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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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piRai thangu sadaiyAnai valaththE vaiththup
piramanaith than undhiyilE thORRuviththuk
kaRai thangu vEl thadangaN thiruvai mArbil
kalandhavan thAL aNaigiRpIr! kazhunIr kUdith
thuRai thangu kamalaththuth thuyinRu kaidhaith
thOdArum podhi sORRuch chuNNam naNNich
chiRai vaNdu kaLi pAdum vayal sUzh kAzhich
chIrAma viNNagarE sErmin nIrE

Word-by-Word meanings

piRai thangu sadaiyAnai – rudhra who is donning moon on his matted hair
valaththE vaiththu – placed on right side
piramanai – brahmA
than undhiyilE – in the lotus flower on his divine navel
thORRuviththu – created
kaRai thangu – with blood and flesh remains (of enemies)
vEl – like a spear
thadam – wide
kaN – having divine eyes
thiruvai – periya pirAttiyAr
mArbil – placed on his chest
kalandhavan – one who eternally lives with her, his
thAL – divine feet
aNaigiRpIr – oh you who desire to reach!
siRai vaNdu – beetles which have wings
kazhunIr – in sengazhunIr flowers (red lily flowers)
kUdi – remaining together (to eliminate the fatigue from that)
thuRai thangu – present on the banks
kamalaththu – in lotus flowers
thuyinRu – rested (and further)
kaidhai Arum thOdu – in the thAzham [wild plant] flower which has big petal
podhi – filled in it
sORu – buds’
suNNam – in powder
naNNi – fell and rolled
kaLi – (due to) the great joy
pAdum – singing
vayal sUzh – surrounded by fertile fields
kAzhi – in the town of kAzhi
sIrAma viNNagarE – SrIrAma viNNagaram
nIr – you
sErmin – surrender

Simple translation

Oh you who desire to reach the divine feet of emperumAn who has placed rudhra, who is donning moon on his matted hair, on his right side, has created brahmA in the lotus flower on his divine navel, and has placed periya pirAttiyAr, who is having wide divine eyes like spear with blood and flesh remains, on his chest and is eternally living with her! You surrender unto SrIrAma viNNagaram in the town of kAzhi which is surrounded by fertile fields where beetles having wings remained together in sengazhunIr flowers and then rested in lotus flowers on the banks and subsequently fell and rolled in the thAzham flower which has big petal which is filled with the powder of buds and are singing in great joy.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

piRai … – emperumAn placed rudhra who is a sAdhaka (one who pursues emperumAn with his own effort, indicated by his matted hair) and who is enjoying (indicated by having moon on his hair), on the right side of his divine form; he created brahmA from the lotus on his divine navel; he is eternally living with periya pirAttiyAr who is having divine eyes which look similar to a spear which was not washed off the stains, and is present on his divine chest; oh you who desire to reach such emperumAn’s divine feet! Oh you who desire to reach the one who has the noble quality of giving space to the prideful brahmA, rudhra et al and exclusively subservient pirAtti without any difference!

kazhu nIr … – Entered into sengazhunIr flower and enjoyed together, and to eliminate the fatigue from such experience, the beetles entered the lotus flower on the banks, drank the honey and rested there; subsequently, entered the thAzhai flower which has huge petals, and rolled in there in such a manner to have the buds and fragrance become applied all over their bodies, sang in the joy of drinking honey and the fragrance.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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