periya thiruvandhAdhi – 62 – mIn ennum kambil

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Since in the previous pAsuram, AzhwAr had spoken about emperumAn’s incarnation as thrivikrama, he continues to enjoy the same incarnation in this pAsuram too.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

mIn ennum kambil veRi ennum veLLi vEy
vAnennum kEdilA vAnkudaikkuth thAnOr
maNikkAmbu pOl nimirndhu maNNaLandhAn nangaL
piNikkAm peru marundhu pin

Word by Word Meanings

mIn ennum kambil – in the rods of stars

veRi veLLi ennum vEy – having moon, the king of stars and Venus as the spokes

vAn ennum – having the name of sky

kEdilA vAn kudaikku – for the indestructible, huge umbrella

thAn – he (as thrivikrama)

Or maNi kAmbu pOl nimirndhu – as a unique handle with blue gem

maN aLandhAn – measured the worlds

pin – beyond that

nangaL piNikku – for our disease (of samsAram)

peru marundhu Am – is a great medicine


mIn ennum kambilAzhwAr is making the sky as a simile for a unique umbrella. An umbrella needs rods on the outer periphery; it needs a handle to hold it and spokes which will link the handle and the rods. The cluster of stars would be like the rods of the umbrella.

veRi ennum veLLi vEy – The term veRi refers to moon, who is the king of stars. Isn’t moon called as “udupathi” (king of stars) and as “thArApathi” (king of stars)? The term veLLi refers to the luminescent planet Venus. These two are like the spokes for the umbrella. vEy – bamboo tube.

vAn ennum kEdilA vAn kudaikku – For the huge umbrella of sky which is stable until the time of deluge.

thAn Or maNikkAmbu pOl nimirndhu maNNaLandhAn – For this umbrella of sky, emperumAn became the handle, made of blue gems, grew to a huge form and measured the worlds.

pin nangaL piNikkup peru marundhu Am – Just as he measured the worlds and removed the hurdles of celestial entities in earlier times, he became the great medicine for our disease of samsAram (repeated cycle of births) in later times.

We will move on to the 63rd pAsuram next.

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