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History of Muktinath Dham - Legend, Mythology and Stories

Just as saubhari (a rishi) assumed many forms for [materialistic] enjoyment, emperumAn too manifested himself in many divine abodes to enjoy his devotees; now AzhwAr too is desirous to enjoy all such abodes as said in thirunedundhANdagam 6 “thAn ugandha Ur ellAm than thAL pAdi” (singing the divine abodes of emperumAn wherever he desired to be present). AzhwAr too is eagerly desiring to enter and enjoy all aspects of the abodes just as one who likes an entity will desire for every limb of that entity. Hence, he instructs his divine heart “emperumAn is the one who eliminates the enemies, one who naturally unites with his devotees, one who eliminates the sorrows of brahmA et al when they face hurdles, by eliminating such hurdles; he is mercifully present in SrI sALagrAmam being approachable by all including nithyasUris, those who are desirous towards him and those who are just brAhmaNas [only following the basic principles of brAhmaNyam]; let us go and surrender unto him”. Just as SrI rAma was ruling over the whole kOsala region, here emperumAn is mercifully residing in sALagrAmam having the whole mountain range as his divine abode.

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