Glossary/Dictionary by Word – SaraNAgathi gadhyam

Sorted by chUrNikai

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saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  abhayam  without fear
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  abhibhAshathE utter
saranagathi-gadhyam-1  abhimatha  being liked by SrIman nArAyaNa
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  abhyadhika  exceptional or surpassing
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  achara  that which is static
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  achinthya  can not be thought of
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  achinthya  beyond thought
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  achith  insentients 
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  adhbhutha  wondrous
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  Adhi many other qualities
saranagathi-gadhyam-1  Adhi  etc., (many more such qualities)
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  Adhi  starting with
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  Adhi  many like these
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  Adhi  many weapons like these
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  Adhi  many such qualities
saranagathi-gadhyam-19  Adhibhauthika  ailment due to animals, birds, human beings, demons etc
saranagathi-gadhyam-19  Adhidhaivika  ailment due to nature, such as summer, winter, rain, storm etc.
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  adhiSaya  wondrous
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  adhiSaya  wondrous
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  adhiSaya  wondrous and supreme
saranagathi-gadhyam-11  adhyApi  even today
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  AdhyAthmika  dhEha vyAdhi (physical ailments) and manO vyAdhi (mental ailments)
saranagathi-gadhyam-19  AdhyAthmika  ailment due to AthmA caused by physical and mental issues
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  aham  I
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  aham  I
saranagathi-gadhyam-16  aham  I
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  aham  I
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  ahankAra  conceited or egoistic
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  aikAnthika  nothing beyond this (Ekam one; antham end); bhakthi (devotion )only in thiruvadi (exalted feet) and nothing beyond this.
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  aikAnthika  only one and nothing else
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  aikAnthika  absolute or complete
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  aikAnthika  absolute or complete
saranagathi-gadhyam-1  aiSvarya  ability to direct or control other beings
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  aiSvarya  ability to control or direct
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  aiSvarya  control or direct others
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  aiSvarya  ability to control or direct
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  aiSvarya  wealth
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  akaraNa  not doing
saranagathi-gadhyam-1  akhila jagan mAtharam &nbs p;being the mother of all worldly beings
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  akhila jagath swAmin He owns the entire universe
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  akhilahEya  all that is faulty
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  AkrAnthOpi  though seized by or taken over by
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  akruthya  not to be done
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  anAdhi  without beginning (time immemorial)
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  anAdhi  without end
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  anAdhi  without end
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  anAdhi  without beginning
saranagathi-gadhyam-11  anAdhikAla pravruththa  doing for a very long time
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  analOchitha  does not see
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  Anandhaika  full of happiness
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  anantha without an end
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  anantha without an end
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  anantha  without an end
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  anantha  without end
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  anantha  countless
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  anantha  without an end
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  anantha  without end
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  anantha  endless
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  anantha  endless
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  anantha  endless
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  anantha AScharya  countless wonderful things
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  anantha mahAvibhava  countless wealth
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  anantha parijana  innumerable servitors
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  anantha parimANa of such dimensions that one can not imagine or visualise
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  ananthApachArAn unlimited offences
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  ananthAScharya  wondrous without an end
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  ananya prayOjana  having only God as the end result and nothing else
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  ananyaprayOjana not mindful of other benefits (as purushArtham)
saranagathi-gadhyam-16  ananyaprayOjana  without any other benefit
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  ananyaprayOjana  without any other benefit
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  ananyaSaraNOham I am without any other place of refuge
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  ananyayA  not by any other means
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  ananyayA  not by other means
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  anArabdha that which has not started
saranagathi-gadhyam-1  anavadhika  never reducing
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  anavadhika  without reducing (also, without any limit)
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  anavadhika  without reducing
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  anavadhika  without boundary; many
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  anavadhika  never reducing
saranagathi-gadhyam-16  anavadhika  without any boundary
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  anavadhika  unllimited
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  anavadhika  unlimited
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  anavadhika  without reducing even after taking repeatedly
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  anavadhika  without reducing
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  anavaratha  continuously (without any hurdle)
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  anavaratha  incessant (without any stop)
saranagathi-gadhyam-16  anavaratha without any break
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  anavaratha  incessantly
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  anavaratha  incessant
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  anrutham  false
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  anthE end
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  anubhava experience
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  anubhava  experience
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  anubhava  experience
