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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


viRperu vizhavum kanjanum mallum vEzhamum pAganum vIzhach
cheRRavan thannai purameri seydha sivanuRu thuyar kaLai dhEvai
paRRalar vIyak kOl kaiyil koNdu pArththan than thEr mun ninRAnaich
chiRRavai paNiyAl mudi thuRandhAnaith thiruvallikkENik kaNdEnE

Word-by-Word meanings

vil peru vizhavum – the great festival of dhanur yAgam (ritual with bow)
kanjanum – kamsa
mallum – the wrestlers such as chANUra, mushtika et al
vEzhamum – the elephant named kuvalayApeedam
pAganum – its mahout
vIzha – to fall down
seRRavan thannai – being the one who destroyed
puram eri seydha – one who burnt thripuram (the three towns)
sivan – rudhran
uRu – acquired
thuyar – the suffering due to harming his teacher (brahmA)
kaLai – eliminated
dhEvai – being the lord
paRRalar – enemies
vIya – to be destroyed
kOl – thorny stick
kaiyil – in his hand
koNdu – holding
pArththan than – arjunan’s
thEr mun – in front of the chariot
ninRAnai – being the one who stood as the charioteer
siRRavai – step-mother kaikEyi’s
paNiyAl – obeying the words
mudi – crown (which is to be given during coronation)
thuRandhAnai – SrI pArthasArathy who well abandoned
thiruvallikkENi – in thiruvallikkENi
kaNdEn – I got to see

Simple translation

emperumAn destroyed the great festival of dhanur yAgam, kamsa, the wrestlers such as chANUra, mushtika et al, the elephant named kuvalayApeedam and its mahout to fall down; being the lord, he eliminated the suffering of rudhran which he acquired due to harming his teacher; being the one who stood as the charioteer in front of arjunan’s chariot, holding the thorny stick in his hand, he got the enemies to be destroyed; obeying the words of his step-mother kaikEyi, he clearly abandoned the crown; I got to see such SrI pArthasArathy emperumAn in thiruvallikkENi.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

vil peru vizhavum … – Since kamsa was planning to kill his enemy, he planned it in a grand manner; kamsa who planned such event, the fierce wrestlers who are his strength and who resemble bouncing mountains, the intoxicated elephant which was placed on the way and which would continuously harm the enemy even if the wrestlers miss the opportunity, the mahout who can bring it back to life even if it was killed.

vIzhach cheRRavan thannai – The actions were so quick that all the tasks were done at once in a flash.

puram … – rudhran who became prideful due to his act of burning down the three towns, became a sinner by severing the head his father and the teacher of the world (brahmA); emperumAn eliminated that thinking “a respectable person cannot remain to be looked down upon”, and by that revealed to everyone that he is the saviour for all. mAthsya purANam 182 “thathra nArAyaNa: SrImAn mayAbhikshAm prayAchitha: … ” (That SrIman nArAyaNa was asked for alms by me; by his mercy the skull which got stuck to my hand broke into many pieces). vishNu prasAdhAth – by the mercy of sarvESvaran. suSrONi – rudhran said “As I surrendered unto him, your beauty has become purposeful”.

paRRalar … – paRRalar – enemies; to have them destroyed; since he said “I won’t take up arms”, he used the thorny stick which is used to conduct the horses.

pArththan than thEr mun ninRAnai – When one shows anger on the rathi (the owner of the chariot), one will try to kill the charioteer first. krishNa placed arjuna behind self and made himself the target of the arrows and stood there.

siRRavai paNiyAl mudi thuRandhAnai – One who abandoned the crown which is apt for him, due to the word of his step-mother. SrI rAmAyaNam ayOdhya kANdam 19.24 “na nUnam mayi kaikEyi” – kaikEyi revealed the heart of chakravarthi “chakravarthi is unable to speak now, he gave the kingdom to your brother and he is thinking to send you in exile to forest”; hearing that SrI rAma said “Oh middle mother! I thought I have served your divine feet well; since you are thinking that I don’t have noble qualities, you are saying it as father’s words instead of your own words”. He further said “I think of you on a par with father. I think about father as ISvara and you as some one on a par with ISvara”.

vil peru vizhavum … – In thiruvallikkENi, I got to see the one who completely eliminates the group of enemies, who will eliminate the struggles of those who consider themselves to be lords, who will transform himself for the sake of those who are dear to him, and who will obey the orders of even those who pretend to be loving towards him.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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