of your good-self who constantly felt sorrow heavilyyathiraja-vimsathi-16 
 bhavanthi yadi  if happenedyathiraja-vimsathi-11 
 bhavath sruthanam  to be in the fold of yourself, who are taken by your good-selfyathiraja-vimsathi-18 
 bhavathi  is emergingyathiraja-vimsathi-13 
 bhavathi  for myself it is a refuge to uplift from the sin.yathiraja-vimsathi-14 
 bhavathiya padapja bhaktihi  longing at the lotus feet of yoursyathiraja-vimsathi-6 
 bhavaththayaya  by the mercy of Your good-selfyathiraja-vimsathi-16 
 bhavathu  to be in this.yathiraja-vimsathi-4 
 bhavati  I amyathiraja-vimsathi-16 
 bhavati  oneself attains existence. (One feels that he exists by doing the work entrusted to oneself)yathiraja-vimsathi-17 
 bhaveyam  to be done.yathiraja-vimsathi-3 
 bhaya adilesaha  not an iota of fear in these three things i.e. sin, mistake and shameyathiraja-vimsathi-11 
 bhaya anutapa lajjaha  there was fear about what’s going to happen further, and I feel for what a terrible mistake I had committed, and feel ashamed for how I show my face to the eldersyathiraja-vimsathi-11 
 charamavathow  last in such countable servantsyathiraja-vimsathi-16 
 charami  wanderingyathiraja-vimsathi-9 
 dasa ganana  by thinking of servantsyathiraja-vimsathi-16 
 dasya karanam thu krutyam  are only to serve your gooself, which is to be the duty.yathiraja-vimsathi-4 
 Daya Ekasindo  Grace which will not dry up such unparalleled ocean!yathiraja-vimsathi-6 
 dayamburase  ocean like grace, which means restlessness towards other’s troubleyathiraja-vimsathi-20 
 dehasthethow  the body which is not constant in its shape, by constantly living without ruinedyathiraja-vimsathi-13 
 desikagraya Kuradinatha  the great Acharya Kuresayathiraja-vimsathi-14 
 divya vapuhu smruthow  to think of much adorable thirumeniyathiraja-vimsathi-4 
 dukkavahoaha  creating sorrowyathiraja-vimsathi-8 
 edam  that requestyathiraja-vimsathi-20 
 eha loke  this world which has plenty of mistakes done by peopleyathiraja-vimsathi-15 
 eka rasatha  without involved in other desiresyathiraja-vimsathi-16 
 Esam  Sriman Narayana who is controlling allyathiraja-vimsathi-12 
 esha aham eva  I am the only oneyathiraja-vimsathi-14 
 ethasya  The reason for the desire the body and not accepting it’s perishingyathiraja-vimsathi-13 
 ethruchaha punaha  Such other person who isyathiraja-vimsathi-14 
 gathitha  in his Panchasthavee etc.< a href="">yathiraja-vimsathi-14 
 Gurum  the Acharya, who eradicates the inner ignorance by preaching what not known to meyathiraja-vimsathi-9 
 Gurunam  by Purvacharyasyathiraja-vimsathi-3 
 Ha  Alas, troubleyathiraja-vimsathi-6 
 Ha hantha hantha  Alas, Alas, Alasyathiraja-vimsathi-10 
 hantha  Alas! what a hardship.yathiraja-vimsathi-12 
 He Ramanujarya  Come Ramanujacharya!yathiraja-vimsathi-14 
 He Yathindra  Come Yathiraja!yathiraja-vimsathi-12 
 He Yathindra  Come Yathiraja!yathiraja-vimsathi-15 
 He Yathindra  Come Yathiraja!yathiraja-vimsathi-18 
 He Yathiraja  Come Yathiraja!yathiraja-vimsathi-11 
 He Yatindra  Come Yathiraja!yathiraja-vimsathi-7 
 He Yatindra  Come Yathirajayathiraja-vimsathi-16 
 He Yatiraja  Come God for saints!yathiraja-vimsathi-13 
 He Yatiraja  Come Yathirajayathiraja-vimsathi-17 
 He! Yathindra  O Yathiraja!yathiraja-vimsathi-4 
 He! Yatiraja!  Come Yatirajayathiraja-vimsathi-9 
