periya thirumozhi – 1.9.10 – kANNAy Ezhulagukku

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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


kaNNAy Ezhulagukku uyirAya engAr vaNNanai
viNNOr thAm paravum pozhil vEngada vEdhiyanai
thiNNAr mAdangaL sUzh thirumangaiyarkOn kaliyan
paNNAr pAdal paththum payilvArku illai pAvangaLE

Word-by-Word meanings

Ezh ulagukku – for the seven worlds
kaNNAy – like eyes
uyirAy – being like prANan (vital air)
em – to give enjoyment for us, the devotees
kAr – cloud like
vaNNan – having divine complexion
viNNOr thAm – even nithyasUris
paravum – praise
pozhil – having gardens
vEngadam – being the resident of thirumalA
vEdhiyanai – on sarvESvaran, who is spoken by vEdham
thiN Ar – firm
mAdangaL sUzh – surrounded by mansions
thirumangaiyar – for the residents of thirumangai region
kOn – the king
kaliyan – mercifully spoken by AzhwAr
paN Ar – having tune
paththup pAdalum – ten pAsurams
payilvArkku – those who learn and practice
pAvangaL – hurdles
illai – will be destroyed.

Simple translation

Being the eyes for the seven worlds and the vital air, being the one who is having cloud like divine complexion to give enjoyment for us, the devotees, sarvESvaran is the resident of thirumalA which is having gardens and is praised even by nithyasUris. On such sarvESvaran, AzhwAr, the king of the residents of thirumangai region which is surrounded by firm mansions, composed these ten pAsurams having tune; those who learn and practice them, will have their hurdles destroyed.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

kaNNAy … – Being the vision of all the seven worlds and being the vital air which sustains those worlds, further, having a cloud like rejuvenating form to let me enjoy him, sarvESvaran who is praised by nithyasUris who enter and remain in a corner of thirumalA just as the people of this world do, who is revealed fully by vEdham, is praised here.

thiN Ar – As said in SrI rAmAyaNam yudhdha kANdam 124.4 “sarvancha kuSalam gruhE” (Everyone is safe at home).

paN Ar pAdal … – Tune is abundant in these pAsurams; for those who practice these pAsurams, sins won’t come near them. All the hurdles for reaching bhagavAn will run away. After AzhwAr said “pAvamE seydhu pAviyAnEn” (I committed sins only and became a sinner), and after ISvaran forgave them, he won’t have any sins left. When SrI vibhIshaNAzhwAn was told in SrI rAmAyaNam yudhdha kANdam 17.29 “vadhyathAm” (He must be killed along with his associates), it included those who accompanied him as well; but when he was accepted by SrI rAma, they also became accepted and were spared from punishment. Similarly, if we remain AzhwAr’s servitors and learn his prabandham, our  sins will also be eliminated. What is the intention of first informing his lowly conduct to ISvara and saying “I surrendered”? When we highlight the lowly conduct, that will trigger his mercy and such mercy will lead to our kainkaryam matching the true nature of the self.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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