yathirAja vimSathi – 14

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

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Vachamagochara mahaguna desikagraya
Kuradinatha gathithakila naichyapatram /
Eshoahameva napunar jagatheethruchas tat
Ramanujarya karunaiva thu mathgathis the //

word-by-word meanings

He Ramanujarya – Come Ramanujacharya!
Vacham agochara  maha guna – immeasurable, i.e. attributes are not countable, such greatness of attributes possessed
desikagraya Kuradinatha – the great Acharya Kuresa
gathitha – in his Panchasthavee etc.
akila naichyapatramfor the low status
esha aham eva I am the only one
ethruchaha  punahaSuch other person who is
jagathein this world
na asthe – not at all available
Thath – for such reason
thethu karuna eva – in the matter of showering your unlimited kindness
math gathihi – among all other sinners
bhavathi – for myself it is a refuge to uplift from the sin.

Simple Translation

Having informed such sins of him, and thought not to reveal the small matter as Purvacharyas who admitted in their texts about their limitless sins that are available with him. The adjective word of Kuresa, viz.  vachamagochara mahaguna means really he has no faults that has to be informed for us only. When such is the case, these faults are available with me as mentioned in the word akilanaichyapatram ahameva. The word Desika Agrrya means Kuresa, who is Head, among the coronated persons in the propagation of Vedanta Sastras. One can think of the Sloka Adhyam Yatindra Sishyanam Agrayam Vedanta Vedinam which means that we meditate Kuresa, who is the main disciple among the disciples of Sri Ramanuja and one who knows Vedas. It is to be remembered the sayings of Kuresa who enumerated mistakes in him in the Sloka 84 of Sri Vaikunta stavam. Kuresa describes the misktakes that are surrounded by him as follows: Alas! Alas! I am doomed, I am corrupted!   Fie upon me! What have I said falling into delusion? Oh! How can a sinner like me deserve even so much as to remember You who is the abode of auspicious qualities untouched by defects?

Translation by Sri U.Ve.Dr.M.Varadarajan Swami, MA, MA, PhD

Source: http://divyaprabandham.koyil.org/index.php/2015/10/yathiraja-vimsathi-tamil-slokam-14/

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