Glossary/Dictionary by pAsuram – saptha kAdhai

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saptha-kadhai-pasuram-1  am  beautiful
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-1  pon  pure
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-1  arangarkkum  for periya perumAL who has SrIrangam as his temple
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-1  Avikkum  for AthmAs which are of three categories viz badhdha (bound), muktha (liberated) and nithya (eternally free)
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-1  andharanga sambandham  the close relationship of ananyArha SEshathvam (being an exclusive servitor of bhagavAn)
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-1  kAtti  reveal
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-1  thadai kAtti  reveal the hurdles of the thoughts relating to the goal, means, supremacy of bhagvAn and selfs exclusive servitude towards such bhagavAn
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-1  umbar thivam ennum  performing eternal kainkaryam in the abode which is at the disposal of nithyasUris
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-1  vAzhvukku  for the great life
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-1  sErndha  matching
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-1  neRi  prapaththi which is the means
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-1  kAttum avan anRO  the one who reveals through explaining thirumanthram
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-1  AchAriyan  the true AchAryan
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-2  anju poruLum  artha panchakam which includes svasvarUpam (true nature of self), parasvarUpam (true nature of bhagavAn), purushArtha svarUpam (true nature of the goal), upAya svarUpam (true nature of the means) and virOdhi svarUpam (true nature of hurdles)
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-2  aLiththavan pAl  towards AchAryan who mercifully instructed out of his great mercy
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-2  anbu ilAr  one who lacks love
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-2  nanjil  more than poison
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-2  migak kodiyar  very cruel
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-2  nAm  we who are well focussed on the principles mercifully revealed by piLLai lOkAchAryar
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-2  sonnOm  spoke as the most valuable instruction
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-2  nanju thAn  poison (by coming into contact with it)
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-2  Unai  temporary body which is filled with flesh
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-2  mudikkum  will destroy;
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-2  adhu  this person who lacks love towards AchAryan
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-2  uyirai  the eternal AthmA who is filled with knowledge
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-2  mudikkum  one who destroys
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-2  enRu ivai  such principle
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-2  Inam ilAr  our pUrvAchAryas who dont have the defect of lacking in love towards AchAryan
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-2  sonnAr  have explained.
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-3  pArththa  One who mercifully glanced through his instructions
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-3  guruvin aLavil  towards AchAryan
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-3  parivinRi  (one who remains) without love
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-3  sIrththa  being heavy, due to truly informing about Sriya:pathi (consort of SrI mahAlakshmi)
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-3  migu  best
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-3  gyAnam ellAm  all knowledge
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-3  sErndhAlum  though one is having without any shortage
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-3  kArththa kadal  surrounded by the ocean which appears dark like a cloud
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-3  maNNin mEl  on this earth
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-3  thunbuRRu  experience countless sorrows
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-3  mangum  will die; (subsequently)
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-3  kIzhAm  being inferior due to the continuous experiencing of sorrows
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-3  naragu  hell
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-3  thEngAmal  without a break
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-3  naNNum  reach and experience suffering.
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-4  oru  distinguished among manthrams, to have no match
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-4  mandhiraththin  in periya thirumanthram (ashtAksharam)
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-4  thannai  self which is revealed as the abode for servitude towards bhagavAn, by makAram
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-4  iRaiyai  emperumAn who is said as the apt lord for self, by akAram
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-4  thadaiyai  the group of hurdles which is indicated by the makAra which ends with sixth case, ma:
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-4  saraN neRiyai  SaraNAgathi (surrender) which is said as the safe means in nama: word which is not split part-by-part
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-4  mannu  eternal
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-4  peru vAzhvai  the great goal of kainkaryam which is said in nArAyaNAya word which has nArAyaNa along with the fourth case
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-4  anjilum  in these five principles
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-4  kEdu  evils such as ignorance, doubt and error
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-4  Oda  to be driven out along with the traces
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-4  in aruLAl  by the great mercy which does not expect anything from Sishya
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-4  aLiththavan pAl  towards AchAryan who instructed the knowledge
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-4  anbu ilAr  those who lack love
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-4  nanjilum  more than poison
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-4  kEdu enRu  very cruel one
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-4  nAn  I who am accepted by piLLai lOkAchAryar
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-4  iruppan  consider
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-5  en pakkal  in me
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-5  innAr  such and such persons
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-5  OdhinAr  since they learnt important principles, they are my disciples
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-5  enum  such
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-5  iyalvum  bad quality
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-5  en pakkal  in me
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-5  nanmai  the goodness of being an AchAryan, is present
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-5  enum iyalvum  such bad quality
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-5  man pakkal  towards emperumAn who is the lord of all
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-5  sEvippArkku  for those who render eternal service with love
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-5  anubudaiyOr & nbsp;for SrIvaishNavas who are very affectionate towards
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-5  sanma nirUpaNamum  identifying them by their birth (thus, these three qualities)
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-5  Avikku  for the AthmA who is filled with gyAnam and Anandham
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-5  nErE  directly, instead of indirectly
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-5  azhukku  will cause destruction of the true nature
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-6  am  beautiful
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-6  pon  desirable
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-6  arangA  Oh one who is eternally residing in the great city of SrIrangam!
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-6  ivai  all of these previously explained aspects (for the AthmA)
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-6  azhukku enRu  causing disgrace
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-6  aRindhEn  I have known clearly (thus)
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-6  pazhippilA  not having any of the previously mentioned defects
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-6  en AriyarkkAga  for piLLai lOkAchAryar who mercifully imparted knowledge to me who is ignorant
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-6  emperumAnArkkAga  for emperumAnAr who is piLLai lOkAchAryars great lord
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-6  un  your highness
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-6  Ar arutkAga  overflowing mercy
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-6  uRRu  mercifully accept (adiyEn)
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-6  uLLil  holding the mind which is the gate for transmission of knowledge
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-6  vinaiyai  group of sins
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-6  ozhiththu aruLAy  should mercifully drive out along with their trace
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-7  thIngu Edhum illA  Not having the evil qualities such as not having love towards ones AchAryan etc
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-7  dhEsigan than  ones AchAryans
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-7  sindhaikku  for the divine heart
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-7  pAngAga  to be favourable
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-7  nErE  directly (rendering small kainkaryams)
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-7  parivudaiyOr  those who have love
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-7  OngAram  praNavam
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-7  thErin mEl  climbing on the chariot
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-7  sezhum kadhirin Udu  through the sUrya maNdalam (solar galaxy)
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-7  pOy  travelling in the archirAdhi gathi (path starting with light)
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-7  andhAmam  beautiful SrIvaikuNtam
saptha-kadhai-pasuram-7  sEruvar  will reach and get to perform nithya kainkaryam (eternal service)

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