yathirAja vimSathi – 6

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

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Alpaapi me na bhavatheeya padabhja bhaktihi/
Sabhdadi bhogaruchi ranvahamedhateha /
Mathpapameva hi nidanamamushaya nathyath
Thadvaraya Aarya Yatiraja dayaika sindho //

word-by-word meanings

Daya EkasindoGrace which will not dry up such unparalleled ocean!
Arya – O Acharya
Yatiraja – Chief among the saints!
me – for me
bhavathiya padapja bhaktihi – longing at the lotus feet of yours
alpa api na – not even a few
sabdhadi bhoga ruchihi – love towards world matters
anvaham ethate – everyday is increasing
Ha – Alas, trouble
amushya nidanam – the reason for not love towards good matter and love towards worldly matters
mathpapameva bhavati – is my continuous sin
anyath na – not any other thing
tat varaya – that sin be wiped out by your grace.

Simple Translation

In the fourth Sloka, I prayed that my mind is to think of your Divya Mangala Vigraha steadily and not to think of other mundane matters. Now his mind has achieved that steadfastness!! In this Sloka, Mamunigal prays that such contrast which is caused by his sin is to be eradicated. Grace means that one who suffers in looking others’ trouble without expecting anything in return and also feels about his trouble. Such grace is present in Sri Ramanuja who is like an eternal ocean. Even if ocean dries up, Sri Ramanuja’s ocean of grace will not dry up. There are three meanings for the word Arya.  (1) Here, the word Arya gives a single meaning of Acharya, who is Sri Ramanuja, and He is the cause of liberation, as he preaches tatva, hita and purushartha. (2) The word Arya – Arath yati yithi Aryaha means, one who adopts good ways as said in Veda and far from bad ways and it means Sri Ramanuja is a greatest Vaidika. The word arath means both near and far. (3) The word Aryathe – prapyate means accomplisher that is, he is the goal for all. The syllabi haa which is the central word means dislike things not to be disliked and desire things not to be desired, which is the source of sorrow. This gives two meanings. That is we wonders that the worldly matters give less enjoyment that is desired and the feet of Sri Ramanuja which gives much enjoyment which is not desired. The phrase math papameva nidanam which means that my sin only is the cause. One who dislikes the bhaktas and the sins that were done by them before being bhakta will become those of their foes. In such case it is not my sin. Hence, my sins are the only cause for attacking me.   

Translation by Sri U.Ve.Dr.M.Varadarajan Swami, MA, MA, PhD

Source: http://divyaprabandham.koyil.org/index.php/2015/10/yathiraja-vimsathi-tamil-slokam-6/

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