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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

When asked “Now, we have known as to who you don’t get along with; do you have any one with whom you fit well?” AzhwAr responds “We don’t care about their birth, conduct etc; they can be anyone; as long as they have this [devotion towards bhagavAn], they can rule over us”. Alternative view – When asked “We have understood how you deal with the unfavourable ones; now, tell us how you deal with the favourable ones” AzhwAr responds “I have no right to either think about them or not think to about them; they are the ones who have full right towards me”.


pArvaNNa madamangai pani nanmAmalark kizhaththi
nIrvaNNan mArvagaththil irukkaiyai mun ninaindhu avanUr
kArvaNNa mudhu munnIrk kadalmallaith thalasayanam
Ar eNNum nenjudaiyAr avar emmai ALvArE

Word-by-Word meanings

pAr vaNNam – having earth as her form
madam – having noble qualities
mangai – SrI bhUmip pirAtti
nIr vaNNan – nIrvaNNan’s (the one who is as cool as ocean)
irukkaiyai – being seated (on his left side)
pani – cool
nal – beautiful
mA – best
malark kizhaththi – periya pirAtti (SrI mahAlakshmi) who is having reddish lotus flower as her birth place
mArvagaththil irukkaiyai – being seated on the right side of his divine chest
mun – first
ninaindhu – thought
avan – bhagavAn for whom even purushakAram (recommendation) is excessive, his
Ur – being the town
kAr vaNNam – having black complexion
mudhu – ancient
mun nIr – near the ocean
kadal mallai – in thirukkadalamallai
thalasayanam – reclining on the ground
eNNum nenju udaiyAr Ar – those who have the minds which meditate on
avar – them
emmai – us
ALvAr – can rule.

Simple translation

emperumAn who is cool as ocean is having SrI bhUmip pirAtti, who is having earth as her form and noble qualities, on his left side; he is having periya pirAtti who is having cool, beautiful, best, reddish lotus flower as her birth place, on the right side of his chest; those who have the minds which meditate upon his such presence first in this manner and who consider his reclining on the ground in the town thirukkadalmallai which is near the black coloured, ancient ocean as the abode of such bhagavAn for whom even purushakAram is excessive, can rule us.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

pAr vaNNA mada mangai – SrI bhUmip pirAtti who has earth as her form, and who is full with qualities such as forbearance etc.

pani nal mA malark kizhaththi – One who has the rejuvenating, well blossomed, beautiful lotus flower as her birth place.

Both of them,

nIrvaNNan mArvagaththil irukkaiyai mun ninaindhu – Meditating upon their presence on the left side and the right side of his divine chest. Can also be recited as “nIrvaNNan mArvagaththil pani nal mA malark kizhaththi“. When the mother and father are together, children can quickly go and approach them.

avan Ur … – Rejuvenating thirukkadalmallai where he is permanently residing, giving up his residence in parampadham. There is a dark coloured, ancient and matured water body, that is ocean. The dhivyadhESam near such ocean.

Ar eNNum nenjudaiyAr – Being born in any birth, we only expect them to be having the heart which thinks this abode.

avar … – In whatever stature they are in, they are qualified to engage us in their service, without showing any evidence.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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