 hrushta  by enjoying the benefit of the experienceyathiraja-vimsathi-5 
 hrushta  happily think that my bad doings are not aware of by themyathiraja-vimsathi-9 
 Idrusaha api  even if I am in this wayyathiraja-vimsathi-7 
 Iha  In doing this sinyathiraja-vimsathi-11 
 iha  in the present position of bodyyathiraja-vimsathi-16 
 iha thu  in this world of what?yathiraja-vimsathi-17 
 iththam  In this wayyathiraja-vimsathi-9 
 iti  henceyathiraja-vimsathi-7 
 iti matva  feelyathiraja-vimsathi-20 
 jagathe  in this worldyathiraja-vimsathi-14 
 jana  to those servantsyathiraja-vimsathi-17 
 jnaye  known. (This means the nature of man-animal i.e. eating, sleeping and afraid of seeing foes)yathiraja-vimsathi-7 
 kalam nayami  spending the daysyathiraja-vimsathi-10 
 Kalatreyepi  by the past, present and futureyathiraja-vimsathi-18 
 Kamadidosha haram Yatipatim  Chief of those saints who erase the desires and controlled limbs,yathiraja-vimsathi-1 
 kamalaramane  Goddess Sriranganachchiyar, the Consort who instigate the real quality of mercy and perseverance of Lord Sri Ranganathayathiraja-vimsathi-18 
 kamamnevartaya  should be eradicated.yathiraja-vimsathi-19 
 kandarppavascha hrudayaha  desired and yielded to Manmadanyathiraja-vimsathi-12 
 karanam mama papameva  is the cause of my sinyathiraja-vimsathi-13 
 karanathrayam  my mind, body, and action must always to think, worship and serve respectivelyyathiraja-vimsathi-4 
 karanthraya nirmita  done by body, mind and action of three instrumentsyathiraja-vimsathi-18 
 karunaparinamadattam  given by the mercy of my Acharya Tirumalai Azhawar otherwise called Tiruvoymozhippillaiyathiraja-vimsathi-19 
 katham gatetha  how will that be accepted?yathiraja-vimsathi-11 
 kinchit api  not a littleyathiraja-vimsathi-9 
 kruthinaha api  not only ordinary people but also elitesyathiraja-vimsathi-7 
 kshemaha  such is the means for attaining liberation. yathiraja-vimsathi-18 
 Kuradinatha kurukesa mukadhya pumsam  Kuresa, Tirukkurukaippiran pillan and so onyathiraja-vimsathi-3 
 mama  for the low profile of myselfyathiraja-vimsathi-5 
 mama  for myselfyathiraja-vimsathi-11 
 mama thu  for a lowlife like meyathiraja-vimsathi-13 
 mamakeenam  of myselfyathiraja-vimsathi-20 
 mamasthu  to be formed for myself. yathiraja-vimsathi-16 
 manaha  mind is for youyathiraja-vimsathi-4 
 manasa  by mindyathiraja-vimsathi-3 
 manasa vacha kriyaya cha  by word, mind and bodyyathiraja-vimsathi-10 
 mantram  that Acharya who did upadesa of Ashtakshara Mantra, otherwise called Tirumantrayathiraja-vimsathi-9 
 math gathihi  among all other sinnersyathiraja-vimsathi-14 
 math gathihi eva  only myself mattered.yathiraja-vimsathi-15 
 mathpapameva bhavati  is my continuous sinyathiraja-vimsathi-6 
 maye eva  in me onlyyathiraja-vimsathi-15 
 me  Myyathiraja-vimsathi-4 
 me  for meyathiraja-vimsathi-6 
 me  for myselfyathiraja-vimsathi-11 
 me  for myselfyathiraja-vimsathi-19 
 me karadvayasya  my both handsyathiraja-vimsathi-4 
 meede  I worship.yathiraja-vimsathi-2 
 mithaha  among themselvesyathiraja-vimsathi-7 
 mithya charami  I am wandering as a lieryathiraja-vimsathi-8 
 mohena  sense of illusion in experiencing the mundane matter which is not to be experiencedyathiraja-vimsathi-11 
 moordna  by head,yathiraja-vimsathi-1 
 murkaha asmi  myself became ignorant personyathiraja-vimsathi-8 
