periya thiruvandhAdhi – 61 – iRaimuRaiyAn sEvadimEl

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Since he had obtained what he had desired, in order to spend his time purposefully, AzhwAr looks up at the expansive sky, which is the possession of emperumAn. He saw the countless stars there and thinks “Are these [the stars] flowers which the celestial people scattered when emperumAn measured the worlds with his divine foot? ” One conclusion that we can draw out of this is that even when AzhwArs see normal events, these would appear to them to be connected to emperumAn always. periyavAchchAn piLLai, the commentator for this dhivya prabandham (divine composition) quotes an incident from the lives of our pUrvAchAryas (preceptors): siRiyAchchAn would tell nampiLLai “Just as for samsAris like ourselves, when we attempt to enjoy bhagavath vishayams (matters related to emperumAn) they would appear to have some connection with SabdhAm etc (the five sensory perceptions), for AzhwArs, even whey look at events which happen in samsAram as a routine, these would appear to be connected to bhagavath vishayam and they cannot extricate themselves from such matters”.

Since brahmA, rudhra et al cannot go to paramapadham and enjoy emperumAn there, AzhwAr recounts an incident during one of his incarnations in which these celestial entities experienced emperumAn.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

iRaimuRaiyAn sEvadimEl maNNaLandha annAL
maRai muRaiyAl vAnAdar kUdi muRai muRaiyin
thAdhilagu pUththeLiththAl ovvAdhE thAzh visumbin
mIdhilagith thAn kidakkum mIn

Word by Word Meanings

iRai muRaiyAn – one who has the relationship of being ISvaran (controller) for us

maNNalandha – when he measured the worlds (which are his possessions)

annAL – during that time

thAzh visumbin mIdhu – on the expansive sky

ilagi kidakkum mIn – stars which are scattered over an expansive area, emitting lustre

vAnAdar – celestial entities

kUdi – together

muRai muRaiyin – standing in an orderly way

maRai muRaiyAl – in the method mentioned in the vEdhas (sacred texts)

sEvadi mEl – on those divine feet

thAdhu ilagu pU theLiththAl ovvAdhE – appear scatted like flowers which are lustrous due to their pollens


iRai muRaiyAn maNNaLandha sEvadimElemperumAn measured the worlds in order to establish the fact that he possesses these worlds. During that time, on his divine feet . . .

The rest of the pAsuram mentions about what kainkaryam the celestial entities carried out to those divine feet . . .

annAl vAnAdar kUdi muRai muRaiyin maRai muRaiyAl thAdhilagu pUththeLiththAl ovvAdhE thAzh visumbin mIdhu ilagikkidakkum mIn thAn – stars which are scattered on the expansive sky, emitting lustre, appear like the flowers shining due to their pollens, which celestial entities such as brahmA, rudhra, indhra et al, standing in a line and following the way mentioned in the sacred texts, proffered to the divine feet of emperumAn when he measured the worlds

We will take up the 62nd pAsuram next.

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