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  anubhava  experience
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  anubhavasthvam experience
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  anuguNa  suitable to
saranagathi-gadhyam-1  anurUpa  having same physical beauty as SrIman nArAyaNa
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  anurUpa  likeable physical form
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  anurUpa  of similar physical beauty
saranagathi-gadhyam-19  anusandhAnEna  keep meditating/saying
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  anuththamAm  nothing higher than
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  anuvidhAyi following his sankalpam (will)
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  anya  other
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  apachAra  offence or misdeed
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  apachAra  offence or misdeed
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  apachAra  fault or misdeed
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  apachAra  misdeed
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  apachAra  misdeed
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  apAra kAruNya limitless mercy
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  aparichEdhya can not be reached
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  aparimitha  countless
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  aparOksha  perceptible
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  Apath sakha being a friend in times of danger
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  apEkshaya  expect; desire
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  aprachyutha  without slipping
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  aprathima  unmatched or incomparable
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  Arabdha  that which has started
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  aravindha  lotus< /td>
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  aravindha  lotus like
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  aravindha  lotus
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  aravindha  lotus
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  aravindham  lotus like
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  arhasi qualified or fit
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  Arjava  honest
saranagathi-gadhyam-19  artham  meaning
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  arthi kalpaka granting what his ASrithars want, especially himself
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  asahya  without any reason
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  asahya  without any reason or compulsion
saranagathi-gadhyam-1  asankhyEya  countless
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  asankhyEya  countless
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  aSankhyEya  countless
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  asankhyEya  countless
saranagathi-gadhyam-1  aSaraNya SaraNa:  one who has nowhere else to go to and thus surrenders
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  aSaraNya SaraNya Giving refuge to those who do not have any other entity to protect them
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  aSEsha  without leaving anything
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  aSEsha  without leaving anything
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  aSEsha  without leaving anything
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  aSEsha  without leaving anything
saranagathi-gadhyam-11  aSEsha  without leaving anything
saranagathi-gadhyam-16  aSEsha  without leaving anything
saranagathi-gadhyam-16  aSEsha  without leaving anything
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  aSEsha  without leaving anything
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  aSEsha  without leaving anything
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  aSesha  without leaving anything
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  aSEsha  without leaving anything
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  aSEsha SEshathaikarathirUpa  do all the kainkaryams without leaving anything, with deep affection and love
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  aSEshatha:  without leaving anything
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  aSi  sword
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  asi  is or being
saranagathi-gadhyam-1  asman mAtharam  being my mother too (as a special quality)
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  asmath swAmin  my owner
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  asmi  I am
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  asmi  I am
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  ASritha  bhagavAns servitors
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  asthi  is
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  Asthitha:  dwells on
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  asthu mE  happen to me
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  asya this
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  asya  this
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  asya  this
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  atha  hence;
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  athiprabhudhdha: highly enlightened
saranagathi-gadhyam-1  athiSaya  wondrous
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  athiSaya  wondrous
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  athiSaya  wondrous
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  athiSaya  wondrous
saranagathi-gadhyam-16  athiSaya  wondrous or very exalted
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  athiSaya  wondrous
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  athiSaya  wondrous
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  AthmA  sentient being
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  Athma  sentient soul
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  Athma  self
saranagathi-gadhyam-11  Athma vihshayam  ignorance related toAthmA
saranagathi-gadhyam-19  athra  here
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  athra  here
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  Athyanthika  that which does not have an end (antham end; athyantham without end)
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  athyanthika  only end
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  athyanthika  endless
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  athyanthika  endless
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  athyartham  supreme
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  audhArya  generous in nature
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  avakluptha  mentioned
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  avalOkayan  to look at continuously
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  avastha  situation
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  avasthithAm  stateof being
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  avasthOchitha  relevant to all states
saranagathi-gadhyam-16  avasthOchitha  proper situation
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  avasthOchitha  appropriate states
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  avathamsa  worn over ears
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  aviratha  without break or gap
saranagathi-gadhyam-6  avrajam holding on to
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  bahunAm  many
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  bala  strength
saranagathi-gadhyam-6  bandhUn relatives
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  bhagavach charaNaravindha  lotus like feet of bhagavan
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  bhagavadh  of bhagavan
