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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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pEsuginRadhu idhuvE vaiyam IradiyAl aLandha
mUsi vaNdu muralum kaNNi mudiyIr! ummaik kANum
Asai ennum kadalil vIzhndhu ingu ayarththOm ayalArum
EsuginRadhu idhuvE kANum indhaLUrIrE!

Word-by-Word meanings

indhaLUrIrE – Oh you who are mercifully residing in thiruvindhaLUr!
vaiyam – earth
IradiyAl – with two steps
aLandha – one who scaled
vaNdu – beetles
mUsi – swarmed
muralum – humming
kaNNi – garland
mudiyIr – Oh you who are wearing on your divine crown!
ingu – in this world
kANum – to see
Asai ennum – that which is known as desire
kadalil – in the ocean
vIzhndhu – fell
ayarththOm – became bewildered;
ayalArum – neighbours
idhuvE – on this matter
EsuginRadhu – blaming;
nAn – I am too
idhuvE – this matter only
pEsuginRadhu – speaking

Simple translation

Oh you who are mercifully residing in thiruvindhaLUr! Oh you who scaled the earth with two steps and are wearing garland on your divine crown which is swarmed by humming beetles! In this world, we became bewildered due to falling in the ocean of desire to see you. Neighbours are blaming on this matter and I am speaking as well about this matter only.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

pEsuginRadhu idhuvE – We are talking only about eliminating the blame which will occur to you.

vaiyam – You know the difficulty you faced in acquiring good qualities; by delaying slightly in the case of an individual (that is me), you are going to lose all those great qualities. Will it not cause a bad name for you who protected everyone without any restriction previously, if you don’t protect a person (that is me)? Measured the entire earth with two steps. mUsugai – swarming. Oh you who are wearing garland on your divine crown which is swarmed by beetles which are humming after drinking honey! It is popularly known that your form is for the sake of others; did you not crown yourself, having protected all!

emperumAn asks “All of those are facts; what is happening to those aspects?” AzhwAr says “Of course! It is causing damage to such reputation only”

ummai – If some people, who desired to see you, died since they were unable to see you, is there any more blame for you than that? We became bewildered due to falling in the ocean of desire to see you.

emperumAn asks “Does that cause any blame for me?” AzhwAr says

ayalAr … – Those neighbours blame you saying “She desired nicely; he nicely showed himself to those who desired for him; this is what happens when someone desires for him”. This is what the neighbours are saying and I am also speaking about this only.

indhaLUrIrE – Did you not come and eternally stay in thiruvindhaLUr to eliminate the accusations of those who don’t desire for you and to let those who desire for you, enjoy as per their desire?

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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