 na asthe  not at all availableyathiraja-vimsathi-14 
 na bhavathe  not emergingyathiraja-vimsathi-11 
 na bibheme  not fearing about the annihilation in future for disrespecting those three thingsyathiraja-vimsathi-9 
 naravapuhu  possessing body of human beingyathiraja-vimsathi-7 
 naruchi bhavathi  it is disgustingyathiraja-vimsathi-13 
 nashta bhavatu  disappear without any formyathiraja-vimsathi-16 
 Natha  Headyathiraja-vimsathi-13 
 natha  Yathiraja!yathiraja-vimsathi-19 
 Natha!  Chief for usyathiraja-vimsathi-5 
 nija divyagunaswarupaha  for himself worthy to experience the attributes of knowledge (jnana) and valour (sakti) etc., one who possesses the nature of instigating the subjects by entering into everybody or those who took refuge of Him, who became servitude to the subjectyathiraja-vimsathi-17 
 nitya seva premavilasaya  with fond hope of doing daily kainkarya for which dilute mind,yathiraja-vimsathi-1 
 nityam  alwaysyathiraja-vimsathi-4 
 nityam anubhuya  always experiencedyathiraja-vimsathi-5 
 nityam thu  alwaysyathiraja-vimsathi-9 
 nowmi  worshipping. yathiraja-vimsathi-thaniyan 
 Padaravinda yugalam  lotus like feetyathiraja-vimsathi-3 
 padatrayartha nishtam  the meaning of Om Namo Narayanaya i.e. ananyarhaseshatvam, ananyasaranathvam and ananyabhogyathvam, vithara is to be givenyathiraja-vimsathi-5 
 papavimochane thvam  in eliminating the sinsyathiraja-vimsathi-17 
 Pape krute sathe  when doing sinyathiraja-vimsathi-11 
 Parankusa pada bhaktam  great devotion at the feet of Nammalvar, who is otherwise called Parankusa,yathiraja-vimsathi-1 
 paribhavami  disrespectingyathiraja-vimsathi-9 
 pasuhu thu  as an animalyathiraja-vimsathi-7 
 pranamami  I am worshipping.yathiraja-vimsathi-1 
 prapanna jana chatakambujam  Like skylark which gives water to skylarks drawn from the cloud, Mamunigal is helping the people who did prapattiyathiraja-vimsathi-thaniyan 
 pratyakshatam upagata  who attained to see by everyone with their eyesyathiraja-vimsathi-17 
 pravakthum  to speak good words if necessaryyathiraja-vimsathi-7 
 priyakrudhvath eva  pretend by doing wanted thingsyathiraja-vimsathi-10 
 puraha sthitham  the man who is appearing in frontyathiraja-vimsathi-12 
 Ramanujam  Sri Ramanuja who is called Emberumanar,yathiraja-vimsathi-1 
 Rangaraja  Sriranganathayathiraja-vimsathi-17 
 ruche  the desireyathiraja-vimsathi-13 
 ruche  desireyathiraja-vimsathi-16 
 sa eva  such request itselfyathiraja-vimsathi-18 
 Sabdadibhoga nirathaha  one who interested in experiencing the low mundane matters through the five sensesyathiraja-vimsathi-8 
 sabdhadi bhoga ruchihi  love towards world mattersyathiraja-vimsathi-6 
 sabdhadi bhogavishaya  about the experience derived from mundane matter etc.yathiraja-vimsathi-16 
 sada  alwaysyathiraja-vimsathi-17 
 sakalavasthushu  in all thingsyathiraja-vimsathi-12 
 saktha bhavathu  is to be interested.yathiraja-vimsathi-4 
 sakthaha bhavasi will attain valour. yathiraja-vimsathi-17 
 saktham  interestedyathiraja-vimsathi-4 
 saranagatha aakyaha  One who carry only the name of Prapannayathiraja-vimsathi-8 
 saranam  a means to wipe out the sinsyathiraja-vimsathi-18 
 sata api  thoughyathiraja-vimsathi-9 
 sathatham bhavami  is being alwaysyathiraja-vimsathi-12 
 sathatham charami  uninterruptedly doingyathiraja-vimsathi-10 