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  bhagavadh  bhagavAn
saranagathi-gadhyam-16  bhagavadh anubhava  experience bhagavAn
saranagathi-gadhyam-16  bhagavadh anubhava janitha  that which is obtained because of experiencing bhagavAn
sa ranagathi-gadhyam-1  bhagavan  one who possesses six essential qualities (gyAna bala aiSvarya vIrya Sakthi thEjas, which will be explained further in detail)
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  bhagavan  one who possesses 6 essential qualities (already seen in chUrNai 1)
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  bhagavath  of bhagavAn
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  bhAgavatha  follower of bhagavAn
saranagathi-gadhyam-1  bhagavathIm  possessing the 6 qualities mentioned for bhagavAn (gyAna bala aiSvarya vIrya Sakthi thEjas)
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  bhakthim  devotee
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  bhakthyA  through devotion
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  bhakthyA  through devotion
saranagathi-gadhyam-16  bhavAni  to be
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  bhavishyasi you will become
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  bhEdha  difference
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  bhOgasthAna space or place where a material is enjoyed
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  bhOgasthAnam  the place where the item is enjoyed
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  bhOgOpakaraNa different implements with which these are employed
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  bhOgOpakaraNam  article or equipment through which something is enjoyed
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  bhOgya fit to be enjoyed
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  bhOgyabhudhdhEr jananIm  creation of knowledge for enjoying all matters purely for pleasure
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  bhOgyam  things which are enjoyed
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  bhOgyathvEna  enjoying for pleasure
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  bhOkthruvarga different types of materials available for enjoyment
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  bhUmI neeLA nAyaka  Lord (husband) of bhUdhEvi and neelAdhEvi
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  bhUth  to be
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  bhUtha  entity or specimen
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  bhUtha  being
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  bhUtha  being
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  bhUtham  existing
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  bhUthebhyO  from living beings
saranagathi-gadhyam-7  cha and
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  cha and
saranagathi-gadhyam-11  cha  and
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  cha  and
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  cha  also
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  cha  also
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  cha  also
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  chara  that which moves
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  charAcharabhUtha all movable and immovable entities
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  charaNa  holy feet
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  charaNa  exalted feet
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  charaNa  exalted feet
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  charaNa  exalted feet
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  charaNayugala two resplendent feet
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  chAthurya  clever
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  chith  sentients
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  chUda  worn over forehead
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  dhadhAmi  I give
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  dhairya  courage
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  dhaivIm  for the playful act of bhagavAn
saranagathi-gadhyam-6  dhArAn  wife
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  dharmAn  dharmams (paths)
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  dharSana  vision
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  dhAsa  servant
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  dhAsa  servant
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  dhAsyaika  servant only
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  dhAsyaika  servant only
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  dhayayA  compassion
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  dhEha idhriyathvEna  of body and five senses
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  dhEva  you
saranagathi-gadhyam-1  dhEvadhEva dhivya mahishIm  being the royal queen of the king of all dhEvas
saranagathi-gadhyam-1  dhEvIm  possessing luminous power
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  dhivya  divine
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  dhivyabhUshaNa  divine ornaments
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  dhivyarUpa  divine form
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  dhivyAyudha  divine weapons
saranagathi-gadhyam-7  dhraviNam thvamEva  you are the wealth
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  dhu:kha  sadness
saranagathi-gadhyam-19  dhu:kka  sadness
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  dhurlabha: difficult to obtain or find
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  dhvaya dhvaya mahAmanthram
saranagathi-gadhyam-19  dhvayam  the twin sentences
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  dhvi  two
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  Eka  only
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  Eka  only one
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  Ekabhakthi:  single point of devotion
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  Ekam  only
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  EkarUpa  one physical form
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  Ethath  like this
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  Ethath  this
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  Ethath  this
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  Ethath  this
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  Ethath  this
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  EthE  these
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  Eva only (itself).
saranagathi-gadhyam-7  Eva  only
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  Eva  only
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  Eva  only
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  Eva  only
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  Eva  only
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  Eva  only
saranagathi-gadhyam-19  Eva  only
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  Eva  only
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  Eva  only
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  Eva  only
saranagathi-gadhyam-19  Evam  like this
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  Evam bhUtha  of similar qualities
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  Evam bhUthOsi be like this
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  EvambhUtha  like this
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  gadhA  mace
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  gAmbhIrya  deep
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  gaNaugha  collection of
saranagathi-gadhyam-19  gandha  smell
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  gariyAn  very rare to find (exalted).
