periya thirumozhi – 2.10.1 – manjAdu

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

periya thirumozhi >> Second centum >> Tenth decad

Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

emperumAn is said to be Apathsakan (one who is a friend in need).


manjAdu varai Ezhum kadalgaL Ezhum
vAnagamum maNNagamum maRRum ellAm
enjAmal vayiRRadakki Alin mEl Or iLandhaLiril
kaN vaLarndha Isan thannaith
thunjA nIr vaLam surakkum peNNaith thenpAl
thUya nAnmaRaiyALar sOmuch cheyya
senjAli viLaivayaluL thigazhndhu thOnRum
thirukkOvalUr adhanuL kaNdEn nAnE

Word-by-Word meanings

manju – clouds
Adu – roaming
varai Ezhum – seven anchoring mountains
kadalgaL Ezhum – seven oceans
vAnagamum – higher worlds such as heaven etc
maNNagamum – earth
maRRum – other
ellAm – all entities
enjAmal – not to be destroyed
vayiRu – in divine stomach
adakki – placed
Or – matchless
Alin – banyan leaf’s
iLam thaLirin mEl – on the tender shoot
kaN vaLarndha – one who mercifully had his yOga nidhrA
Isan thannai – sarvESvaran, who is friend in need
thunjA – without changing
vaLam nIr – abundant water
surakkum – overflowing
peNNaith then pAl – on the southern banks of peNNai river
thUya – being ananyaprayOjanar (those who don’t expect anything other than kainkaryam)
nAn maRaiyALar – those who are experts in four vEdhams
sOmu – sOma yAgams
seyya – as they perform (due to that)
senjAli – red paddy
viLai – growing
vayaluL – in the fertile field
thigazhndhu – beautiful
thOnRum – appearing
thirukkOvalUr adhanuL – in thirukkOvalUr
nAn kaNdEn – I got to see.

Simple translation

sarvESvaran, who is a friend in need, mercifully had his yOga nidhrA on the matchless banyan leaf’s tender shoot, having placed seven anchoring mountains where the clouds are roaming, seven oceans, higher worlds such as heaven etc, earth and all other entities in his divine stomach; I got to see such emperumAn in the beautifully appearing thirukkOvalUr, where those who are experts in four vEdhams and are ananyaprayOjanar, are performing sOma yAgams on the southern banks of peNNai river which is flowing, without changing, with abundant water and which is appearing amidst the fertile field where red paddy is growing.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

manjAdu … – The seven anchoring mountains of earth on top of which the clouds are roaming, the seven oceans which appear to be a moat surrounding all of these, AkASam (ether) which provides space for all of these, the earth which is the base for all of these and all other untold entities.

enjAmal … – Placing all of these in his divine stomach so that they don’t shrink and get destroyed. emperumAn assumed a toddler’s form where he does not even know that he should fear the deluge, and mercifully had his yOga nidhrA (divine meditation) on a freshly grown tender shoot of a banyan tree; sarvESvaran who his having the AdhAra – AdhEya bhAvam (relationship of being sustained and sustainer) under his disposal. As said in mudhal thiruvandhAdhi 69AlanRu vElai nIr uLLadhO” (Is that banyan leaf inside the oceanic water?)

thunjA nIr … – On the southern banks of peNNai river where the water flow is never changing, and is throwing out gold, pearls and gems.

thUya … – ananyaprayOjanars perform sOma yAgams.

senjAli … – Though they perform the yAgams without any expectation of the result, just as someone walking in the eastern direction will reach a town there and another person walking towards western direction will reach another town there, by bhagavAn’s will, whatever deeds done will lead to results; thus, the result of such performance of yAgams leading to abundance of wealth is seen here. senjAli – red paddy; AzhwAr is saying “I got to see emperumAn in thirukkOvalUr which is shining in the fertile field where red paddy is growing”.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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