 sathatham pada anuchintana para:  always focusing my mind at their feetyathiraja-vimsathi-3 
 Sishta agraganya jana sevya bhavath padabje  among the disciples Kuresa, Pillan and so on who do not doubt your supremacy, a mean of liberation, goal which is countable as Lord who is the Supreme, a mean and goal and thought that you are Supreme, you are a way, you are only the goal, they served at Your lotus like feetyathiraja-vimsathi-5 
 sishta jana oka madhye  in the midst of Acharyas like Kuraththalwan and others who are clear in their mind in knowing that doing servitude to your feet and to do that you are as a meanyathiraja-vimsathi-8 
 so aham  such kind of myselfyathiraja-vimsathi-10 
 Sri Bhattanatha Parakala mukhabja mitram  like sun who makes the lotuses blossom for those Periyalwar and Tirumangai Alwaryathiraja-vimsathi-2 
 Sri Madhava anghri jalajadhvaya  at the lotus like feet of Sriyahppati, who is like Sri Mahalakshmi, who attained fame with all things,yathiraja-vimsathi-1 
 Sri Rangaraja charanambuja Rajahamsam  like a King Swan at the feet of Sriranganathayathiraja-vimsathi-2 
 Sriman Yathindra  Yathiraja, who possesses everlasting wealth of granting liberation to His Acharyas and His disciplesyathiraja-vimsathi-19 
 Srimath Parankusa padambuja brungarajam  like a great beetle settled to drink honey at the feet of Nammalvaryathiraja-vimsathi-2 
 Srivatsachihna saranam  feet of Kuresa, who is like the mark of Srivatsayathiraja-vimsathi-2 
 sruti adi siddha nikila atmaguna asrayaha  possesser all the attributes of soul as explained in Vedas etc. this Manavala Mamunigalyathiraja-vimsathi-7 
 srutyagravedya  to which it is proper to know the meanings of Vedanta from Acharyasyathiraja-vimsathi-17 
 stutim  that Stotrayathiraja-vimsathi-thaniyan 
 Suddathma Yamuna Guruththama Kuranatha Bhattakya Desikavara Yamunacharya, otherwise called Alawandar, who is faultless and possessing pure in the nature of soul, Kuresa, who is greatest in the fullness of attributes of soul, Sri Parasara Bhattar, who is greater than other Purvacharyasyathiraja-vimsathi-15 
 svakeeya  among the servants of Yourselfyathiraja-vimsathi-17 
 Tam Varayogi pungavam  that beautiful Alagiya Manavala Mamunigal, a great saintyathiraja-vimsathi-thaniyan 
 Tapathrayee janitha dukhkhanipathinopi  though falling down in the midst of sorrows that were emerged by the three thapasyathiraja-vimsathi-13 
 tasmat  Henceyathiraja-vimsathi-20 
 tasyaha  for such serviceyathiraja-vimsathi-19 
 tat devatam api  Sriman Narayana, the inner meaning of that Mantrayathiraja-vimsathi-9 
 tat varaya  that sin be wiped out by your grace.yathiraja-vimsathi-6 
 Tat varaya  Such ignorance is to be eradicated. yathiraja-vimsathi-8 
 Tat varaya That ignorance is to be eradicated. yathiraja-vimsathi-10 
 Tataha  In that reasonyathiraja-vimsathi-8 
 tataha  Henceyathiraja-vimsathi-9 
 tatdasathai  doing service to such personyathiraja-vimsathi-16 
 Tatvaraya Please wipe out decisiveness of others from myself.yathiraja-vimsathi-7 
 Tatvaraya  I request to eradicate all these ignorance.yathiraja-vimsathi-9 
 tava  hence for yourselfyathiraja-vimsathi-8 
 tava  for your Good-self, who is so kind towards myselfyathiraja-vimsathi-10 
 tava divya padabjasevam  to perform service at Your feetyathiraja-vimsathi-19 
 tava guna keerthane  for meditating with so much of interest your attributes like simplicity, softness etc.yathiraja-vimsathi-4 