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  garuda Bird. bhagavAn‘s vehicle
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  gathim  refuge
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  graivEyaka  neck band
saranagathi-gadhyam-6  gruhAni cha  and house
saranagathi-gadhyam-1  guNa  many good qualities
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  guNa  quality
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  guNa  qualities
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  guNa  quality
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  guNa  auspicious qualities
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  guNa gaNa  hordes of qualities
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  guNagaNa hordes of qualities
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  guNamayIm  prakruthi is composed of three guNas (qualities) sAthvik, rAjasic and thAmasic
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  guru  teacher (AchAryan)
saranagathi-gadhyam-6  gurUn AchAryas or guides
saranagathi-gadhyam-7  gurusthvamEva  you are like AchArya (teacher).
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  gyAna  knowledge
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  gyAna  knowledge
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  gyAna  knowledge
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  gyAna  knowledge
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  gyAnavAn has knowledge
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  gyAni  the knowledgeable
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  gyAni  bhaktha
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  gyAni  knowledgeable
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  gyAnina:  knowledgeable-like
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  hAra  chain
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  hEthu  cause
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  hi  surely
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  hi  surely
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  hi  surely
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  Idyan  one who is fit to be worshipped
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  imAm  this
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  ISan  lord or one who owns everything
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  ithara  others
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  ithi so
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  ithi like this
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  ithi  this
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  ithi  this
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  iva  like
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  jagadh  all worlds
saranagathi-gadhyam-11  jagath  world
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  jaladhE  ocean
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  jananIm  birth
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  janitha  born
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  janitha  born out of
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  janitha  born out of
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  janmanAm  births
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  jAtha  type or class
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  jIrNam  torn
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  kadhAchana ever
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  kainkarya  service
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  kAla  time
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  kalyANa  auspicious
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  kalyANa  auspicious
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  kalyANa  auspicious
saranagathi-gadhyam-1  kalyANa guNa gaNAm  possessing hordes of very good qualities
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  kalyANaikathAna  having only auspicious qualities
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  kAnchIguNa  waist cord
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  karaNa  doing
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  kAraNa  cause
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  kAraNa  cause
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  karishyamANAn  what will be done in future
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  kAritha  to be effected
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  kAritha  caused
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  karma pravAha  deeds flowing
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  kAruNya  mercy
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  kArya  effect
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  kArya  effect
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  kAryAn deeds of karma
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  kataka  like a bangle on forearm
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  kausthubha  central gem stone
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  kAyam  body
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  kEvalam  only
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  kEvalam  only
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  kEyUra  worn over shoulder
saranagathi-gadhyam-16  kinkara:  to be a servitor
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  kinkarO  to be a servitor
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  kinkarO bhava be servitor
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  kirIta  circumferential ornament on head
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  kriyA  action
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  kriyamANAn  what is being done now
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  krutha  that which was done
saranagathi-gadhyam-16  krutha  being carried out
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  krutha  obtained
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  kruthagyAtha  thankful
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  kruthAn  what has been done in the past
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  kruthithva  doing
saranagathi-gadhyam-11  kruthsna  entire
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  kruthya  to be done
saranagathi-gadhyam-11  kshamasva excuse
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  kshamasva  forgive
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  kuNdala  ear rings
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  kurushva make
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  kurushva  make
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  kurushva  make
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  kutha  where
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  labhathE  attains
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  labhdha obtain
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  labhdha to get or attain
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  labhya:  can be attained
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  lAvaNya  beauty as a whole
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  laya  destroyer
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  leela  pastime or play thing
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  leelOpakaraNa  tool for my pastime
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  lOka  whole universe
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  lOka  world
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  lOkathraya  among the three different types of people
saranagathi-gadhyam-6  lOkavikrAntha charaNau  The two exalted feet of bhagavAn that measured all the worlds
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  mA  no
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  mA  no
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  madh  my
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  madh  towards me
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  madhIya  mine
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  madhIya  mine (refers to his devotees)
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  madhIyaiva  only due to me
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  madhIyaiva dhayayA  my mercy alone
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  mAdhurya  kind
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  mahArNava  huge ocean
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  mahAthmA eminent
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  mahAvibhUthE Owner of vibhUthis (worlds).
