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thiruvEngadam – thirumalai


thennan uyar poruppum dheyva vadamalaiyum

ennum ivaiyE mulaiyA vadivamaindha

Word by word meaning

thennanuyar poruppum dheyva vadamalaiyum ennum ivaiyE mulai A – the mountain of thirumAlirum sOlai and thiruvEngadamalai (thirumalai hill) as her bosom
vadivu amaindha – having a fitting form


thennan uyar poruppum dheyva vadamalaiyum ennum ivaiyE mulaiyA – thirumAlirunjOlai, which was enthusiastically claimed by chEra, chOzha and pANdiya kings of the south as theirs, even as south was abused by the ancient vaidhikas (those who follow vEdham, sacred texts) and thiruvEngadamalai (thirumalai) which is the epitome of the greatness of simplicity such that even samsAris could attain it; it is emphatically said that these two mountains are spoken of as the tall, expansive and firm bosom of this great lady. While there are mountains such as mEru and himAlaya which are taller, more expansive and firmer than these two mountains, why are these two mountains being spoken of as her bosom and not those greater mountains? emperumAn has taken permanent residence only in thirumALirunjOlai and thiruvEngatam and hence these are mentioned as her bosom. thiruvAimozhi 10.7.4 says “then koL thisaikkuth thiladhamAy ninRa  thirumAlirunjOlai” (thirumAlirunjOlai stands as the identifying mark for the southern direction) and thiruvAimozhi 3.3.7 says “paran senRu sEr thiruvEngadam” (thirumalai where emperumAn has reached), thus identifying these two mountains as divine abodes of emperumAn. A SlOkam from SrI rAmAyaNam has been explained here by periyavAchchAn piLLai to bring out the greatness of thirumAlirunjOlai:

It is only because of the greatness of thirumAlirunjOlai that vAlmIki bhagavAn too cited this as a simile for chithrakUta mountain in SrI rAmAyaNam ayOdhyA kANdam 98-12  “subhagaS chithrakUtO’sau girirAjOpamO giri”. girirAja is an alternative name for thirumAlirunjOlai. chithrakUta is very beautiful like thirumAlirunjOlai. subhaga:  – very beautiful. Even if it is beautiful, it may not be liked by its beloved. Is it like that? girirAjOpamO giri: – it matches thirumAlirunjOlai which is considered as bhUmippirAtti’s bosom. Does its beloved reside in it just as thirumAlirunjOlai’s beloved does? yasmin vasathi kAkustha: – SrI rAma has taken a liking to this  [chithrakUta] since it is similar to the bosom of bhUmippirAtti. yadhadhyAsthE mahAthEjA: – kubEra iva nandhathE – just as kubEra (one of the celestial entities, protector of northern direction) lives continuously in his chaithraratham (chariot) with happiness, the greatly radiant SrI rAma too lives continuously in this chithrakUta mountain which is inhabited by wild animals. asau chithrakUta: subhaga: – there is nothing greater than such chithraUta.

vadivamaindha – the divine form of bhUmippirAtti is matching the mountains which are like her bosom.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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