SrIvaikuNta gadhyam 5th chUrNai

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

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avathArikai (Introduction)

With the love born out of experiencing bhagavAn, the jIvAthmA, now feeling extremely happy, will always have dharSan (having bhagavAn as his focus) without interest in any other thing.

thathaScha anubhUyamAna bhAvaviSEsha: nirathiSaya prIthyA anyath
kinchith karththum dhrashtum smarthum aSaktha: punarapi
SEshabhAvamEva yAchamAna: bhagavanthamEva avichchinna
srOthorUpENa avalOkanEna avalOkayan AsItha II

Word-by-Word meaning

thathaScha – After that
anubhUyamAna – being experienced
bhAva – state
viSEsha: – special
nirathiSaya – nothing more wondrous than this
prIthyA – with love
anyath – anything else
kinchith – even a little bit
karthum – to do
dhrashtum – to see
smarthum – to think
aSaktha: – not capable
punarapi – again
SEshabhAvamEva – in the state of carrying out kainkaryam
yAchamAna: – requests and prays to bhagavAn.
bhagavanthamEva – of SrIvaikuNtanAthan (bhagavAn)
avichchinna – without any interruption
srOtha – continuous flow (like a river)
rUpENa – form
avalOkanEna – looking at.
lOkayan – look at
Asitha – let him for ever

Explanatory Notes

thathaScha – After that (after being approved and allowed by bhagavAn to carry out kainkaryam);

anubhUyamAna bhAva viSEsha:anubhUyamAna – being experienced; bhAva – state; viSEsha: – special. The jIvAthmA experiences bhgavAn’s auspicious qualities.

nirathiSaya prIthyAnirathiSaya – nothing more wondrous than this; prIthyA – with love. After experiencing the auspicious qualities of bhagavAn, he feels that there can be nothing more wondrous than this, and with overflowing love….

anyath kinchith karthum dhrashtum smarthum aSaktha:anyath – anything else; kinchith – even a little bit; karthum – to do; dhrashtum – to see; smarthum – to think; aSaktha: – not capable. He is so overflowing with love after experiencing bhagavAn that he is incapable of doing or seeing or thinking, even a little bit, of anything other than bhagavAn.

punarapi SEshabhAvamEva yAchamAna:punarapi – again; SEshabhAvamEva – in the state of carrying out kainkaryam; yAchamAna: – requests and prays to bhagavAn. He has been granted kainkaryam by bhagavAn. Still, he is worried that this should last for ever and out of that worry, he prays repeatedly to bhagavAn that it should last for ever.

bhagavanthamEva – of SrIvaikuNtanAthan (bhagavAn).

avichchinna srOtha: rUpENa; avalOkanEnaavichchinna – without any interruption; srOtha – continuous flow (like a river); rUpENa – form; avalOkanEna – looking at. He looks at bhagavAn continuously, without any distraction.

avalOkayan AsIthaavalOkayan – look at; Asitha – let him for ever. Let the jIvAthmA keep looking at bhagavAn continuously without any interruption.

We shall now see the last chUrNai of this gadhyam in the next part.

Translation by krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan.

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