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  mahOdhadhE great ocean
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  makara  like a fish
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  makuta  worn over kirItam like a crown
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  mAm me
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  mAm  me
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  mAm  me
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  mAm  me
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  mAm  me
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  mAm  me
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  mAm  me
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  mAm  me
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  mama my
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  mama  to me
saranagathi-gadhyam-7  mama dhEva dhEva  you are my lord and master
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  manas  mind
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  manOratha wish or desire
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  mArdhava  soft in heart
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  math  my
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  math  my
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  math  my
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  math  my
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  math  my
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  math  my
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  math  my
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  math  my
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  math  my
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  math  my
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  math  my
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  math  my
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  math  my
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  math  my
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  math  my
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  math  my
saranagathi-gadhyam-7  mAthA  mother
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  matham  opinion
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  mayA  by me
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  mAyAm  mUla prakruthi (primordial matter)
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  mE  my
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  mE  by me
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  mOkshaishyAmi  shall liberate from
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  mukthAdhAma  ornaments made of pearl
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  mUla  root
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  na  not
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  na  no
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  na  no
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  na  no
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  nAnAvidha different types of nithyasUris
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  nAnAvidha  of different types
saranagathi-gadhyam-1  nArAyaNa  the residing place for all beings, both sentient and insentient
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  nArAyaNa  bhagavAn
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  nArAyaNa  bhagavAn
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  nidhi  treasure
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  nikhila  without leaving anything
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  nikhila  all
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  nikhila  all
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  nikhila jagadhAdhAra  he bears the all universes
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  niratha  being engaged in.
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  nirathiSaya  without comparison
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  nirathiSaya  wondrous
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  nirathiSaya gyAna  fully blossomed knowledge
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  nirathiSaya oujjwalya  emitting wondrous radiance
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  nirathiSaya sugandha  emitting wondrous sweet smell
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  nirathiSaya sukhasparSa  wondrously soft on emperumAns body
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  niravadhya  without fault
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  niravadhya  without fault
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  niravadhya  faultless
saranagathi-gadhyam-1  niravadhyAm  without any fault; possessing these qualities not for enhancing herself, but for the well being of followers
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  nissamSaya:  without any doubt
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  niSSEsha  without leaving anything
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  nithya  permanently
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  nithya  permanent
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  nithya  always
saranagathi-gadhyam-5 &nbs p;nithya  permanent
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  nithya  always
saranagathi-gadhyam-16  nithya  always
saranagathi-gadhyam-16  nithya  for ever
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  nithya  permanently
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  nithya  permanent
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  nithya  permanent
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  nithya  permanent
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  nithya kainkarya prApthi  to get to carry out permanent kainkaryam
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  nithya niravadhya  permanent, without any fault
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  nithya niravadhya  permanent, without any fault
saranagathi-gadhyam-1  nithyAnapAyinIm  never leaving SrIman nArAyaNa
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  niyamana  ability to direct or control
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  niyAmyatha  control
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  nUpura  anklet
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  oudhArya grants wishes
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  oujjwalya  very bright
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  pAdham  foot
saranagathi-gadhyam-1  padhma vanAlayAm  having a forest of lotus as seat, to sit on
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  pApa  sin
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  papEbhya:  sins
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  para: purusha  the highest among the purushas
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  parabhakthi knowledge on bhagavAn
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  parabhakthi  growing desire to be with God
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  parabhakthi  high level of devotion
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  parabhakthi  to know about bhagavAn
saranagathi-gadhyam-16  parabhakthi  knowledge about bhagavAn
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  parabhakthi  having knowledge of bhagavAn
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  parabhakthi  knowledge about bhagavAn
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  parabrahmabhUtha  unimaginably huge
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  paragyAna  ability to have dharSan (vision) of God
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  paragyAna  to envision bhagavAn
saranagathi-gadhyam-16  paragyAna  ability to have sAkshAthkAram of bhagavAn (ability to see bhagavAn as if he is right if front of us)
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  paragyAna  having ability to have dharshan (vision) of bhagavAn
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  paragyAna  ability to have dharshan (vision) of bhagavAn
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  paragyAna  vision of bhagavAn
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  parAkrama  not tiring
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  parAm  highest
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  paramabhakthi reaching bhagavAn
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  paramabhakthi  to reach God
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  paramabhakthi  to attain bhagavAn
saranagathi-gadhyam-16  paramabhakthi  attain bhagavan
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  paramabhakthi  attaining bhagavAn
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  paramabhakthi  attaining bhagavAn
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  pAramArthika  fully true; that which gives meaning to the parama purushArtham (highest degree of benefit).
