periya thiruvandhAdhi 69 – agam sivandha

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AzhwAr says that because of the involvement that emperumAn had towards him, the cruel sins, which were the cause of taking another birth, got driven out.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

agam sivandha kaNNinarAy val vinaiyArAvAr
mugam sidhaivarAm anRE mukki migum thirumAL
sIrkkadalai uLpodhindha sindhanaiyEn thannai
ArkkadalAm sevvE adarththu

Word by Word Meanings

valvinaiyar AvAr – cruel sins

agam sivandha kaNNinarAy – having reddish eyes, inside

mukki – feeling sorrowful

mugam sidhaivarAm anRE – wouldn’t the face droop?

migum thirumAL – the great consort of SrI mahAlakshmi

sIr kadalai – ocean of auspicious qualities

uL podhindha – having taken in

sindhanaiyEn thannai – me, who has such mind

sevvE adarththu – pressing tightly

aRkku adalAm – who can trouble?


valvinaiyar AvAr agam sivandha kaNNinarAy mukki kugam sidhaivarAm anRE – Aren’t the cruel sins, who were ruling over us all along, forced to vacate their places, with their eyes red and their faces in sorrowful state, with an expression of “Having ruled here for such a long, we are being forced out”?

migum thirumAL sIrkkadalai uLpodhindha sindhanaiyEn thannai ArkkadalAm sevvE adarththu – Just as thArA had mentioned in SrI rAmAyaNam kishkinthA kANdam 15-21 “dhAthunAmiva SailEndhrO guNAnAmAkarO mahAn” (Just as a mountain is the repository of minerals, SrI rAma is a huge repository of auspicious qualities), who can get close enough to me and trouble me who has taken in the auspicious qualities of emperumAn, the greatest amongst everyone?

sIrkkadalai uLpodhindhaAzhwAr says that he has been able to consume the auspicious qualities of emperumAn which cannot be estimated at all.

sindhanaiyEn thannai Arkku adalAm sevvE adarththu – can anyone, having limited capabilities, control me who has taken in the inestimable qualities of emperumAn? The word mukki refers to mumbling something, without having the courage to say out loudly or without remaining quiet. Referring to sins as having sentience (vinaiyAr) and making them to have a face and eyes is indicative of the joy of AzhwAr, having successfully defeated the sins.

We will take up the 70th pAsuram next.

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