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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


nenjinAl ninaindhum vAyinAl mozhindhum
nIdhi allAdhana seydhum
thunjinAr sellum thol neRi kEttE 
thuLanginEn viLangani munindhAy!
vanjanEn adiyEn nenjinil piriyA 
vAnavA! thAnavarkku enRum
nanjanE! vandhu un thiruvadi adaindhEn 
naimisAraNiyaththuL endhAy!

Word-by-Word meanings

viLangani – demon kapiththAsura who came in the form of a wood apple
munindhAy – oh one who showed your anger and destroyed!
vanjanEn adiyEn – I, who am deceitful, my
nenjinil – (entering) in heart
piriyA – not leaving
vAnavA – Oh controller of nithyasUris!
enRum – always
thAnavarkku – for demons
nanjanE – Oh death!
naimisAraNiyaththuL endhAy – Oh my lord who is residing in SrI naimiSAraNyam!
nIdhi allAdhana – What is forbidden by SAsthrams
nenjinAl – by mind
ninaindhum – thought
vAyinAl  – by mouth
mozhindhum – spoke
seyhdhum – practiced
thunjninAr – those who perished
sellum – to go
thol – ancient
neRi – path to hell
kEttE – immediately on hearing
thuLanginEn – having shivers
un thiruvadi vandhu adaindhEn – surrendered unto your divine feet.

Simple translation

Oh one who showed your anger on the demon kapiththAsura who came in the form of a wood apple and destroyed him! Oh, the controller of nithyasUris who is not leaving the heart of me who is deceitful! Oh one who is always death for demons! Oh my lord who is residing in SrI naimiSAraNyam! Immediately on hearing that those who thought in mind, spoke with mouth and practiced what is forbidden in SAsthrams, perished and went in the ancient path of hell, I shivered and surrendered unto your divine feet.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

  • nenjinAl … – “nIdhi allAdhana – nenjinAl ninaindhum, vAyinAl mozhindhum, seydhum” – In the previous pAsurams, he enlisted his own mistakes; here he is collectively identifying those.
  • nIdhi allAdhana – For those who always engaged with mind, speech and body in those forbidden acts, after death, there is hellish path to travel. I heard that and started shivering.
  • thol neRi – This path to hell is as ancient as the path to paramapadham as said in SrI bhagavath gIthA 8.26 “… jagatha: SASvathE mathE” (These two paths namely archirAdhi gathi and dhUmAdhi gathi are permanently ordained (in Sruthi/vEdham) for gyAnis and pious persons respectively). But the difference here is, the path to hell will have continuous flow of AthmAs unlike the path to paramapadham which rarely sees AthmAs travelling there.
  • kEttE thuLAnginEn – I shivered just on hearing about it, not experiencing it.

When asked “Don’t you have to experience the result of those sins?” AzhwAr says,

  • viLangani … – The way he (emperumAn) shot the fruit and brought it down tells us that we need not experience the results of our sins [after surrendering unto him].
  • viLangani munindhAy – Oh one who destroyed the demon in the form of the fruit! AzhwAr says “You, who have the quality of eliminating the hurdles, should eliminate my hurdles too”.
  • vanjanEn adiyEn nenjinil piriyA vAnavA – As I said “adiyEn” (I, the servitor) without feeling it in the heart, you accepted it as if I said it whole-heartedly, and you, who allow nithyasUris to enjoy you, have entered my heart and are not leaving.
  • thAnavarkku … – Oh one who is always poison to demons! I surrendered unto your divine feet.
  • naimisAraNiyaththuL endhAy – You came close to us to show us the good path. You are thinking to take us in the path to paramapadham which is opposite to the ancient path to hell.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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