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  pAramArthikI  truly
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  paramayOgi Great sages
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  parichArikA  nithyasUris
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  paricharitha  unending service
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  paripUrNa  fully
saranagathi-gadhyam-16  paripUrNa  completely
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  paripUrNa  completely
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  paripUrNa  entire
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  parithyajya  giving up fully
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  pArtha  arjun!
saranagathi-gadhyam-19  pAtha  falls
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  pAtha  fall
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  pithA father
saranagathi-gadhyam-7  pithA  father
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  pithA  father
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  pIthAmbara  yellow cloth
saranagathi-gadhyam-6  pitharam mAtharam  Father and Mother
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  prabhAva  impact or impression
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  prakArENa method
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  prakruthi  primordial matter
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  prakruthi purusha kAlAthmaka as seen above, being in the states of prakruthi, jIvAthmA and kAlam, each with its own svarUpam, sthithi and parvruththi.
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  prakruthim here, it refers to the body which is connected to prakruthi (primordial matter)
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  pramukha starting from these nithyasUris
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  praNamya paying obeisance, mentally
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  praNathArthihara  Remove craving of ASrithars
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  praNidhAya kAyam paying obeisance physically
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  prapadhyathE take refuge
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  prapadhyE  mentally behold or catch onto
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  prapannAya  surrender to me
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  prApthi  to gain or to obtain
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  prApthishu  attain
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  prasAdha  grace
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  prasAdha  grace
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  prasAdha  grace
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  prasAdhayE to offer
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  prathihathOpi  though defeated by.
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  prathyanIka  exactly opposite of
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  pravruththa  start doing
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  pravruththAm  engaged in;
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  pravruththi  activity
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  pravruththi  activity
saranagathi-gadhyam-16  preethi kAritha  resulting in joy
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  prIthi  deep love
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  prIthi  love
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  prIthikAritha caused by love
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  priya  lovingly
saranagathi-gadhyam-16  priya  loving
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  priya  loving
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  priya  full of love
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  priya: love
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  priya:  beloved
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  priya:  beloved
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  priya: priyAyA:  just as a girl to her lover
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  pUjya  venerable
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  purushOththama  highest among purushas
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  pUrva  earlier
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  pUrvam  past
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  puthra  son
saranagathi-gadhyam-6  puthrAn  son
saranagathi-gadhyam-19  rahitha:  devoid of
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  rAma:  SrI rAma
saranagathi-gadhyam-16  rathi  desire
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  rathirUpa  in a loving form
saranagathi-gadhyam-6  rathnAnidhana dhAnyAni kshEthrAni cha  rubies (reference is to all types of gems here), wealth, food stuff, land etc
saranagathi-gadhyam-1  rUpa  physical beautiful form
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  rUpa  physical form
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  rUpa  form
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  rUpa  form
saranagathi-gadhyam-16  rUpa  form
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  rUpa  physical form
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  rUpam  body
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  rUpENa  form
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  sa  he
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  sa  he
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  sa  he
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  sa  that
saranagathi-gadhyam-19  sadhA  always
saranagathi-gadhyam-19  saha with.
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  sahEthuka  with causes
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  sakalEthara vilakhaNa superior to all the other entities.
saranagathi-gadhyam-6  sakheen friends
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  sakhEva sakhyu: as friend to a friend
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  sakruth  once
saranagathi-gadhyam-6  sAksharAn  enjoying one’s own AthmA
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  sAkshAthkrutha  obtain through one’s own eyes
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  Sakthi  energy
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  Sakthi  powerful
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  Sakya:  possible
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  sama  equal
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  samastha  all
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  samastha  entire
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  samayE  time
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  sambadhdhOpi  though bound or linked
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  sambadhdhOpi  though bound to.
