upadhESa raththina mAlai

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:


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Sriya:pathi that is sarvEsvaran, gave vEdhas, and also incarnated in this material world to help people reach Him in SrIvaikuNtam. To effect his wishes he further made AzhvArs to incarnate. Those twelve AzhwArs gave us 4000 dhivya prabandhams. To spread their word and to live and show the ways, He got AchAryas incarnated. The AchAryas (SrIman nAthamunigaL et al) propagated along with its meanings the dhivya prabandhams, and also wrote additional granthams to explain the sampradhAyam.

The last of such AchArya guru paramparai is maNavALa mAmunigaL. While living in thiruvarangam, he authored upadhEsa raththina mAlai which explained the meanings of rAmAnuja dharsanam which came through upadhEsam (~teaching/advising) by earlier AchAryas of the guru paramparai.

In upadhEsa raththinamAlai, maNavALa mAmunigaL shows us the auspicious days when AzhvArs incarnated, their divine places of birth, about the vyAkyAnams for their prabandhams created by various AchAryas, and about the greatness of an AchAryan. As part of that he devotes a lot of pAsurams to tell us about the greatness of piLLai lOkAcharyar‘s rahasya grantham, that is, SrI vachana bhUshaNam. Finally he dedicates this to emperumAnAr by saying that those who recite and hold its meanings in their mind would get the grace of emperumAnAr.

His sishya (disciple) kOyil kandhAdai aNNan spread the importance of this prabandham. He wrote the thaniyan for upadhEsa raththinamAlai.

maNavALa mAmunigaL wished to write 74 pAsurams in upadhEsa raththinamAlai to match with the number of simhAsanAdhipathis established by emperumAnAr for spreading the dharsanam, but stopped one short of that. Another sishya of maNavALa mAmunigaL by name eRumbi appA wrote a pAsuram which is recited as the last pAsuram (74th) of this prabandham.

mamunigal-srirangammaNavALa mAmunigaL as giving divine dharshan at SrIrangam

It would be good to note that upadhEsa raththinamAlai has also been written in samskritham by mAmunigaL’s (pUrvAsrama) divine grand son, jIyar nAyanAr.

piLLailOkam jIyar has written vyAkyAnam (meanings) for this prabandham, in the style of maNipravALam (mixed words of thamizh and samskritham). This along with padha urai (meanings for phrases) has been published by SrI sudharsanam trust, puththUr, and SrIvaishNavaSrI, SrIrangam, with the review of the padha urai etc., by SrImadh u.vE. thirumalai nallAn chakravarththi krishNamAchArya swAmy, and others.

pillailokam-jeeyarpiLLailOkam jIyar

SrImAn u.vE mAdapUsi varadharAjan swami has written a book, “upadhEsa raththinamAlai – piLLai lOkam jIyar aruLiya vyAkyAnamum, thamizhAkkamum” (original vyAkyAnam and thamizh translation).  It provides meanings in simple thamizh for the maNipravALa vyAkyAnam of piLLia lOkam jIyar, and also adds more text and references with the help of the swamis that the author has mentioned in his published book.

{About the swAmis mentioned in the above book:

Sri u.vE. P.B. AnnangarAcharyar and Sri U.Ve. SrI vaishNava sudharsanar krishNaswamy have collected the references from vEdham etc., for many of the samskritha slOkas found in the vyAkyAnam. Additional references have been quoted by SrImAn u.vE thirunArAyaNapuram araiyar srIrAma sarmA, and SrI u.vE. satakOpAchArya swami (in his very old age of 90) helped in getting their meanings. SrIrangam gOmatam SrImAn u.vE. sampath kumArAchArya swami also provided Akarams for the references.

We are using the aforementioned books as the valuable sources for this translation into English.

Please write to us to correct any mistakes in our understanding and in our translation.

maNavALa mAmunigaL vaibhavam can be read here.

piLLai lOkam jIyar’s vaibhavam can be read here.

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