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AzhwAr says that those who attain the divine feet of emperumAn who always helps in times of danger, would enjoy his aprAkrutha (not made of the five elements that we are made of) divine form with happiness.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

pirAn enRu nALum perum pulari enRum
kurA naRsezhum pOdhu koNdu varAgaththu
aNiyuruvan pAdham paNiyum avar kaNdIr
maNi uruvam kANbAr magizhndhu

Word by Word Meaning

piRan enRum – Oh one who carried out great benefits!
peru pulari – today is the dawn of happiness

(celebrating thus)
nALum – every day
nal – fragrant
sezhu – beautiful
kurA pOdhu koNdu – with kurA flowers (a type of flower from forest trees)
varAgaththu aNi uruvan pAdham – divine feet of emperumAn in the form of beautiful wild boar
paNiyum avar kaNdir – only those who worship
maNi uruvam – the sweet, auspicious form (of that emperumAn)
magizhndhu kAnbar – will worship with happiness


pirAn enRum – he made others worship himself, being the destined leader for the AthmA (soul) and benefactor . Even while understanding this, one would feel “what did my leader do!”

nALum perum pulari enRum – In this useless, unfruitful materialistic life, during hard times, a day would come when one can enjoy emperumAn! It would be the dawn of a good day! Celebrating such a day just like akrUrar (a minister with the demon kamsan) did when he went to see kaNNan, as mentioned in SrIvishNu purANam 5-17-3 “adhya mE saphAlam janma suprabhAthA cha mE niSA” (Only today my birth became useful! Only today, my night dawned in to a great day!).

pirAn enRum – it has been mercifully mentioned in thiruvAimozhi 1-7-6pirAn perunilam kINdavan” (the benefactor dug out the huge land mass (earth))

perum pulari – it has been mercifully mentioned in thiruppallANdu 12nallANdu enRu navinRu uraippar” (they will celebrate all the time saying that good times have come). AzhwAr celebrates saying that even for him, who spends his time thinking of lowly creatures, a day has dawned when he could think of emperumAn, worshipping his good time.

kurA nal sezhum pOdhu koNdu – emperumAn considers whatever his followers keep at this divine feet as flowers. Don’t only those who worship emperumAn with flowers and attain him get to see his divine form!

kurA nal sezhum pOdhu koNdu – since this AzhwAr had constantly travelled only in forests, he says that it is enough if one worships emperumAn with the flowers of kurA tree which is seen only in forests.

varAgaththu aNi uruvan pAdhamemperumAn assumed the form of varAha (wild boar) which roams in the forest, so that people can worship him with flowers which blossom in the forest.

aNi uruvan – since he assumed the form of a great boar, there was no necessity to decorate him with ornaments. His form itself appeared as if it had been decorated with ornaments. If emperumAn can assume any form, it is enough if he can be decorated with any flower.

paNiyum avar kaNdIrSrI bhagavath gIthA 9-2 says “susukham karthum avyayam” (bhakthiyOgam (the practice of devotion) is comfortable to carry out; it does not get destroyed even after yielding the result). In the same way, the path adopted to attain emperumAn is sweetest. The path to get the fruit of enjoying emperumAn is also a benefit.

maNi uruvam kANbAr magizhndhu – thus, those who offer flowers to emperumAn will happily get to have vision of his divine form which is cool like a bluish gem.

We shall take up the 32nd pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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