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  samdrudhdha  full of things
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  samSaya:  doubt
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  samskAra  ceremonial deeds
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  sAmya  equal
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  Sankha  conch
saranagathi-gadhyam-6  santhyajya giving up with a feeling of being ashamed for having desire for such lowly things
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  SaraNagatham  surrender
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  SaraNAgathi  surrender
saranagathi-gadhyam-6  SaraNam refers to bhagavAn‘s exalted feet as upAyam (path to mOksham)
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  Saranam  proffer or prostrate
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  SaraNam  surrender
saranagathi-gadhyam-1  SaraNam aham prapadhyE  such a person, adiyEn (servant such as I), surrenders unto you
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  SaraNya protector
saranagathi-gadhyam-19  Sareera  body
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  SarIra  body
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  SArnga  bow
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  sarva  all
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  sarva  all
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  sarva  all
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  sarva  all
saranagathi-gadhyam-6  sarva kAmAmScha all desires
saranagathi-gadhyam-6  sarvadharmAmScha all righteous paths mentioned in SAsthrams
saranagathi-gadhyam-11  sarvam  all
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  sarvam  everything
sa ranagathi-gadhyam-10  sarvAn everything
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  sathyakAma one with no unfulfilled desire
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  sathyakAma  having likeable qualities
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  sathyakAma  desires truth
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  sathyasankalpa ability to create at will
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  sathyasankalpa  ability to create at will
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  sathyasankalpa  ability to keep together things which are incongruent.
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  saugandhya  sweet smell
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  sauhArdha  good-hearted
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  saukumArya  soft
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  Saurya  defeating enemies
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  sauSeelya  not concerned about difference in levels (when compared with others); treating them as equals
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  sauSeelya  not concerned about difference in levels (when compared with others); treating them as equals
saranagathi-gadhyam-1  Seela  quality that makes one not to look at the defects of followers
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  Seela  superior person mixing with an inferior person without discrimination
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  SEsha thiuvananthAzhwAn
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  SEshASana vishvakSEnar
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  SEshathaika only serving
saranagathi-gadhyam-16  SEshathaika  only as servitor
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  SEshathaikarathirUpa  epitome of loving kainkaryam as his sEshan (servitor)
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  SEshathaikarathirUpa  in the form of loving kainkaryam
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  SEshi  master
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  sidhdha  ready
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  SlOkam  verse
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  sOdum  so do you
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  soundarya  beauty in parts
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  soundharyam  beautiful
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  SrI  mahAlakshmi pirAtti
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  SrIman consort of SrI (pirAtti, mahAlakshmi)
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  Sriman consort of SrI dhEvi. 
saranagathi-gadhyam-19  SrIrangE  in SrIrangam
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  SrIvaikuNtanAtha lord of SrIvaikuNtam
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  Srivathsa  mole like
saranagathi-gadhyam-1  Sriyam  being SrI (mahAlakshmi, explained later)
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  sthairya  firm
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  sthAna  place
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  sthithi  sustenance
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  sthithi  sustenance
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  sthUla  the large, physical body
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  su  very
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  Sucha feel sad
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  sukEna  with joy
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  sukha  happiness
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  sukhamAsva be happy
saranagathi-gadhyam-19  sukhamAsva  stay with happiness
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  sUkshma  subtle
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  sUkshma  the subtle, infinitesimal body
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  sva  self
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  svaAnurUpa  suited to self
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  svabhAva  nature
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  svabhAva  nature
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  svabhAvam  basic nature
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  svAbhAvika  natural
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  svabhAvOpi  though having basic nature
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  svAbhimatha liked by bhagavAn and very close to his heart
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  svAbhimatha  to his liking
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  svAbimatha  appropriate
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  svachchandhAnuvarthi
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  svarUpa nature
saranagathi-gadhyam-1  svarUpa  natural characteristics (will be explained later)
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  svarUpa  basicnature
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  svarUpa  basic characteristic
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  svarUpa  basic character
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  svarUpa  basic character
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  svarUpa  basic character
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  svarUpa  basic nature
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  svarUpa  basic nature
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  svasankalpa  as per his sankalpa(will)
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  svaSEshathaika svabhAva to be under the control of bhagavAn and be a servitor to him only and to no one else
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  svEthara  other than self
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  svOchitha  appropriate to self
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  thadh  to that
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  thadh  self
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  thadhAnIm  at that time
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  thAraya  cross over
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  thAraya  rescue or cross over
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  thasmAth  hence
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  thath  that
saranagathi-gadhyam-16  thathAvidha  like that
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  thathAvidha  like that
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  thathvatha:  truly
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  thava  yours
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  thava  your
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  thavAsmi  I belong to you
saranagathi-gadhyam-6  thE you
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  thE  to you
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  thEjas  radiance
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  thEshAm  among them (among the 4 types of bhakthas, as mentioned above)
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  thirOdhAnakarIm  hides like a screen
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  thraya  three
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  thrayam  three
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  thu  but
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  thu  only
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  thu  only
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  thvA  you
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  thvAm you
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  thvam you
saranagathi-gadhyam-7  thvam  you
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  thvam  you
saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9  thvam  you
saranagathi-gadhyam-19  thvam  you
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  thvam  you
saranagathi-gadhyam-7  thvamEva bandhuScha  you are like relatives
saranagathi-gadhyam-7  thvamEva sarvam  whatever has been left unsaid is also you
saranagathi-gadhyam-7  thvamEva vidhyA  you are the knowledge preached to us
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  thvath  your
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  ubhaya  two
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  uchitha  proper
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  udhAra:  (most) generous
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  udharabandhana  worn between waist and stomach
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  udhaya  creator
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  udhitha  told
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  udhitha  said
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  uktham  said
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  uktham  said
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  upAyathayA  means
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  upEkshanIya  not worthy of regard
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  vaikuNtanAtha bhagavAn, who is the lord of such a place (SrIvaikuNtam)
saranagathi-gadhyam-10  vAk  speech
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  vakshyE  future
saranagathi-gadhyam-19  vaktha say
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  vakthA  said.
