periya thiruvandhAdhi – 70 – adarpon mudiyAnai

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In the previous pAsuram, AzhwAr spoke about how he was able to defeat his sins. In this pAsuram, he says that once emperumAn became his mother and father, what can happen even if he were to suffer the effects of those sins.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

adar pon mudiyAnai Ayiram pErAnai
sudar koL sudar AzhiyAnai idar kadiyum
mAthA pithuvAga vaiththEn enadhuLLE
yAdhAgil yAdhE ini

Word by Word Meanings

adar pon mudiyAnai – having a divine crown which can destroy (enemies on merely sighting them)

Ayiram pErAnai – one who has thousands of divine names

sudar koL sudar AzhiyAnai – sarvESvara (lord of all) who has the divine chakra (disc) which has within it, all the objects which emit radiance

idar kadiyum – removing (my) hurdles

mAthA pithuvAga – as mother and father

enadhu uLLE vaiththEn – established in my mind

ini – from now onwards

yAdhu Agil yAdhu – what does it matter, whatever happens?


adar pon mudiyAnai – one who has a divine crown, which is beautiful, which will destroy enemies the moment it sees them and which displays the fact that emperumAn is the emperor for all the worlds,

Ayiram pErAnai – having many divine names which reveal such beauty, greatness etc.

sudar koL sudar AzhiyAnai – sarvESvara who has divine disc which contains within it, all the objects which are radiant. Alternatively, the term sudar koL sudar Azhi could be taken to mean that the radiant divine disc is capable of defeating all the other radiant objects. Due to this distinction, it is implied here that the divine disc, apart from destroying enemies, is also an ornament to be worn for emperumAn.

idar kadiyum mAthA pithAvAga vaiththEn enadhuLLE – I retained inside my mind emperumAn as  mother and father who will remove all my hurdles. The parents whom we see in the world are those who will observe fasts and other rituals in order to beget offspring and will nurture the offspring, thus creating sorrows for him. In order to highlight that emperumAn removes those sorrows, AzhwAr qualifies emperumAn with the words idar kadiyum.

yAdhAgil yAdhE ini – what does it matter whether I suffer due to the sins or not? The implied meaning is that just as prahlAdha did not mind the hurdles put in his path by hiraNya kashyap, AzhwAr also will not mind if he were to suffer the effects of sins.

We will take up the 71st pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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