nAchchiyAr thirumozhi – Simple Explanation – mudhal thirumozhi – thai oru thingaLum

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

nAchchiyAr thirumozhi


ANdAL considered emperumAn as the means in thiruppAvai. She also revealed that carrying out kainkaryam (service) alone to that emperumAn, without any selfishness [that the service is being rendered for his happiness and not for our happiness], is the benefit for attaining him. emperumAn will give the benefit if one has this thought. However, in the case of ANdAL, emperumAn did not come to accept her and fulfil her desire. She became perplexed due to the unbounded love that she had towards emperumAn and the fact that he did not come to accept her. Those who were in ayOdhya, including sIthAp pirAtti, went to all deities and prayed for SrI rAma’s welfare even though they did not worship any deity other than SrI rAma. Even hanumAn, who had said that he will not enjoy SrI rAma in any other form, went to a deity vAchaspathi and prayed for SrI rAma’s welfare. In the same way, ANdAL is praying to kAmadhEvan (cupid, god of love) here, to unite her with emperumAn. Our pUrvAchAryas (preceptors) have said that ignorance which emanates out of bhagavath bhakthi (devotion towards emperumAn) is very great. Just as periyAzhwAr offered garlands made of flowers to emperumAn, ANdAL too offers wild flowers which he desires, to kAmadhEvan, to make him unite her with emperumAn. Even if ANdAl did like this, it is acceptable for the distress of her separation from emperumAn while if we worship other deities, it will not fit our svarUpam (basic nature).

First pAsuram. In this she explains the method by which she worships kAman and his brother sAman.

thai oru thingaLum tharai viLakkith thaN maNdalamittu mAsi munnAL
aiya nuNmaNal koNdu theru aNindhu azhaginukku alangariththu ananga dhEvA!
uyyavumAngolO enRu solli unnaiyum umbiyaiyum thozhudhEn
veyyadhOr thazhal umizh chakkarakkai vEngadavaRku ennai vidhikkiRRiyE

Throughout the (thamizh) month of thai, I had mopped the area in which he would come. I had made a cool stage (for carrying out the maNdala pUjA). For the first fifteen days in the (thamizh) month of mAsi, I had decorated the street in which he would come with beautiful, fine sand [which will not hurt his soft feet]. I had looked at him and said “Oh manmadha! Will you fulfil my desire?” I worshipped you and your brother sAman. You should make me subservient to thiruvEngadamudaiyAn who has in his divine hands, the unique, fiery divine disc.

Second pAsuram. She further explains the methodology of her nOnbu and asks kAman to reach her to emperumAn.

veLLai num maNal koNdu theruvaNindhu veLvaraippadhan munnam thuRai padindhu
muLLumillAch chuLLi eri maduththu muyanRu unnai nORkinREn kAmadhEvA!
kaLLavizh pUngaNai thoduththukkoNdu kadalvaNNan enbadhOr pEr ezhudhi
puLLinai vAy piLandhAn enbadhOr ilakkinil puga ennai eygiRRiyE

Oh manmadha! I decorate the street through which you would come with white, fine sand (as patterns). I go to the river bank before dawn and have a bath by immersing well [in the river water]. I add fire-wood without any thorns in them to fire and observe the nOnbu [set of rituals including penance, fasting etc] towards you. You should draw love-arrows of flower with honey dripping form them in the direction of emperumAn who has the divine complexion of ocean and make me to hug him.

Third pAsuram. She says that if he [manmadha] does not want her to abuse him, he should reach her to thiruvEngadamudaiyAn.

maththa nan naRumalar murukka malar koNdu muppOdhum unnadi vaNangi
thaththuvamili enRu nenjerindhu vAsagaththazhiththu unnai vaidhidAmE
koththalar pUngaNai thoduththukkoNdu gOvindhan enbadhOr pEr ezhudhi
viththagan vEngadavANan ennum viLakkinil puga ennai vidhikkiRRIyE

Taking the purple coloured strawmony flowers and palAsa flowers, I will fall at your feet three times a day [so that you would fulfil my desire]. Even after this, if my desire is not fulfilled, my heart would start boiling and I would go around the town, destroying your honour by abusing you with words such as “mammadha is not a truthful deity who would shower benefits; he is a false deity”. To ensure that I do not do this, you should draw arrows of bunches of freshly blossomed flowers on your bow, write the name of ‘gOvindha’ in the heart and make me reach the effulgent lamp of thiruvEngadamudaiyAn who is an amazing entity.

Fourth pAsuram. In this, she reveals her excessive sorrow.

suvaril purANa! nin pEr ezhudhich chuRava naR kodikkaLum thurangangaLum
kavarip piNAkkaLum karuppu villum kAttiththandhEn kaNdAy kAmadhEvA!
avaraip pirAyam thodangi enRum Adharaiththu ezhundha en thadamulaigaL
thuvaraip pirAnukkE sangaRpiththuth thozhudhu vaiththEn ollai vidhikkiRRiyE

Oh one who has been existing for a long time! I wrote your names on the walls and offered you flags with shark [manmadha’s flag has fish on it] drawn on them, horses, women with flappers and bow made of sugarcane [this too is manmadha’s identity]. I had been worshipping [kaNNan] right from my early days that my huge bosoms have risen desirously for kaNNa, the king of dhwAraka. You should make me belong to him, very soon.