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  vakthAram  by mouth
saranagathi-gadhyam-5 &nbs p;vallabhA  dear to; loving
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  vAngmanasa to their speech and mind.
saranagathi-gadhyam-11  varthamANam present time
saranagathi-gadhyam-11  varthishyamANam future
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  vAsanA  knowledge derived from memory
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  vasthram  clothing
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  vasthu  things (entities)
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  vasthu  things
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  vAsudhEva: only vAsudhEvan
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  vAthsalya  with a mothers affection (just as a cow shows towards its calf)
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  vAthsalya  with a mothers affection (just as a cow shows towards its calf)
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  vAthsalyaika  motherly love
saranagathi-gadhyam-1  vibhava  possessing wealth unimaginable
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  vibhava  wealth
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  vibhava  protector
saranagathi-gadhyam-6  vibhO refers to his all pervading nature
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  vibhUthi  SrIvaikuNtam
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  vichithra wondrous
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  vichithra  many kinds within a particular type
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  vidhitha  various
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  vigna  hurdle
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  vigna  hurdle
saranagathi-gadhyam-19  vigna  obstacle
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  vihInopi  though you do not have
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  vilakshaNa  superior
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  vimUda  hidden
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  vinashta  completely removed
saranagathi-gadhyam-11  viparItha  wrong
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  viparItha  false or opposite
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  viparItha  false or reverse
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  viparItha  false
saranagathi-gadhyam-11  viparItha gyAnam  contrary or inverse or wrong knowledge
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  virOdhi  inimical
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  vIrya  not tiring
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  viSadhathama  experiencing through paramabhakthi
saranagathi-gadhyam-16  viSadhathama  enjoying in the state of paramabhakthi
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  viSadhathama  very clearly
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  viSadhathama  of highest clarity
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  viSEsha  special qualification
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  viSEsha  special
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  vishaya  matter
saranagathi-gadhyam-11  vishayam  matter or issue
saranagathi-gadhyam-11  vishayam  matter
saranagathi-gadhyam-12  vishyAyAScha  relating to all matters
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  viSishyathE said to be the best among
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  visrujya to be disposed of.
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  visthAra: extent (dimensions or boundary)
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  vividha of different types
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  vividha  of many types
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  vividha vichithra of different types
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  vraja  hold onto
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  vratham  vow
saranagathi-gadhyam-11  vruththam  activity or practice
saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23  yAchathE  beg or solicit
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  yAthAthmya  real or basic nature
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  yathAvasthithA  in whatever state it is in
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  yathAvasthitha  as it is
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  yauvana  youthful
saranagathi-gadhyam-19  yAvath  until
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  yenakEnApi  in some/whatever
saranagathi-gadhyam-2-4  yugala  two
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  yugala  two
saranagathi-gadhyam-18  yugala  two
saranagathi-gadhyam-20  yugala  two
saranagathi-gadhyam-5  yugalam  pair
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  yuktha:  joined
saranagathi-gadhyam-14-15  yuktham  to be with
saranagathi-gadhyam-13  yukthAthmA intent upon
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  yukthOpi  though possessed of
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  yukthOpi  though possessed of
saranagathi-gadhyam-17  yukthOpi  though having

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