periya thirumozhi – pravESam (Introduction)

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:   SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

periya thirumozhi

This AzhwAr had previously placed the AthmA (self) in sunshine and the body in shade. Placing AthmA in sunshine means “not engaging in bhagavath vishayam to start with”; placing the body in shade means “since time immemorial, being attached to worldly pleasures, and always being engaged in this”. bhagavath vishayam is the real shade as said in garuda purANa “vAsudhEva tharuchchAyA …” (The tree’s shade of vAsudhEva is neither too cool nor hot. It can eliminate the heat of hell. Still, many are not desiring it). [This SlOkam is explained here in detail]

  • vAsudhEva tharuchchAyA – It is shady everywhere. There is no shade other than bhagavAn who gives shade everywhere in the form of this tree.
  • nAthiSIthA nagarmadhA – It neither causes one to shiver due to cold nor makes one to sweat due to heat.
  • narakAngAra SamanI – [Beyond this world’s heat] It can also extinguish the great fire of naraka (hell) which is caused by self.
  • sA kim artham na sEvyathE – It can neither be said as inapt nor as being unable to eliminate the sorrows; just as those who say “I am not hungry; even if you scold me, I won’t come and eat”, one can only highlight the lack of interest and withdraw oneself. There is no doubt in the shade-giving capability; there is only lack of belief on the part of the AthmAs who refuse to accept it. In reality, everyone is already under his [emperumAn’s] shade and only refuse to accept saying “I am not taking shelter of him” and hence such persons cannot be changed.

emperumAn observes “AzhwAr is not convinced by anything which cannot be perceived by his own eyes and hence if I present myself in front of his eyes just as the worldly pleasures, he cannot reject me” and arrives at ugandharuLina nilangaL (dhivyadhESams [divine abodes] which are dear to bhagavAn), accepted AzhwAr, manifested all his forms/nature to AzhwAr, gave enjoyment to AzhwAr so that AzhwAr can no longer survive in his separation, made AzhwAr to be on a par with the residents of paramapadham while remaining in this world itself and finally facilitated his reaching of paramapadham too – all of these are explained in these prabandhams.

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