Fifth pAsuram. She says that she will not live if she is united with anyone other than emperumAn.

vAnidai vAzhum avvAvanarkku maRaiyavar vELviyil vaguththa avi
kAnidaith thirivadhOr nari pugundhu kadappadhum mOppadhum seyvadhoppa
Unidai Azhi sangu uththamarkkenRu unniththu ezhundha en thada mulaigaL
mAnidavarkku enRu pEchchuppadil vAzhagillEn kaNdAy manmadhanE

Oh manmadha! brAhmaNas [in this world] create havis [offering made of ghee, milk, curd etc] in order to offer to distinguished celestial entities during the time of rituals. If a jackal which roams around in the forest, crosses it or smells it, the offering would get wasted. In the same way, my well risen bosoms are meant for emperumAn, who is the best among purushas [sentient entities], who has the divine disc and divine conch on his divine hands. If there is a word that the bosoms are for a man in this world, I will not live.

Sixth pAsuram. Just as one joins with those who are fully anchored in sathva guNa (purely good qualities) when going ahead with experiencing emperumAn, ANdAL prays to manmadha in order to attain emperumAn to join with those who are experts in kAmaSAsthra [treatise on love].

uruvudaiyAr iLaiyArgal nallAr Oththu vallArgaLaik koNdu vaigal
theruvidai edhirkoNdu panguni nAL thirundhavE nORkinREn kAmadhEvA!
karuvudai mugilvaNNan kAyAvaNNan karuviLai pOl vaNNan kamala vaNNath
thiruvudai mugaththinil thirukkangaLAl thirundhavE nOkkenakku aruL kaNdAy

Oh manmadha! Invoking those with beautiful forms, youthful state, good conduct and experts in kAma SAsthram, I go down the street in which you come, and worship you with clarity in mind, during your festival in the [thamizh] month of panguni. You should bless me such that emperumAn, who has the complexion of dark, rain bearing clouds, the complexion of purple coloured kAyA flower and the effulgence of blue coloured flowers of wild creeper, blesses me with his divine eyes which are on the lotus-like divine face. 

Seventh pAsuram. In this, she requests that emperumAn thrivikraman touches her with his divine hands. She explains that her devotion is only for emperumAn.

kAyudai nellodu karumbamaiththuk katti arisi aval amaiththu
vAyudai maRaiyavar mandhiraththAl manmadhanE unnai vaNanguginREn
thEsa munnaLandhavan thirivikkiraman thirukkaigaLAl ennaith thINdum vaNNam
sAyudai vayiRum en thadamulaiyum tharaNiyil thalaippugazh tharakkiRRiyE

Oh manadha! I will cook unripened fruit and sugarcane, along with rice, jaggery and flattened rice, and worship you, along with the manthras (hymns) of those who have good voice and are experts in kAmaSAsthram.  You should make emperumAn who measured all the worlds with his divine feet when the worlds were seized [by mahAbali], to touch my splendorous stomach and my soft, huge bosom so that I will have well established fame in this world.

Eighth pAsuram. In this, she is asking manmadha to bless her with service to the divine feet of emperumAn which will fit with her svarUpam (basic nature)

mAsudai udambodu thalai ulaRi vAyppuram veLuththoru pOdhumuNdu
thEsudaith thiRaludaik kAmadhEvA! nORkinRa nOnbinaik kuRIkkoL kaNdAy
pEsuvadhu uNdu onRu ingu emperumAn! peNmaiyaith thalaiyudaiththu Akkum vaNNam
kEsava nambiyaik kAl pidippAL ennum ippERu enakkaruL kaNdAy

Oh manmadha who has effulgence and strength, and who is my lord! Remember that I am observing this nOnbu with a body which has not had a bath [due to sorrow], dishevelled tresses and pale lips, eating just one time in a day. I have to tell you something now. You should help me in getting the benefit of carrying out service to the divine feet of emperumAn who destroyed the demon kESi and is complete in his auspicious qualities.

Ninth pAsuram. In this she reveals the misfortunes that he will get if he does not help her.

thozhudhu muppOdhum unnadi vaNangith thUmalar thUyththozhudhu EththuginREn
pazhudhu inRi pArkkadal vaNNanukkE paNi seydhu vAzhap peRAvidil nAn
azhudhazhudhu alamandhu ammA vazhanga ARRavum adhu unakku uRaikkum kaNdAy
uzhuvadhOr eruththinai nugangodu pAyndhu UttaminRith thurandhAl okkumE

Worshipping you three times a day, bowing down to you with my head, offering pure flowers to your feet, I am reciting hymns for you. If I do not get to carry out faultless service and thus get uplifted, to the one who has the form of the ocean which is surrounding the world, I will cry repeatedly, roam unsteadily, and wail “Oh mother!” often. The result of all these will come on to you. It will be similar to a farmer getting the work done by his bull in the field and driving it away with the yoke, without feeding it.

Tenth pAsuram. She completes the decad by stating the benefit of learning these ten pAsurasms.

karuppu vil malark kaNaik kAmavELaik kazhaliNai paNindhu angOr kari alaRa
maruppinai osiththup puL vAy piLandha maNivaNNaRku ennai vaguththidenRu
poruppanna mAdam polindhu thOnRum pudhuvaiyar kOn vittuchiththan kOdhai
viruppudai inthamizh mAlai vallAr viNNavar kOn adi naNNuvarE

I worshipped the feet of manmadha who has a bow made of sugarcane and arrows of flowers. I had asked him to unite me with kaNNan emperumAn who killed the elephant kuvalayApIdam, at the entrance of the arena where the festival with bows was conducted at madhurA (north), by breaking its tusks, who killed the demon bakAsuran who came in the form of stork and who has a divine form matching blue gemstone. I am the daughter, kOdhai, of periyAzhwAr who is the leader of SrIvillipuththUr which is full of mansions looking like mountains. Those who sing these ten sweet, thamizh pAsurams with desire, will attain the divine feet of SrIman nArAyaNan who is the leader of nithyasUris.


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