periya thirumozhi – 4.9.2 – sindhai thannuL

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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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sindhai thannuL nIngAdhirundha thiruvE! maruviniya
maindhA! andhaNAli mAlE! sOlai mazhakaLiRE!
nandhA viLakkin sudarE! naRaiyUr ninRa nambI! en
endhAy! indhaLUrAy! adiyERku iRaiyum irangAyE!

Word-by-Word meanings

sindhai thannuL – in the heart
nIngAdhu – without separating
irundha – residing
thiruvE – Oh wealth!
maruva iniya – one who is enjoyable as we experience him repeatedly
maindhA – Oh youthful one!
am – beautiful
thaN – cool
Ali – mercifully present in thiruvAli
mAlE – Oh you who are very loving towards your devotees!
sOlai – roaming in the garden
mazha kaLiRE – Oh you who are like an elephant calf!
nandhA – always burning
viLakkin – lamp’s
sudarE – Oh you who are radiant like the light!
naRaiyUr – in thirunaRaiyUr
ninRa – mercifully residing
nambI – Oh you who are complete!
indhaLUrAy – being mercifully present in thiruvindhaLUr
en endhAy – Oh my lord!
adiyERku – for me, the servitor
iRaiyum – this small favour (kainkaryam)
irangAy – you are not granting.

Simple translation

Oh you who are the wealth residing in my heart without separating! Oh youthful one who are enjoyable as we experience you repeatedly! Oh you who are very loving towards your devotees mercifully present in beautiful, cool thiruvAli! Oh you who are like an elephant calf roaming in the garden! Oh you who are radiant like the light of a lamp which is always burning! Oh my lord who are complete and are mercifully residing in thirunaRaiyUr! You are not granting this small favour for me, the servitor.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

sindhai thannuL nIngAdhu irundha thiruvE – Only if I have put in any effort for your continuous, shining presence in my heart, could I put in efforts for carrying out kainkaryam to you. He is always shining in my heart continuously.

thiruvE – AzhwAr’s wealth is emperumAn only. He is known as in periya thirumozhi 7.7.1 “thiruvukkum thiru”.

maruviniya – His presence is very sweet for AzhwAr. As one engages in him, instead of having to take breaks, he is greatly enjoyable.

maindhA … – Oh you who are having eternal youthfulness! Oh you who revealed your love by eternally residing in the beautiful, cool thiruvAli.

sOlai … – All his acts are enjoyable like those of a young elephant calf which grew in a garden.

nandhA viLAkku … – While continuously burning in a lamp, there is no smoke and dirt, you who are having true nature which is in the form of radiance!

naRaiyUr … – Oh you who came and resided in thirunaRaiyUr and are complete to not have to think “There is something missing in the one who is our refuge”!

en endhAy indhaLUrAy – Oh you who arrived in thiruvindhaLUr and created the knowledge about our relationship in me!

adiyERku … – Is it too difficult for you, who gave knowledge about our relationship, to also accept kainkaryam which matches my true nature?

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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