 tham  such greatyathiraja-vimsathi-19 
 thasmath  Henceyathiraja-vimsathi-11 
 thasmath  henceyathiraja-vimsathi-15 
 thasmath  Such a person if he being a servantyathiraja-vimsathi-17 
 Thath  for such reasonyathira ja-vimsathi-14 
 Thath nivriththow  In that perishable bodyyathiraja-vimsathi-13 
 thath seegram hara  please eradicate the moment my sins.yathiraja-vimsathi-13 
 thathaha aham murkhaha asmi  hence, I became ignorantyathiraja-vimsathi-10 
 the  for Yourselfyathiraja-vimsathi-17 
 the karuna thu  the mercy of your good-self, which is famous in the worldyathiraja-vimsathi-15 
 thethu karuna eva  in the matter of showering your unlimited kindnessyathiraja-vimsathi-14 
 thrividhapacharan  three kinds of sins  disrespect to bhagavan, disrespect to bhagavatas, unbearable disrespectful conductyathiraja-vimsathi-10 
 thvam  by Yourselfyathiraja-vimsathi-17 
 thvam eva  You are the Head to eradicate my sinyathiraja-vimsathi-13 
 thvaya eva  even to order the Bhagavan by your goodselfyathiraja-vimsathi-18 
 tushta cheshta  one who is doing the wrong things that are not to be done ordered by Sastrasyathiraja-vimsathi-8 
 tvam  Yourselfyathiraja-vimsathi-19 
 tvatdasa  to trade the service to youyathiraja-vimsathi-16 
 tvath agra gamanasya  to come before Yourselfyathiraja-vimsathi-12 
 tvatpada bhakta iva  like Prapanna who prostrates in your feet with bhaktiyathiraja-vimsathi-8 
 uktha samastha naichyam  mentioned in their texts their lawlessness possessed by themyathiraja-vimsathi-15 
 Vacha  by tongueyathiraja-vimsathi-3 
 Vacham agochara maha guna  immeasurable, i.e. attributes are not countable, such greatness of attributes possessedyathiraja-vimsathi-14 
 vag  my voiceyathiraja-vimsathi-4 
 vanchanaparaha  one who interested in deceiving othersyathiraja-vimsathi-7 
 vapusha cha  by bodyyathiraja-vimsathi-3 
 vasyaha  bind to do the work what You entrustedyathiraja-vimsathi-17 
 viruddam akilam  all obstaclesyathiraja-vimsathi-19 
 vivardhaya  to be flourished. This means that the decedents of Sri Ramanuja’s servants lineage has to perform this service till the end that is to be flourished by him.yathiraja-vimsathi-19 
 vruththya by my actionyathiraja-vimsathi-7 
 vrutiantare vimukham cha astu  and not to serve, worship or think any other person that is to be accomplished.yathiraja-vimsathi-4 
 vyajahara  wroteyathiraja-vimsathi-thaniyan 
 yad vijnapanam  what I requested from the third Sloka to the earlier Slokayathiraja-vimsathi-20 
 Yah  whoeveryathiraja-vimsathi-thaniyan 
 yaha  for one who is lucky personyathiraja-vimsathi-16 
 yaha aham  what kind of myselfyathiraja-vimsathi-10 
 Yathipati prasadineem  pleads Yatiraja to shower his graceyathiraja-vimsathi-thaniyan 
 Yathiraja  Come Yatiraja!yathiraja-vimsathi-8 
 Yathiraja Vimsatim  the matter that pertains to Yatiraja in twenty Slokas, which is called Yatiraja Vimsatiyathiraja-vimsathi-thaniyan 
 Yatindra  O Ethiraja!yathiraja-vimsathi-3 
 Yatindra  Yatirajayathiraja-vimsathi-5 
 Yatiraja  King of sanyAsis (emperumAnAr)yathiraja-vimsathi-2 
 Yatiraja&nb sp; Chief among the saints!yathiraja-vimsathi-6 
 Yatiraja  come Yathiraja!yathiraja-vimsathi-10 
 Yatiraja  Yatiraja!yathiraja-vimsathi-20 
 yushmath  youryathiraja-vimsathi-3 

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