uththara dhinacharyA – 13

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

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atha: brthyaan anugnaapya krtvaa cheta: subhaasraye |
sayaneeyam parishkrtya sayaanam samsmaraami tam ||

Word to word meaning

atha: – as stated earlier after two jaamaas in the night subsequent to personal teachings to disciples,
brthyaan -the disciples
anuugnaapya -having been seen off
subhaasraye -keeping the eye and mind captivating auspicious form of the Lord  
cheta: krtvaa -in the mind meditating on it
sayaneeyam -on the bed
parishkrtya -decorating it by lying on it
sayaanam -sleeps
tham -that Swami Manavaala Mahamuni
samsmaraami – is in my deep meditation


By “krtvaa cheta subhaasraye” the meditation on the Supreme Lord in the night was mentioned. Maamunikal leaves the venerable seat for Bhagavad dhyana as indicated by “tatha: kanaka paryanke” and after looking benevelontly at the disciples who were in the devotional chorus he goes to the bed to sleep with deep meditation on the Lord. Erumbiyappa meditates on this Mahamuni who being the incarnation of Adisesha shall have his physique naturally expanded twice in slumber and this graceful sight is a feast for Appa without any obstacle while the Acharya rests. For Mahamuni the focus of meditation is the auspicious form of the Lord while for Appa it is the graceful appearance of the Acharya.We can presume Mahamuni meditates on the Lord for the pleasure of Sri Ramanuja while Appa does so for the pleasure of Sri Rama who made Mamuni to compel Appa to worship Him. Sri Rama’s such a command to Appa is mentioned in Yatindrapravana Prabhavam and also Appa’s own Varavaramuni Satakam.

Translation by vangIpuram sadagOpa rAmAnuja dAsan

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